Just Egg Pancake


A pancake made out of just egg? Why not when it’s JUST EGG doing the bidding? Wow, what a product. Easy to prepare, serve and a delight to eat. It always comes out the same. No need to pan-fry (though you could), but why bother when you can just pop it in the toaster and save on calories and washing the pan too. I love this product – the best on the market today. A miracle I do declare!

Makes 4-8 Servings

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The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

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No-Talk Cooking Shows


No Talk Cooking Shows

I’m getting hooked on Korean cooking demonstrations on YouTube.

Nobody talks.

Now when I turn to another cooking show with talking, it’s a turn off.

Why do vaudeville slapstick when cooking? Is that a thing from the past that no one can forget so it stays in fashion?

Get rid of it. In these Hollywood type shows they make the cook the focus instead of the food. It’s like the chef is saying pick me – selling themselves instead of the dish.

That’s the future. No talk cooking shows.

No faces even.

Wow. That is IT.

Only problem? I’m running out of Korean shows.

Need more of Asia no talk shows.

Classy. I’m inspired by their skills.

Maybe no talk in America can’t happen because American chefs have no skills to display.

I don’t want the chef to put on a show for me. I want the chef to demonstrate their cooking skills. Hands not faces talking.

The Animal-Free Chef

Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

If the Queen was anti-skinning animals alive for their fur, she didn’t stop wearing them. One wonders about the conscience of such public figures, having so much influence on the masses, yet chooses to set hurtful and harmful standards as examples of appropriate behavior.

Chef Sharon’s Comment: The article made it sound like a bread sandwich. Her former chef is however making scones. Either way, it’s a strawberry jam sandwich with some form of butter.

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Impossible Foods Seeks Approval For Leghemoglobin

RE: Impossible Foods seeks EU and UK approval for its GMO “fake meat” bleeding ingredient

TAFC ClipBoard: That’s the Brits for you, always trying to stall a process, any process, until they give the okay. Supremacy at its worst. The plant is okay and the beans derived from the plant, but not the root?

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It’s Past Time To Shutter Omaha Steaks

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365 Chicken-Style Plant-Based Nuggets

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Impossible King Burger

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Gardein Ultimate Chick’n Nuggets

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“Be Prepared”


In this entire article the writer never mentions whether they contain animal products or not. 

Girl Scouts of America are still in the dark ages of abusing animals for pleasure, when they should be pioneering in all matters involving the welfare of all the animals who share the planet with the human animal.

Sadly, that has never been the case.

They’re scouts, always prepared. For what? Selling cookies?

Part of being prepared means that you know what’s in the cookie you’re selling.

Scouts know what’s going on in the world, even if it’s at a rudimentary level, they need to be taught to be aware of cultural practices that need to change in the world.

It’s not about diminishing the cookie; it’s about what the cookies contain –  enslavement, torture and slaughter practices that need to be removed.

It’s not enough that one or three contain no animal products. There’s no valid reason in the world why GIRL SCOUTS should allow any part of the dead or alive animal in any of the cookies they sell.

WAKE UP GIRL SCOUT LEADERSHIP!! You do these young minds a disservice by keeping them in a past century to appease your own tastes and values.

Where are your principles? 

In a world that is closing down the slaughter industries, ingredients need to be uppermost in the minds of those who use little girls to sell terror for profit.


Make your cookies soar through the heavens with no cruelty. Just like you did with these three flavors:

Peanut Butter Patties® | Tagalongs®

Thin Mints®

Raspberry Rally®

It takes courage to step out beyond the norms of society.

Be Brave.

Teach the courage to change one’s self by changing the world by setting the example. You don’t have to fight a war to do it. It’s a peaceful process.

No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture, slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. So check your prejudices at the door of discrimination and everyone benefits.

Expect some discomfort.

When others don’t see with your eye, keep forging ahead by setting the example of fairness for all the animals, including the human animal.

Don’t forget to be fair to yourself too!

Here are the nutritional labels for the three types of cookies that appear to be animal-free. Not easy to find, which is another problem. It’s better to put them right out front on the website, so it doesn’t appear like you’re hiding something. You should be proud of the cookies containing no animal products.

There’s no fairness involved when enslavement, torture and slaughter are on the table – any table, anywhere. Dairy farms and slaughterhouses need to be eliminated, not given equal space to exist and flourish for profit or not. The money doesn’t really matter; it’s about the cruelty – the horror, the terror inflicted for pleasure. It tastes so good is not a valid reason to kill someone.

I thought girl scouts knew how to bake. Animal-free is easy. If the bakers can’t do it, you’re using the wrong bakers. Search for new ones.

Be Prepared was the motto when I was a girl scout.

Be prepared to change your mind about old, harmful traditions.

ARTICLE: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/girl-scouts-debut-cookie-inspired-131000647.html

Buffalo Bleu Sauce


Everybody likes delicious, easy to make sauces. Basically opening jars. Versatile. Use as a dipping sauce for veggies, fries or chips, as a dressing for salads, or spoon hot or cold over A-F meats or cooked tofu cubes!

Makes approx. 1 cup

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Cattle First, says BI


Boehringer Ingelheim

Your Partner In Cattle Health

“We believe that the best way to run a beef or dairy operation is to put cattle first, and we support the veterinarians and producers who do the same. Find out how we can help you overcome your biggest herd health challenges.”

“Every successful cattle operation puts the health and well-being of cattle above all else. Because if you want to get the best out of each animal, you have to put your best into it.”

ANIMALS WE SERVE: Fostering an Unbreakable Bond

Serving Animals Through Innovation

Protecting Pets

Helping Horses

Caring For Cattle

Preserving Poultry

Sustaining Swine”

COMMENT:  Sounds like BI is serving in the animals’ best interest. Should the animals who BI claim to come first be thanking BI for their service as they’re slaughtered?

Getting cute with word usage when it involves, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter is an abomination.

Serving animals? No, that is incorrect. BI serves the profit motives of the human animals, not the animals they groom through enslavement, torture and slaughter for human usage.

This is reminiscent of the so-called happy cows whom the dairy industry grooms for profit.

So the dairy cows should be thanking the dairy industry for their service? By keeping the slaves healthy long enough to consume their milk, then their flesh after the milk is spent?

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want? Leading the animals to slaughter is what the shepherd does. 

The Lord is my shepherd? So this is what the bible teaches you? 

God is your executioner.

Burn the Bibles.

BI is a German pharmaceutical company that makes over twenty billion dollars a year claiming in the most backward of ways to serve the animals.


Bat Poop Considered A Super Food

Each Animal Lives Only Once.

If your soul returns, it won’t be in the same body. Could be in the body of any one of the animals we as humans slaughtered for convenience, not necessity.

Who are we, the humans, to determine how each non-human animal lives their life?

Animals aren’t food, clothing, shelter or ours to use for experimentation or entertainment. Why do we think it our right to determine that? Because they’re not as smart as we are? Because we’re stronger, we can enslave them?

Given what non-humans have to work with, they’re by far smarter. Try being the size of an ant and building a colony under the feet of humans.

Humans have the capacity to destroy the planet by creating viruses that destroy life. How smart is that? Stop measuring worth and contribution and we just might discover the solutions to all our problems, that for whatever reason remain hidden from human view.

Start by opening the mind of your soul to different ways that eliminate suffering instead of finding loopholes to continue it by stripping the skin from a body absent the pain and discarding what used to be a beautiful life and calling it humane.

Stop breeding bats and rats to grind up their contaminated poop for fertilizer to make the plants grow larger and more flavorful. Is the poop tested for viruses?

They just figured dead, dried and pulverized would what? Kill it? Then the water from the soil activates it and seeps into the seed, roots, leaves and fruit of the entire plant that all animals then ingest? Ever wonder why people who haven’t left their residences get the virus or people who don’t ingest animals get viruses?

Ever wonder why so many of the viruses originate in Africa? Animals who huddle in caves and sewers. Even bed bugs? No one thought to test them? Why bother when the test is designed to produce a negative result? Have to be fair to the landlords and the people bringing them into the country via blankets that never get washed and luggage that gives any bug a free ride to any place in the world.

Plants infested with fertilizer made from fresh bat feces, or ground up feces which mineralize on the inside of caves where they live, collected by humans contain sulfates.

Plants given sulfates as fertilizer contain sulfates – that which influences the rapid growth. When is too much and who watches to know?

What happens to humans who consume too much sulphur? Do they grow larger, more plump, more flavorful?

Are raise-to-slaughter animals given sulphur to increase their size?


Sulfur Intake in Cattle

http://csu-cvmbs.colostate.edu › vth › livestock › Pages

Sulfur is an essential nutrient in cattle diets. Like many nutrients, however, it can be consumed at excessive levels that become harmful to the animal.

  • And I might add, harmful to humans who consume the flesh and blood of the cattle.
  • Maybe the world is so fat, due to the high levels of sulphur products they consume – plants and animals.


Fruit bats are seen for sale at a food market in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.


Scientists are warning West African communities where the Ebola virus has been aggressive to stay away from fruit bats, and to be wary of hunting bush meat, in general, too. 

West African communities not only come in contact with the bats, but they prepare them in soups and other dishes. As the name suggests, the fruit bats only eats fruit and live in densely forested areas. 

The disease, which has now claimed more than 1,000 lives and has been called the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history by the World Health Organization, has prompted the use of experimental drugs and vaccines. The disease erupted in Guinea and has since spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The medical community is desperate to slow down the rate at which the disease is being contracted and is hoping getting people to stay away from fruit bats, in particular, and bush meat in general, will help.

Dr. DeeAnn Reeder, a professor of biology at Bucknell University, says bush meat hunting has happened in these communities for thousands of years.

“It’s a common cultural practice,” Reeder says. “It’s a good source of meat. The risk always in bush meat hunting of fruit bats or other animals is to the hunter or to the butcher. … Whoever is basically preparing the carcass to eat is exposing themselves to blood and tissues and saliva and maybe even has sustained a bite. 

It’s not so much the meat after it’s been cooked — we don’t think that that’s a problem — but it’s that initial human contact where the risk occurs.”

The problem is that the culture of bush meat hunting is so ingrained in the community that it would be difficult to convince residents to stop altogether.

“There’s so much infrastructure that needs to be put in place in order to provide alternatives to bush meat hunting,” Reeder says. “People are hungry. And my experience, at least, in South Sudan is that they really like the taste of bush meat. It’s something that they’ve lived with for a very, very long time.”

Reeder says cutting back fruit bat habitat can make it easier for viruses to spread. “By doing these sorts of deforestation events, we are increasing the contact rate of bats and people and that’s a worldwide issue in terms of emerging diseases.”

Bush meat hunting is a complex issue, says Reeder, and it has a long cultural and historical standing. But for now, slowing the consumption of the spicy fruit bat soup may help some ward off the deadly virus.


More Recently From Reuters:

Bat guano collectors in Thailand undeterred by possible link to coronavirus

By Juarawee Kittisilpa

RATCHABURI, Thailand (Reuters) – Thai villagers scouring a dark cave for bat guano, sought after by farmers as a nutrient-rich crop fertilizer, are undaunted by scientists’ suggestion that it could be behind a coronavirus that has infected more than 150,000 people worldwide…


MARCH 16, 2020

TAFC: People tend to disbelieve whatever it is that interferes with their status quo or that negatively impacts them financially, or in the case of guano: Why would God tell us to eat plants fertilized with bat poop if it wasn’t good for us? It makes our plants grow so-o-o large and taste so-o-o good.

Who does that sound like? God? Your God? You sure? When you’re a poor farmer and this bat poop fertilizer looks like the miracle for which you prayed, only a fool would turn away.

You sure about the miracle component to the poop? So, you can’t get the same minerals elsewhere, that doesn’t involve the digestive system of a multitude of animals?

  • Now I’m wondering about all that over-sized produce for which the Pacific Northwest is known. Is that from bat poop fertilizer or something else in the soil?
  • I keep wondering about all those over-sized animals, manipulated to gain weight fast before slaughter.
  • If you eat no animal products and your poop smells like sulphur, then somebody used too much sulphur.

Where do bats go to die? Do they stay in the cave and get scraped up with the pooper scrapers to be sent to who knows where to be processed? Where are the fertilizer factories? Once it gets scraped from the walls of the caves, where does it get taken? Is it sealed, so no one comes in contact with the bat poop before it’s tested for viruses?

So, what I’m hearing is the bat poop collected from the caves, both fresh and mineralized, probably contain dead bats, at various stages post mortem, if indeed the caves also serve as burial grounds.

What country is known for bats?

Kasanka National Park, Zambia

Kasanka National Park might be one of Zambia’s smaller national parks, but it’s on the map for one big reason: Every October about 10 million straw-colored fruit bats arrive from the Congo, making it the world’s largest migration of mammals.

  • The country with the greatest number of bat species is Indonesia, with 225 species./

Can you get sick from bat droppings?

  • Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease contracted through airborne spores in bat droppings. Histoplasmosis symptoms may be anything from a mild influenza to blood abnormalities and fever, or even death. An eye condition has been linked to the bat disease histoplasmosis and can lead to blindness in those who contract it./

This is what histoplasmosis looks like on the skin.

Stop eating bats and rats.

What is the difference between SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19?

In 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China. The virus is now known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease it causes is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). May 11, 2022

TAFC: The origin of COVID-19 may well be Africa.

What happens when people eat diseased bats or rats or the bat poop some claim to be a superfood?

A pandemic. The world had every opportunity to nip this in the bud. Instead they rearranged the entire planet to accommodate the continued consumption of animals passing pathogens, antigens and allergens to those who consume them.

Did you know that the weed you may be smoking or eating may be fertilized with bat poop?

When And How To Use Bat Guano For Weed – Zamnesia Blog

  • Why Is Bat Guano Good for Cannabis Plants? As bat guano is simply teeming with nutrients, it can support cannabis plants through both the vegetative and flowering stages. And because it’s an organic fertiliser, when applied correctly, it should only enhance the substrate and help to keep the microbial life thriving. Apr 12, 2022…

Bat Guano: The Cannabis Superfood Rich In Macro And …

https://www.royalqueenseeds.com › blog-bat-guano-the…

  • Oct 28, 2021 — Guano is a plant superfood that is rich in the three essential plant nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium…
  • Guano has a long history as a high-performance organic fertiliser. When you see the benefits of guano on cannabis plants, you will immediately comprehend why wars have been fought and fortunes have been made and lost because of guano…

In summary, bats can transmit dangerous diseases to humans, and inspectors and homeowners should be wary of bat infestations. 

Article:  https://www.nachi.org/bat-infestation.htm

TAFC: It’s hard to see bat caves as benign to humans. The caves, to me, look more like infested-type habitats that should be left alone, rather than as opportunities to exploit non-human animals for human gain.

New GM deregulated through the back door

TAFC Comment: It seems the issue is with CRISPR/Cas technology being used to kill male chicken embryos to make way for more female egg layers. They have the technology to kill embryos and they’re using it.

Sounds like a genetically modified abortion – this time to destroy male embryos in the shell before they reach maturity. It’s like controlling the birth rate by genetically modifying the death of an organism.

The obvious question is can this approach be used on humans or other animals – killing off a particular sex before it reaches maturity in the uterus by manipulating the genes to abort without killing the host organism?


A transgene is a gene that has been transferred naturally, or by any of a number of genetic engineering techniques, from one organism to another. The introduction of a transgene, in a process known as transgenesis, has the potential to change the phenotype of an organism. Wikipedia/


Eggs and laying hens originating from transgenic hens could be marketed in the EU without these having to undergo an approval process, and without being labelled, reports Testbiotech. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from a letter sent by the EU Commission to the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) in July 2021. The letter has been made public after a request from the German Union of Peasant Farmers (AbL).

In response, AbL and Testbiotech have sent a joint letter to the EU Commission, in which they point out that marketing the eggs without risk assessment or labelling would constitute a breach of EU regulations. Together they are warning against a deregulation of the controversial CRISPR/Cas technology through the back door, as this would have serious consequences for consumers, food producers and retailers.

“The way in which the EU Commission is handling this case is a cause of deep concern: The published letter could be understood as allowing the direct marketing of laying hens and their eggs in the EU without these undergoing an approval process, and without labelling. The introduction of the eggs into the food market could go completely unnoticed,” says Annemarie Volling for the AbL. “The Commission would be completely invalidating the enforcement of GMO regulation and the precautionary principle. Were such a paradigm change to happen, the Commission would also be seriously exceeding its competence.”

Researchers in Israel have used CRISPR/Cas to alter hens so that no male offspring are able to hatch. A deadly gene is passed on to any male offspring, this is intended to kill the male embryos in the egg before they hatch. At the same time, the female offspring will supposedly develop normally so that they can be used as laying hens for egg production.

A patent for the process and the resulting hens has already been filed, and could in due course be marketed in cooperation with a US company. The patent applicants claim that their technology is 100 percent safe and there are no transgenes in the genome of the laying hens. These statements seem to be sufficient for the EU Commission to exempt the laying hens and the eggs from the mandatory approval process and labelling. However, there is no legal basis for such a decision.

EU laws require that all organisms produced from genetic engineering (GE) processes must undergo an approval process; they also have to be traceable and labelled. Recent findings in basic research highlight how important it is to also apply these requirements to the offspring of GE animals: The findings provide evidence that if animals are engineered with CRISPR/Cas technology, their offspring may in turn suffer from unintended genetic changes associated with specific risks.

The attempt to deregulate the CRISPR/Cas eggs is not an isolated case. Despite several publications showing that new and specific risks are associated with CRISPR/Cas technology, the EU Commission still vehemently refutes these findings. While the Commission acknowledges that the processes of new GM can trigger unintended genetic changes, they also claim that there is no need to examine them.

The case of the CRISPR/Cas laying hens seems to indicate that the unjustified position of the EU Commission is being driven by political considerations and interests in international trading, and thus causing deregulation of new GM through the backdoor.

Further information

The joint letter to the EU Commission

The letter from the EU Commission to German BVL

The patent application on CRISPR/Cas chicken

Source of commentary: Testbiotech

Website: http://www.gmwatch.org

Website: http://www.gmwatch.org

Profiles: http://www.powerbase.info/index.php/GM_Watch:_Portal

Twitter: http://twitter.com/GMWatch

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GMWatch/276951472985?ref=nf

Article: New GM deregulated through the back door

  • Just Egg Pancake
    Just Egg Pancake
  • No-Talk Cooking Shows
  • Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

Cannabis Allergy

TAFC Commentary:

If the only legal weed is going to be the equivalent of pharmaceutical/medical grade pot products get ready for an onslaught of allergy symptoms, not easily controlled if at all, caused by medical grade cannabis/marijuana.

The ongoing dance the developers keep trying to avoid is making a hypoallergenic weed product.

Until then, and until the medicinal prices come down drastically, street weed will be required to fill the void of servicing the poor.


Bring back the seeds in the marijuana. Seeds contain the highest pollen concentration and don’t get actually smoked when using street weed, unless they’re ground. When the designers decided to make seed puffs out of seeds, how does the consumer know that all that pollen that now burns

Seeds weren’t meant to be smoked. However, making seed puffs out of seeds for the sole purpose of keeping the buyers from planting them and growing their own weed is corrupt and could be injurious to the health of the consumer of the cannabis. How else does it benefit the cannabis industry, except to limit the consumer’s options?

The medical grade marijuana companies found a way to disable the ability for seeds to grow by turning them into seed puffs that crush like the rest of the plant when pressure is applied. That manipulation process may also contribute to the weed allergy.

If people are going to be taking weed long term to treat a condition, and not just on an occasional, recreational basis, then the allergen issue needs to be resolved. Nobody should be punished by enduring a lifetime of hives to treat a marijuana allergy.

The article is correct in saying nobody talks about it. They don’t because it’s still federally illegal to smoke it, while in many states legal to buy it. Legalize pot and get the funds to reduce the side effects. Apply for grants with that purpose in mind.

Stop manipulating the marijuana/hemp/weed like you manipulate pharmaceuticals. The manipulation is creating too many side effects that can be as uncomfortable as the problems it’s designed to treat.

If anything, decrease the amount of histamine to acceptable levels for most people.

Why should people have to deal with side effects of a plant that can be engineered out? It’s best not to socially engineer for profit – keeping in the negatives to keep the user from wanting too much. It should be nobody’s job to insert adverse side effects. The job needs to be to decrease them. You’re not trying hard enough.

What’s with all the flavors? Why did anyone assume that customers wanted flavored draws? If they cause allergies, then keep them out. Stop trying to disguise the smell of weed. Weed smells. So does cabbage, but you haven’t heard of anyone weeding out the cabbage smell from the plant. Then we’d have to deal with side effects from the cabbage.

Those seed puffs increase the bulk size when the vacant seeds crush like the rest of the flower.

Another reason growers render the seeds in medicinal weed ungrowable is so the independent user won’t grow their own plants when marijuana becomes available to everyone. The pot sellers can then sell the seeds separately. Ten seeds for seventy-five dollars is the rate across the street – for what use to be included in the pot as the total package.

Cannabis Allergy


The Stash/Health & Science/ Yes, You Can You Be Allergic to Weed

Is sativa giving you the sniffles?

by Dianna Benjamin

 Reviewer Binoj Joseph Matthew, MD, MHA– August 13, 2019

Health & Science

If you’ve recently tried weed for the first time expecting medicinal relief but instead found yourself swelling, sneezing, or rubbing itchy eyes, you may have a weed allergy. 


The symptoms of a cannabis allergy are similar to the seasonal allergies and include the following: 

Continue Reading Below 

  • runny nose 
  • sneezing 
  • itching 
  • swelling
  • watery eyes
  • rashes
  • hives 

In severe cases, anaphylaxis can develop. This acute allergic response to cannabis most typically occurs after the ingestion of hemp seeds. So what exactly is anaphylaxis? It can result in swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, and passing out.

If not treated immediately, anaphylaxis can be fatal. If you suspect that you may have an allergy to cannabis, talk to your doctor about carrying an epinephrine injection in case you go into anaphylactic shock. 


Because of marijuana’s legally gray status (it is federally prohibited but legalized in most states), and complicated and diverse biochemical architecture, finding a clinic that will test might be tricky.

People who suspect that they have an allergy may be able to take a skin prick or blood test. Leaves, buds, and flowers from the C. sativa plant may be used in a skin prick test. Blood tests are less common, less reliable, and more cost prohibitive. 


The lack of research on cannabis immunotherapy makes it difficult to prescribe a standard treatment plan. This will likely remain the case until federal cannabis prohibition is lifted—it is nearly impossible for researchers to access cannabis for the scientific discovery needed to develop this kind of therapy.

Consequently, the best way to treat a cannabis allergy is to avoid coming into contact with it if you suspect you may be allergic. If you do experience an allergic reaction, contact your doctor. Depending on the severity of the reaction, your doctor will likely prescribe an antihistamine to assist in managing the symptoms.

Allergic reactions should resolve on their own within weeks once cannabis exposure is eliminated. 

If you work in a cannabis processing or producing facility or you otherwise cannot avoid coming into contact with the plant, the use of antihistamines, gloves, facemasks, and inhalers may reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Because of the small likelihood of developing anaphylaxis, it is important to consult with your doctor about risk management.   

Cannabis is an Allergen

Cannabis sativa, like all other plants, contains pollen, an extremely pervasive and irritating allergen subtype. It also contains proteins common to other plants that have been implicated in the development of food allergies. Recent studies show that Can s 3, the nsLTP (non-specific lipid transfer protein) of Cannabis sativa constitutes an important allergen because Can s 3-based diagnostics displays the best performance. 

Consequently, sensitization to the allergen Can s 3, the ns‐LTP from Cannabis sativa, could lead to a broad variety of cross‐reactions. This essentially means the possibility of cross‐reactivity with tobacco, natural latex and plant‐food‐derived alcoholic beverages.

In a 2019 report, Canadian researchers describe possible allergens responsible for cannabis allergy include THC, 4 nonspecific lipid transfer protein (Can s 3),5, 6 and others. 

An interesting preliminary study in 2018 demonstrated that marijuana use is associated with sensitization to specific allergens, including molds, dust mites, plants, and cat dander. In lay terms, use of marijuana can create sensitivities to the above allergens that did not otherwise exist in the user. 

The authors propose to use the sIgE hemp assay (crude extract using an ImmunoCAP technique) where there’s a suspicion of a cannabis allergy as a negative result makes a cannabis allergy unlikely.  However, a positive sIgE hemp always needs additional diagnostic work-up with a Can s 3 based diagnostic.

Clearly, more research needs to be done to establish IgE reactivity profile in Cannabis sativa.

Are Cannabis Allergies Becoming More Common? 

With the rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry comes increased opportunity for exposure. In addition to the cannabis used for medicinal purposes, hemp (a non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis sativa plant) is used in thousands of products. According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), this makes exposure and subsequent sensitization to cannabis extremely common.

People may develop a sensitivity to cannabis by consuming or touching cannabis products.  The AAAAI predicts that reports of cannabis allergies will become increasingly prevalent as the industry expands.

Notwithstanding the medically-based utilization of cannabis the augmented interest for highly nutritious foods has increased the widespread availability and use of hemp seeds ( a super-food high in protein)in the food industry, which can contribute to the frequency of hemp seed allergy and possibly cannabis cross-reactivity. 

In addition to hempseed and hempseed oil, derivatives of dried flowers or resinous extract can be incorporated in food and ingested. Since both hemp and cannabis can induce clinically relevant allergic cross-reactivity one can get a hemp allergy without being exposed to hemp which can in turn manifest as severe anaphylaxis or other lesser symptoms.

Why you don’t hear about cannabis allergies

A 2016 Photodetection in Flow Cytometry review determined that the prevalence of cannabis allergies is likely underreported due to the plant’s illegality in some states and in federal law. The authors explained that far more people than the public may be conscious of are at risk of developing cannabis sensitivity. Those groups include but aren’t limited to:

  • Police officers who seize illegal pot
  • Recreational users who inhale or ingest cannabis products
  • Cannabis growers
  • Laboratory scientists who test the plant

Others could inhale cannabis allergens while walking the street or come into contact with pot when in proximity to someone actively using cannabis products.

Skin-to-cannabis contact may result in urticaria (rash) or contact dermatitis, inhaling cannabis may result in season allergy-like respiratory irritation, and ingesting cannabis may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, swelling, and in severe cases, anaphylaxis. 

If You are Allergic to These Things, You May be Allergic to Cannabis 

A 2017 Revue de Pneumologie Clinique review found that cannabis allergies may be triggered by foods that have a similar chemical composition to weed. This phenomenon is known as cross-allergy or cross-reactivity. It occurs when the body has an allergic reaction to one food, but then becomes sensitive to other foods or plants that contain similar proteins to the original allergy inducing plant.

If you have a history of allergies, you can use your knowledge about your food sensitivities to make an educated guess about the likelihood of developing a cannabis allergy. Certain foods contain a molecular composition similar to marijuana. If you have an allergy to any of the following foods, you may be sensitive to cannabis as well: 

  • tomatoes 
  • nuts
  • apple
  • peaches
  • bananas
  • grapefruit
  • orange
  • chestnuts
  • eggplant  

GM WATCH COI, animals, potatoes, CRISPR, inert pesticides and more

100% of members of UK government’s GMO advisory body ACRE have potential or actual conflicts of interest

Today the UK Parliament’s Delegated Legislation Committee debated the government’s statutory instrument that lays the groundwork for deregulating the planting of GM crops for non-commercial purposes. Daniel Zeichner, the Shadow Minister for Food, Farming and Fisheries, voiced concerns about the instrument. He mentioned that several members of the government’s GMO advisory body, the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE), have conflicts of interest with the biotechnology industry – the same industry that stands to benefit from the government’s plan to weaken the rules around agricultural GMOs. His assessment is backed by the startling results of our own analysis. They show that 100% of the members of ACRE have potential or actual conflicts of interest that may enable them to benefit from any weakening of the regulations around GMOs. In addition, in spite of ACRE’s role in regulating environmental releases of GMOs, only one member of the ACRE panel has expertise in ecology and none appear to have expertise in environmental toxicology. GMWatch

GM contamination update: Animals

Researchers have found escaped GM ornamental aquarium zebrafish (Glofish) multiplying in streams in Brazil. This is the world’s first ecosystem contamination from a GM fish. Two food system contamination incidents from experimental GM pigs have already occurred in Canada. Escape and contamination incidents with GM crop plants have been observed in Canada – with GM canola, flax, and wheat. GM contamination is an ongoing concern, including because a GM Atlantic salmon now being produced in an on-land facility in Prince Edward Island. CBAN

Potato farmers conquer a devastating worm — with paper made from bananas

Potato cyst nematodes are a clever pest. These microscopic worms wriggle through the soil, homing in the roots of young potato plants and cutting harvests by up to 70%. They are challenging to get rid of, too: The eggs are protected inside the mother’s body, which toughens after death into a cyst that can survive in the soil for years. Now, researchers have shown a simple pouch made of paper created from banana tree fibres disrupts the hatching of cyst nematodes and prevents them from finding the potato roots. The new technique has boosted yields fivefold in trials with small-scale farmers in Kenya, where the pest has recently invaded, and could dramatically reduce the need for pesticides. The strategy may benefit other crops as well. Science

CRISPR’s Nobel Prize winners defeated in key patent claim for genome editor

Patent rulings and scientific honours don’t always mesh, as the team that won the Nobel Prize for creating the genome editor CRISPR learned. After a 7-year patent battle, a US court rejected its intellectual property claim to a key use of CRISPR, potentially costing it millions in licensing fees. According to a ruling by an appeal board of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a different group, led by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, made the “actual reduction to practice” of CRISPR’s ability to edit eukaryotic cells, including humans. This means companies developing CRISPR-based medicines must now negotiate with Broad and its partners, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for the use of the editor. The losing team — the so-called CVC group — includes the two researchers who won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering CRISPR work, Jennifer Doudna of the University of California (UC), Berkeley, and Emmanuelle Charpentier of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology. “This borders on a total loss for the CVC,” says Jacob Sherkow, a patent attorney. Science

“Inert” pesticide ingredients are understudied and potentially dangerous to bees

A review on the effects of “inert” pesticide ingredients (co-formulants) on bees finds major areas with no research and several alarming results. Scientists searched all the academic literature on the topic of “inert” ingredients and bees, and found just 19 papers, a vanishingly small amount over the 50 years they’ve been researched. Worse still, just three of those papers were on a bee species other than honeybees. So for the vast majority of bees, we know nothing about how “inert” ingredients impact them. Some of the more worrying results include: Spiking a pond with an “inert” ingredient can cause considerable honeybee drownings for 60 days (very long-lasting effect); a co-formulant in fungicides damages bumblebee guts; and co-formulants can make bee diseases worse, killing larvae. Proceedings of the Royal Society B

COVID origin conspiracy?

A string of unearthed emails is making it seem increasingly likely that there was a conspiracy to suppress the notion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had emerged from research funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), headed by Anthony Fauci, writes Nicholas Wade. The latest emails don’t prove such a conspiracy, but they make it more plausible, for two reasons: because the expert virologists therein present such a strong case for thinking that the virus had lab-made features and because of the wholly political reaction to this bombshell on the part of Francis Collins, then-director of the National Institutes of Health.

Paul Thacker: Scientific corruption and conflicts in covering COVID (podcast)

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson interviews investigative reporter Paul Thacker about Anthony Fauci’s and Peter Daszak’s conflicted roles in suppressing discussion of the lab leak theory of COVID origins at the same time as funding dangerous gain-of-function research with coronaviruses in China. Thacker also offers insights on why and how science writers have silenced public debate on this topic.

COVID-19: A short history of laboratory leaks and gain-of-function studies

Research shows that the escape of viruses from laboratories and supposedly contained experiments is a common occurrence. In addition, many pandemics have arisen from lab escapes and almost all have not been directly zoonotic (arising from a natural spillover from animals to humans). Even when viruses do ultimately originate in animals and make the jump into humans, they mostly fester in a separated community of human beings for many years – centuries or millennia – before spreading during abnormal movements of people due to wars and famines, writes Professor Paul R. Goddard. Prof Goddard’s overview of the history of lab leaks and gain-of-function studies shows that claims by Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak about the origins of COVID-19 are false.

Science writers promote corporate interests

In a wide-ranging article, Paul D. Thacker challenges “science writers” who in their articles and on social media “promote a ‘pro science’ message that can drift outside the universe of factual reality while repeating corporate PR”, often Monsanto’s! He also criticises Facebook’s censorship of factual reporting on pandemic issues.

Your Stomach Is A Graveyard

Your stomach is a graveyard and your body an animal processing factory.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight,

the animal-free chef

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Advertising And Bull Shit by George Carlin

Since Word Press banned the Animal-Free Chef from the public arena for telling her truth, thus banning her editorials and her animal-free product reviews and recipes, dumping her sites, thus her art, into the porno section where they said she belonged – she figured why not get down and dirty?

And what finer artist in the art of down and dirty truth-telling than George Carlin.

They sent the lawyers instead of the ‘happiness engineers’ out to destroy her brand that she worked 50 years to develop. And didn’t have the professional courtesy to tell her about it. The people with hair legislation probably had a hand. Then there’s always the Jews who make it their duty to create living hells on earth for anyone who calls them out on their false truths, while stealing the property of those they covet.

That’s like banning Betty Crocker with a conscience. Chefry is the field of men ‘the voices that be’ kept screaming, and the field of men want animal meat, not animal-free.

If you search on Word Press you will not find the Animal-Free Chef, they told her.

She’s blind. In the dungeon no light no might got her now, right where she belongs invisible except to the oppressors.

The slaughterers leapt for joy. So did all the intelligence agencies in USA and Israel who love to spy on words.

No one else can see her words or search for them. Even when accessed outside of Word Press a big sign pops up not to go any further – site NOT SECURE. GO BACK it warns. Danger reads the brain.

Her sites are all secure – they say. Wonder who all those Word Press employees who work for free really are and to which branch of government they belong? Nobody should be allowed to work for free for a billion dollar company that has essentially no overhead, and given the keys to the back doors of millions of websites – about 39.5 percent of the internet or more! Do they work at home? That’s corruption begging to happen.

Madison Avenue it will be revealed actually works clandestinely with government forces to manipulate the public by controlling who sees what. They re-divert traffic from sites they consider to be too honest, real and powerful. They search your photos, your contacts, your emails with impunity. That’s violating search and seizure laws. Government wants to control not only what you think, say and write, they’re in deep with the slaughter industries and weaponized Madison Avenue – on military styled search and destroy missions imprisoning people’s ideas and stories.

Madison Avenue is the new Hollywood, using actors and government agencies to data dive and sway your thoughts thus your actions based on what they find in the BIG SNOOP.

Sounds like Nazism to me. Madison Avenue Nazis.

There’s no freedom of speech in the United States unless it’s pre-approved by the government, which means the government controls it. But now to turn Madison Avenue into a terrorist organization takes the cake.

NSA teams with Madison Avenue to control your vote! And ruin your life by destroying your art.

Somebody’s feelings got hurt, or might get hurt, and a secret society is the judge? Whoa. Detained, tried and convicted without knowing the charge or the lawyers, jurors, judges – no names. In secret. A secret sentence handed down to the ONLY ANIMAL-FREE CHEF IN THE WORLD! One person? Non-appealable. No recourse. So they’re afraid her words are spreading? Oh, so Word Press manipulates views and visitors too?

Her stats don’t show that her words are spreading.

A lot of somebodies are getting in under the radar, which means through the back door, which means technically they were never there. It’s wide open to agenda-driven representatives of governments and organizations and businesses. Charities too.

A billion dollar company forces its employees to work for free. Is it slavery if the applicants choose to work for free? Yes.

Matt Mullenweg once said they love controversy – the more controversial the better and they’re big rib people.

She believed him. Yeah but here’s the rub, when she evidently became controversial, Mullenweg pitched her sites into the porno bin. She wondered all those years why she kept getting pornographic spam. It was them, throwing trash at her, trying to denigrate her, demoralize her.

This is what we think of YOU, they were saying. She’s not a fan of any industry that creates victims. Her art does not create victims. If the truth hurts, that’s on the reader. These aren’t little kids. Her views in opposition to discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter do not create victims, they empower people. The ones who seek to block her art are the ones who create victims. They are the oppressors. Not the art.

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Madison Avenue Misjudged

Madison Avenue Misjudged

1-  Burn cities with black face out front giving message demands.

2-  Followed by white face to show consequences of non-compliance. Mostly white faces burn businesses in city centers and few black faces join in search for glory through fire. No one knows who to trust. Black faces always have black faces to run home to. Rich kids with lots of money and time white-faced Britain agitators get it wrong. Again.

3-  Britain gave white people no home to run to – own people betrayed them for black people with torches in eyes. British white faces like to witness humiliation and chaos.

4-  Madison Avenue told black faces to go home; they stayed to contribute to the fire. It’s how they run. First they take care of business, then they go home to comfort and praise.

a-  Burn cities repulse people watching at home on T.V.

b-  Black faces give demands, cities burn, riots ensue, people repulsed next time they see black faces. Repulsed by fire images generalizes to all black faces. 

c-  Britain-inspired white faces hide behind black message to give consequences after black faces make demands. Burn your businesses to ground.

d-  Madison Avenue puts black faces on all advertisements and few white faces, making black the majority and white the minority. Clever.

e-  Unforeseen: white faces at home repulsed by advertisement with black faces on it. Remember the burn cities? They fear and turn away from ad and product. They’ll do without. That’s where their people came from, a dime in their pocket, they know how to endure and find alternative ways to get better product.

f-  Ergo: White faces got far in life being fearful. Maybe black faces should try fear and see where they land? Fear made white faces industrious. Fear keeps all people away from harmful drugs, and harmful people – and from people who burn businesses in city centers.

g-  Every time they see black faces, they now see cities burning and glory in the eyes of black faces raising fist-power to sky.

h-  Britain didn’t count on blacks lingering after having their say and giving list of demands, then participating in the destructive hysteria, people gone mad with fire to show consequences of non-compliance. They should have, which means they did, so they lied about their expectations. They were there. Nobody knows the plan, but it backfired for long time. Takes repulsion long time to dissipate. Should have done your homework on controlling emotions of black and white faces. Not a good strategy either way. Fear always backfires into your own yard.

i-  When people think on it, they resent the manipulation – all human animals the same. Revenge already in the works, which means only one thing. Black faces say white faces not learn lesson. Try again, this time more fire, more destruction.

j-  Black faces like to see themselves in lights, but cautious buyers. They know the scam, because they devised it, so don’t buy ad. Let them hurt for a while, then sit down with us for a real conversation and real demands. They want part of the profits – from any company that uses black faces to sell product.

k-  Looks like all of them.

l-  Madison Avenue try to get black business by showing black faces as majority. Also, they say time for black faces to pay like white faces paid. Madison Avenue discover white faces easiest to please. Regret flipping tables. Too late. Hurt already seeded.

m-  What Madison Avenue didn’t know is black faces don’t want to be majority, then they get the same as everybody else.

n-  They want more than the majority. They want what the minority at the other end of the continuum gets, but at a huge discount, because Madison Avenue made them rich and famous and they deserve a forever discount. Everybody wants to use their black faces. First was free, now Madison Avenue pay black faces to use black faces.

o-  Discount contradictions too; that’s how the mind runs when not keeping track. So it is with life.

p-  Madison Avenue lost white face business due to repulsion they can’t turn off. Fire frightens them to avoid. Will never adapt to the fire.

q-  Now white faces look for other places to endure. Canada.

R-  Careful getting down from your pedestal – sometimes tricky business.

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White Bean Beyond Beef Chili

What’s wrong with white food? Who demonized white plants? Stop projecting racism onto plants; they’re not animals. White beans, white pasta, white animal-free cheese. They didn’t choose their color. Eat me! Love those green olives!

Makes 15 cups

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Re: ‘Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks’

‘Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks,’ Senate Banking Committee chair says

TAFC ClipBoard: Nancy Pelosi recently said that she would be open to a ban on stock trading in Congress, if the federal judiciary were included in the ban. Last year 2021 she supported stock trading by members of congress. Vehemently supported it as part of the American freedoms.

Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi see the conflict of interest? And if not, then why didn’t anyone back then or even now point that out to her? Doesn’t she have a staff that handles those matters that she needs brought to her attention? Why wait so long and then make her support of banning stock trading by members of Congress contingent of whether the federal judiciary joins in or not? she doesn’t control the federal judiciary. they are separate branches for the reason of preventing collusion. Yet here she is colluding.

Was she giving people plenty of time to decide what to do with their existing holdings? That should come under insider trading or a different category, but it is fixing nonetheless.

How did the market respond back then to her staunch support of congress trading stock on Wall Street. Did it go up or down. Wall Street usually responds to any movement that involves them, especially when coming from the federal government.

How did the market respond when she flipped positions to support the ban? She just gave the FBI lots of space to investigate stock trading crimes tracking members of Congress and how they react to this news.

Congress makes the laws regarding Wall Street, again, how could Pelosi not think or know that congress trading stock would be a conflict of interest? One wonders what these law making members tell their cocktail party buddies after certain laws are passed or blocked. Do they get the news before We the People?

It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to retire. Something so easy, so evident and she’s still stalling on it, making it contingent on what the judiciary does.

Not good. Separation of powers is what it’s called and she obviously forgot that.

Pelosi needs to retire. She shouldn’t have had to be told by anybody. She should have had the wisdom to know when to retire, and that she is way past due. She can’t play act that little girl naivete on this one, which is what she tried to do, talking about her freedoms, neglecting totally the term ‘conflict of interest’, like it was over her head and under her pay grade. She’s just a helpless woman caught up in this big bad man world.

Time to get out, before she’s forced out. She’s putting the American people and the country’s reputation at risk. What she did by supporting stock trading for members of Congress amounts to abuse of her powers that leads to corruption. What laws that she passed benefitted her husband and her husband’s friends? And how about all the people who must have voted on something that kept their stock trading in play by the members of Congress on Wall Street? Does Nancy Pelosi own stock? How about the executive branch? Does Joseph Biden own stock? She ‘ll do it if the federal judiciary does it, but not the executive branch? The executive branch signs the final bills, why not them? Ask her.

  • The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012 ( Pub. 291, enacted April 4, 2012) is an Act of Congress designed to combat insider trading. … It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 4, 2012./

Obviously this Act was designed to block insider trading using congressional knowledge, not to ban trading by law makers. There was so much room for corruption here, and even president Obama turned a blind eye to it. What he did was essentially put a stick-proof bandaid on the problem. Who knows, he probably owned stock too.

What do members of Congress do then, promise not to trade on knowledge until the law is passed? A lot of good that would do. They’d still have the knowledge and could act on it before the American people got wind of it. Who knows when a law is passed? Nobody follows all of them.

All congress is required to do now is report their tradings within forty-five days. Fifty-four congresspeople did not. There’s not enough oversight.

Dump the stock. Maybe this is why congresspeople get so rich in office. This investigation deserves a ditch-digger, a bulldozer and a well-digger. There’s a lot down there to discover.

Maybe this will put an end to only the rich survive in politics. The rich take care of the rich first. We the People get the crumbs. The so-0called greatest democracy in the world is run by a minority.

And it is not race-based.

Nancy Pelosi calls the USA a free market economy and lawmakers should be able to participate.

Poor people can’t. Lower middle-class working people can’t, with all their other expenses; they can’t afford it. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have her fingers on anybody else’s pulse but her own.

Adriana Belmonte·Senior Editor

Sat, February 5, 2022, 11:40 AM

The push for stricter regulation related to members of Congress trading individual stocks has been picking up momentum in 2022.

There are currently at least half a dozen bills that have been proposed in recent months to address the issue, which one senator said has gotten out of hand.

“Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks, and their spouses do,” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), the chair of the Senate Banking Committee, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “I don’t accuse anybody individually of a conflict of interest and in betraying the public interest. But the temptation — if you own shares of stock, everything looks like a conflict of interest because we vote on everything in the Senate. We vote on banking rules. We vote on environmental rules. We vote on labor rules. We vote on minimum wages sometimes, so there are all kinds of conflicts.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown speaks during a Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing on January 13, 2022. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Under the STOCK Act of 2012, lawmakers are required to report their stock trades within 45 days of the transactions. However, a report by Insider found that 54 members of Congress have failed to properly report their transactions.

“We need to write the strongest bill that we can get a majority of senators on,” Brown said. “It will be a challenge because a number of senators, especially Republicans, have complained about this. And there are a lot of people in the Senate that hold a lot of investments, and I’m concerned.”

‘You’re here for public service’

Several senators have come under scrutiny for insider trading practices since the pandemic first hit the U.S. In March 2020, the Justice Department announced that it would be investigating some senators to determine whether they traded ahead of the stock market crash triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

An investigation by ProPublica and The Center for Responsive Politics revealed that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), who was chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time and received confidential briefings about the emerging threat of the coronavirus pandemic, and his wife sold numerous stock shares following those briefings.

Burr denied the allegations, and the Department of Justice ended its inquiry into his trading actions in January 2021, though the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) is reportedly still investigating.

Senator Richard Burr delivers opening remarks during a Senate Health Committee hearing to examine the federal response to COVID, January 11, 2022. Shawn Thew/Pool via REUTERS

Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who was a member of the Senate Health Committee, reportedly sold stock on January 24, 2020, which was the same day the committee was briefed by administration officials on the coronavirus.

Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) were also scrutinized for their stock moves.

“You’re here for public service, not here to enrich your portfolio,” Brown said. “If you want to make more money, stay out of it. Don’t run for the Senate. Do something else. We have a public trust here.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been a vocal opponent of banning members of Congress from participating in the stock market. Her husband, Paul, is an active stock trader, according to reports.

“We are a free-market economy,” she said during a press conference in December, adding that lawmakers “should be able to participate in that.”

Twenty seven lawmakers recently wrote a letter urging House leaders to act quickly to bring “commonsense, bipartisan” legislation to the floor banning members of Congress from owning or trading stocks.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) detailed the fundamental issue as she sees it.

“I am a member of Congress: Members of Congress have access to very sensitive security clearances,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We have access to very detailed, tailored briefs. We, our job is to try to anticipate and legislate for what we see is coming. And we should not have the ability to both have access to that information and be able to hold and trade individual stock.”

‘They were doing stock trading’

Members of Congress from both political parties have proposed legislation to limit stock trading among their colleagues.

proposal from Sens. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) would prohibit members of Congress and their immediate family members from conducting any stock transactions while serving in office and confiscate the lawmaker’s entire salary if they break the rules. U.S. Representatives Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) and Chip Roy (R-TX) unveiled a similar proposal to be passed in the House.

Sen. Jon Ossoff questions Treasury Secretary Yellen and Fed Chairman Powell during a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the CARES Act September 28, 2021. Kevin Dietsch/REUTERS

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has also proposed a bill that would prohibit lawmakers and their spouses from owning or trading individual stocks.

Amid these discussions, however, Brown stressed: “Don’t forget about the Federal Reserve.”

Last October, Brown co-sponsored a bill — the Ban Conflicted Trading at the Fed Act — that would prohibit officials at the Federal Reserve from trading individual stocks. This came as a result of ethics concerns surrounding stock trades made by former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, who both left their roles after scrutiny increased on the Fed.

“We know about some compromise, if you will,” Brown said. “We’ve had Fed presidents around the country — a couple resigned probably because of this. They were doing stock trading.”

In January, Federal Reserve Vice Chair Richard Clarida resigned earlier than initially planned after it was revealed that he had failed to properly disclose his trading activities in 2020, raising the question of whether or not he benefited from Fed actions.

Brown said he would be meeting with fellow lawmakers to “get something significant through the Senate.”

“It won’t be exactly the bill the way that I introduce it or Senator Ossoff or Senator Merkley,” he said. “But we need to move and we need to include the Federal Reserve in it. We need to include — not all family members, not grown children — but we need to include spouses in these rules.”

Adriana Belmonte is a reporter and editor covering politics and health care policy for Yahoo Finance. You can follow her on Twitter @adrianambells and reach her at adriana@yahoofinance.com.


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Nobody Wants To Work?

Stop Reporting In The News That Nobody Wants To Work

That is an inaccurate statement. Lots of people do work. Many want to work, but the terms are ridiculous for hours, job descriptions and wages.

‘Nobody Wants To Work’ is a ruse by companies to keep their payroll expenses down, while raising the prices on whatever it is they sell, make or distribute.

Businesses are reporting a record year for income during the pandemic. Well sure, because their payroll costs were slashed and now they’ve become accustomed to less staff and more money. Plus everybody understands, because we’re in a pandemic. Or maybe they’re not reporting all of it.

Businesses are gaming the system. Sure they have help wanted signs in the window, but once the interviewer gives the job description and the low pay, the applicant bolts. Or if they try the job, the other employees make it difficult for them.

One local restaurant wanted a chef that could do all the positions in the kitchen, plus the ordering and staffing, like an executive chef, plus all the positions out front, plus be able to wait tables and tend bar. Plus experience was required. Few people want to train new employees. When the applicant said they wanted fifteen dollars an hour, the interviewer laughed.

It sounds to me like they’re intentionally making it look like the applicant didn’t want the job, when the job description and pay were unreasonable to say the least.

Nobody wants to work?

Nobody wants to hire staff at a fair wage with realistic job descriptions.

We need an imposed fair wage, which means we need a raise in the minimum wage, not just for federal employees, for all employees, that people can live on if they’re working a forty or fifty hour work week.

People now are working forty or fifty hours and getting paid as if they were working part time.

Wake up to reality.

Sure businesses are liking the pandemic conditions. Nobody complains and if they do, the pandemic is an easy excuse for whatever ails any business. Payroll is the largest expense in most businesses. If you cut the payroll in half, you save a bundle. You can cut other corners, not usually cut in pre-pandemic days, and you save even more. Plus with fewer employees, there’s less theft at the cash register and out the back door.

Businesses are loving it. ‘Nobody wants to work’ has become their mantra. The smile gives them away.

It’s time to end slave wages.

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Sharon’s Orange Juliette


Over ice in a glass, I used a large wine glass, pour orange juice – I used NorthLand brand – a made from concentrate, pasteurized juice.

Float 2-3 Tablespoons of Rich’s Whip Topping, thawed, onto iced juice. Do not stir. Top with a fresh sprig of basil and serve.

I am reaquainting myself with made from concentrate, pasteurized juices. Hey, they taste good, no artificial additives, the pasteurization process kills any germs that may be lurking, especially in these multipandemic times.

The juice has a natural creaminess that suits the Rich’s Non-Dairy Cream like a perfect match – no curdling!

Sunday brunch! Aw, so delicious. Am I at the RITZ yet? Book us a suite – forever!

Makes as many as you want.

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Maybe The Germans Don’t Mean To Be Gruff

Maybe The Germans Don’t Mean To Be Gruff

Like the Dutch don’t mean any disrespect by telling you everything that is on their minds, just because it is there.

Perhaps by my relatively recent focus on the British, the other contributors to the world stress situation appear less responsible for their contributions to it.

Don’t. Every country, nation, state, group, peoples are culpable.

Every country is on the radar of every other country and everybody sees each others flaws.

We all have the same flaws in varying degrees at varying times in varying situations. I haven’t found a new flaw that had not already been discovered. But they do tend to flip flop back and forth between flaw and principle.

It is when flaws turn to principles and those flawed principles turn to practices, that the world fluctuates out of control.

The governing bodies of all groups need to heed the warnings of an over-charged chaotic state of survival. 

Threats heighten that state. So, if you can’t de-escalate, then let somebody else stand out front to transmit messages, as calmly as possible.

Madison Avenue, stop writing the headline news. Your job is advertising not journalism. It is not for you or anybody to provoke people into action or no action. 

Sell product not ideologies. You are in dangerous territory, and you will be held liable for interfering with anybody’s free speech rights. No law of any land cannot be over-turned within hours when the proper people are motivated. And any law governing your right to incite chaos or block the freedom of anyone or any entity to voice their views can and will be reinterpreted out of your favor.

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New!!! – Whole-cut Plant-based Salmon Fillets

Betty Tűndik January 14, 2022

New seafood innovator Plantish is on a mission to save the oceans with a true fish alternative

 Israeli food-tech start-up Plantish is giving consumers a first look at its flagship product, a 100% plant-based whole-cut salmon fillet, which mimics cooked salmon in texture, taste, appearance, and structure. The 6-month-old company is developing a versatile, patent-pending additive manufacturing technology that will produce plant-based fish alternatives at low-cost and high-scale.

Plantish joined the burgeoning alternative protein start-up scene in early 2021 and soon after raised a pre-seed round of $2 million from TechAviv Founder Partners, a venture fund backed by top industry veterans, including 33 unicorn founders, and angel investors, including esteemed Michelin chef José Andrés, and Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily. According to Co-Founder and CEO Ofek Ron, the Plantish mission is deeply meaningful to the team: “We exist to save the oceans and eliminate the need to consume marine animals by providing more sustainable, more nutritious, and more delicious fish options.”

The first product that Plantish is launching is Plantish Salmon™, a fully structured, boneless salmon fillet. Plantish Salmon™ has the same nutritional value as conventional salmon, and is high in protein, Omega-3s, Omega-6s, and B vitamins. Unlike fish from the ocean or aquaculture, it is free of mercury, antibiotics, hormones, microplastics, and toxins. “Our vision is to be the world’s leading seafood brand,” says Ron, “all without hurting a single fish.”

According to leading market research firm IMARC Group, the seafood market today is worth $586 billion, and globally salmon accounts for $50 billion. Approximately 80% of fish is consumed whole-cut, in the form of whole fish or fillets. However, the alternative seafood sector primarily consists of minced fish options, due to the technical complexities of whole cut production.

The complexities for creating whole-cut fish are not only in creating the mimicked taste, texture, and mouthfeel, but also two other crucial criteria: structure and scalability. Using the right plant proteins to achieve the fibrous strands meant to replicate the complex texture of animal muscle is the key to succeeding in capturing the experience of eating salmon, and doing so at scale will make it a suitable substitute for food service, restaurants, and retail.

Plantish’s current prototype can be cooked in all the ways that conventional salmon is prepared.

The founders of Plantish are a mix of serial entrepreneurs, bioengineering and chemistry PhDs, and foodtech executives:

Ofek Ron, former Vegan-Friendly GM; Dr. Ron Sicsic, former Enviro founder; Dr. Hila Elimelech, Chemistry PhD; Dr. Ariel Szklanny, Bioengineering PhD; and Eyal Briller, former Director of Product at Impossible Foods.

Plantish Salmon™ will be launching in select pop-up locations by the end of the year. Its official launch is slated for 2024.

SOURCE: Plantish

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Sent via email from Word Press support page 14 DEC. 2021 4 PM



I’m a long time member of the Word Press community and thank you all for the wonderful service you provide.

Recently upon doing some site maintenance, I went to the Reader and typed in my name, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, to see what others would see in the first few words of the tagline to the right of the feed.

All of my sites came up under that name, including all the ones that weren’t launched yet (which I have since made private)…

…except two of my sites, which could not be found, even when I typed in the exact name located in the url: the animal-free chef and sharon on the news.

1- theanimal-freechef.com


2- sharononthenews.com

I haven’t a clue as to why these two sites could not be found through searching for them, when all the others could be found. I also tried it on somebody else’s computer, and they still don’t show up.

I’ve had THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF site since 2015 with 904 posts and I’m still active.

I’ve had the SHARON ON THE NEWS site since 2014 with 349 posts and I’m still active.

Please provide me with an explanation and a remedy.

Thank you all again for your service.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, flying with Word Press since 2011


Automattic Trust & Safety (Automattic)

Dec 16, 2021, 16:33 UTC

Hi Sharon Lee Davies-Tight,

Thank you for reaching out. Upon reviewing your sites, we have determined that they both contain mature content and have such been flagged as “Mature”.

We do permit mature content on WordPress.com, including text, images and videos that contain offensive language and mature subject material. However, websites that contain such content must be marked as Mature in our system.

A website that is marked as Mature is excluded from public areas of the WordPress.com service. This means:

It will not appear in the Reader or other tag listings

It will not appear in Top Blogs listings, recent posts, or related posts listings on other blogs

The associated users cannot use that URL as a link in their WordPress.com Forums profile

Mature websites and their owners are permitted to utilize all other aspects of WordPress.com. We do not suspend accounts or sites solely for the presence of mature content, and there are no interstitials or other “age gates” on WordPress.com.


Automattic Trust & Safety


responded 12.16.2021 1:14 PM

Hello again,

Thank you for replying.

I don’t understand what constitutes mature material. Sharon On The News is simply commentary on news stories of the day taken from popular news sites, mainly Yahoo news and Associated Press, etc. Photos are used that coincide with the news stories.

The Animal-Free Chef is animal-free recipes and reviews of animal-free products. I don’t see how either of those could be considered mature content. It’s vegan and not controversial.

Did someone at Word Press determine that animal-free recipes and reviews and commentary on the news from respected news agencies was lewd or offensive enough to block the Word Press community from seeing them?

Has this been rated mature for all the years I’ve been posting without anyone telling me? And who does that? It seems so harsh that not one example of mature content was given to warrant that action.

It’s hard to accept that no one has been seeing my posts form these two sites for all these years of working on them. Why wouldn’t anyone notify me?

Both sites in the ‘discussion section’ are rated G – suitable for all audiences.

Please explain further.

Best regards,

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Automattic Trust & Safety (Automattic)

Dec 20, 2021, 10:01 UTC


“I don’t understand what constitutes mature material.”

Please see our Mature Content page for more information:


As mentioned there, the examples are not an exhaustive list.

Best regards,

Automattic Trust & Safety

This email is a service from Automattic.

WORD PRESS failed to answer Sharon’s questions both times she wrote to them.

Where were the happiness engineers?

When someone blocks your content without notification and when discovered, without citing examples of why the sites were blocked and by whom, it should raise concerns about copyrighted material that essentially does not exist on the WORD PRESS platform.

To block websites clandestinely over long periods of time without notifying the owner of the domains and copyrighted content should raise even greater concerns.

Sharon asked for details and a remedy and received neither.

None of Sharon’s websites are monetized, so who would make that request to ban those particular sites from the WORD PRESS COMMUNITY?

The questions that mattered went unanswered.


Word Press engages in prejudice, discrimination, torture and slaughter of ideas – THE FIVE FATAL FLAWS – one leads to the other if left unchecked.

Word Press punishes bloggers by silencing independent voices at the behest of agenda-driven groups who feign offense by opinions that don’t fall in line with their prejudicial agendas, and governmental bodies stating national security reasons.

It’s called revenge by THE BIG RIB PEOPLE.

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    Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

So Delicious Almondmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

A piece of heaven with every bite.

Never disappoints.

It is all it claims to be – Rich, creamy & totally indulgent!

It’s a privilege to witness the making of a miracle on a stick. No cow or other animal needed or wanted.

There is a God. Many Gods.

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    Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

DOMINEX Eggplant Veggie Fries

Bake according to package instructions is the best way.

Serve right away, since just like any other fry they cool down quickly.

I used a veg mayo with Poupon Dijon Mustard and smoked paprika with a little garlic powder for a dipping sauce.

The breading was okay, not too much, though a bit salty. I would have preferred more salt on the actual eggplant.

Fried eggplant is supposed to be mushy, not firm, and in this regard they hit that note.

The next time I would make a quick marinara and partially blend it, then add some meltable cheese and use that instead of the mayo base sauce.

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    Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

Why Almost Identical – Sour Cream, Cream Cheese?


Companies will most assuredly cite pandemic reasons for putting cream cheese into their sour cream containers or vice versa. Or, maybe they altered the recipe itself, bringing the two closer together in texture, viscosity, mouth feel and flavor. Or they didn’t have enough sour cream, so decided to sell cream cheese in the sour cream container.

I don’t know which one it is, but there’s something different in Tofuttidom for sour cream to look, act and taste like cream cheese.

Tofutti isn’t the only company doing it, if indeed they are.

For instance we buy FREE & CLEAR drier sheets for laundry. Since pandemic times the free & clear sheets were so strongly scented that even after clothes hung in the closet for weeks, they still smelled of enhanced scents. Steve couldn’t tell because he lost his sense of smell. I didn’t, however, so this particular company wasn’t fooling me.

This particular company evidently had an over-supply of scented drier sheets and not enough boxes to put them into, so used the overstock boxes that read free & clear, unscented, for the highly scented drier sheets.

At some point the consumers who rely on products to be as the packaging claims will rise to protest by not buying the product at all.

A lie is what it is.

If nothing else a new add on label needs to be put on the product that reads: THIS PACKAGING MAY NOT REPRESENT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS. Who would buy a product with that disclaimer on it? No one.

Solution: plan better. Companies have had a year to plan for all types of eventualities. Selling product not reflected accurately on the packaging is fraud.


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    Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

Sabra Spinach & Artichoke Hummus

Steve brought home a dip over the holidays. Saw it, liked the way it looked, likes spinach and artichokes, thought it a good buy.

Well, more like a good-bye. That’s what I did with it, after several attempts to try to like it.

I like Sabre products – usually.

Maybe due to the pandemic resulting in so many people losing their sense of taste and smell as a symptom of the virus, some companies decided to over-compensate, using stronger flavors than customary thinking that would please the customer. I don’t know; I’m not them and I’m sure they’re not going to disclose whether they’re adding more flavor to please the millions of people who lost their sense of taste and smell due to the now infamous coronaCOVID virus. What about all the other people who didn’t lose their sense of taste and smell? Blow them off the planet with the potency??

  • No amount of flavor will make the sense of taste come back. So adding more is a waste of time, effort and money.

I love the taste of green pepper. For such a small spot of red and green peppers garnishing the top of the hummus to taste so potent – like 100 times enhancement – it had to be manipulated.

Spinach barely has any flavor. The spinach in this hummus, again to present with such a potent spinach flavor, had to be manipulated.

The acid in the entire dip actually burned my throat going down to my stomach and produced instant heartburn. Maybe acid in lieu of lemon caused that reaction?

Several crackers later I gave up on it. I saved it however.

The next day when I took it out of the refrigerator, I hesitated, then dumped the container with the leftover dip into the trash.

End of story. Better luck next time. If there is a next time.

Sabre isn’t the only company seemingly enhancing flavors well beyond their natural potency. Animal-free yogurt companies use such potent fruit and vanilla flavors that it sets up a resistance to the product in the brain causing an aversion response.

AVERSION RESPONSES are real when the brain detects something out of the ordinary range of flavors.

If you want to sell more of your product try subtle, then focus your attention on texture and viscosity rather than FLAVOR POTENCY from the BEYOND ACCEPTABLE category.

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    Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

RE: Biden 30×30 initiative advancing conservation actions

TAFC ClipBoard: In this entire article I didn’t see one specific conservation plan put forth. A statistical number, that’s it, and even that wasn’t compared to conservation efforts already in play. They act like they’re starting from square one – after all these decades? I don’t buy it. A 30% conservation plan by 2030? That 30×30 matching number plan sounds a little too made to fit a plan that seems yet not to exist.

Thirty percent of all USA lands “…focused on working lands and volunteer efforts to preserve the nation’s natural resources…”

It’s looking like there’s no budget for all this conservation to happen. Matching funds? Cash? All you have to do is ask? That’s how they worded it? Oh, matching funds. So if I want a million dollars, I have to first put up a million? Why? I thought this is a government program to restore 30% of the natural resources on federal land, owned by the federal government. This is the murkiest plan I ever heard of.

It may appear that this initiative was presented to lower CO2 emissions by replanting grazing areas in order to keep the slaughter industries thriving in a world that is systematically on a global scale seeking to replace it with more sustainable agricultural options that no longer include animals on the farm.

The article speaks about Joseph Biden being the first president concerned with preservation of lands using America the Beautiful initiative guiding principles. I thought Lady Byrd Johnson did that decades ago. I can’t believe that Biden is the only president ever concerned about conservation efforts in the USA. Even if it were true and it’s not, where’s an abstract or synopsis of the plan? How do they measure success? Each farmer is going to do their part? What does that include?

How about non-farming conservation? Who’s in charge of that? Another all-volunteer force? Be careful about slavery issues with this all-volunteer force it will take to bring 30% of the USA lands in compliance with the demands of global warming in the absence of a budget.

And why is it that Biden’s 30×30 plan will not lower meat consumption? Isn’t that the point of the farming aspect of conservation? To stop treating animals like plants? If they are indeed plants, then they are the highest maintenance plants on the planet.

Have these volunteer forces turned humans into plants yet? All you have to do is steal a baby from a mother, put the baby in a fenced in area and call the baby agriculture as you raise it for slaughter.

President Biden sounds more like a conservative respecting conservative values of enslaving, torturing and slaughtering masses of animals every year. Where’s the plan for reduction?

When are we going to see the liberal side of President Biden that defends the rights of the animals farmers call plants? Plants whom the farmers forcibly impregnate, raise and slaughter. They call them food.

Imagine that. Calling animals agriculture. You raise a child, not a plant. A human child is an animal, not a plant. A human child is not food. A cow child is an animal, not a plant. A cow child is not food. sldt


Goal of preserving 30% of lands and waters by 2030 offers early wins with locally-led conservation efforts.

Jacqui Fatka | Dec 30, 2021

In the early days of the Biden administration, cabinet members set out an initiative to conserve at least 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030, also known as the 30×30 plan and outlined in the America the Beautiful initiative. Although early fears from the agricultural community thought this would include a land grab and expansion of federal lands, nearly a year in, actions have been more focused on working lands and voluntary efforts to preserve the nation’s natural resources.

Released by the U.S. Departments of the Interior, Agriculture and Commerce, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality, a progress report outlines the collective work to pursue the first-ever national conservation goal established by a president. The federal actions and activities described in the progress report align with the America the Beautiful initiative’s guiding principles, which include commitments to honor the nation’s conservation traditions, private property rights, the sovereignty of Tribal Nations, and the values and priorities of local communities.

“The President’s challenge is a call to action to support locally led conservation and restoration efforts of all kinds and all over America, wherever communities wish to safeguard the lands and waters they know and love,” write Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory in the report. “Doing so will not only protect our lands and waters but also boost our economy and support jobs nationwide.”

Listening to feedback

Ethan Lane, vice president of government affairs at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says he and others were justifiably alarmed with the initial descriptions coming out on the 30×30 plan. “I believe what we’ve actually seen out of this administration so far probably falls a little bit short of the alarm that we’ve seen out in the country,” Lane says.

He attributes the implementation has not resulted in federal land grabs, but rather a focus on working lands as part of the solution and focusing on local stakeholder input. “Those are talking points that really come from our feedback into that process that you know the only way you’re going to make something like this work is if you really listen closely to what works on the ground and recognize those uses that are in fact conservation uses,” Lane says, specifically talking about grazing and its conservation benefits.

Related: Biden administration offers insight into 30×30 plan

Lane stopped short of defending the 30×30 plan, but also the administration hasn’t proposed anything that would create an unattainable goal.

“The administration hasn’t given us anything really to swing at as far as a policy proposal that we were opposed to when they come out with those,” Lane adds.

Actions so far

Based on feedback gathered in the administration’s first 100 days, the report identifies six priority areas for the administration’s early focus, investments, and collaboration. For agriculture, it seeks to incentivize and reward the voluntary conservation efforts of fishers, ranchers, farmers and forest owners.

In late April, USDA expanded the Conservation Reserve Program by offering new incentives, higher rental rates and more focused attention on sensitive lands with a goal of enrolling 4 million acres and capturing 3.6 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent in this voluntary conservation program.

In conjunction with the release of the report, USDA says it is improving the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to bring in new partners who will work with producers on voluntary conservation practices and ultimately increase benefits for the nation’s agricultural producers and private landowners. CREP enables the USDA Farm Service Agency and partners to invest in partner-led projects. 

In direct response to feedback from state agencies, tribes, non-profit organizations and other groups, USDA has updated matching fund requirements to include any desired combination of cash, in-kind contributions, or technical assistance; expanded its outreach efforts; and expanded the CREP team to increase capacity to work directly with existing and potential new partners.

This effort is in line with the America the Beautiful initiative’s focus on incentivizing and rewarding voluntary conservation on private lands. 

Related: Biden’s climate plan won’t limit meat consumption

To help measure and track progress toward the nation’s first conservation goal, the report calls for the establishment of an interagency working group, led by the U.S. Geological Survey, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in partnership with other land and ocean management agencies. The working group will develop the American Conservation and Stewardship Atlas, a tool that will better reflect the voluntary contributions of farmers, ranchers, forest owners and private landowners; the contributions of fishery management councils; and other existing conservation designations on lands and waters across federal, state, local, Tribal and private lands and waters across the nation.

“This report is only the starting point on the path to fulfilling the conservation vision that President Biden has outlined,” says the report. “Where this path leads over the next decade will be determined not by our agencies, but by the ideas and leadership of local communities. It is our job to listen, learn and provide support along the way to help strengthen economies and pass on healthy lands, waters and wildlife to the generations to come.”

Jacqui Fatka, long-time policy editor at Farm Futures, will bring her valuable agricultural policy insight to the stage of the Business Summit in Iowa City, IA Jan. 20-21, 2021. Featuring industry experts and in-depth training sessions, it’s an opportunity to gain clear insights for a profitable future. Use code BOGO22 to receive discounted rate for a guest. Learn more and register now! 




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Smoked Almond Stuffed Mission Figs

Dried mission figs stuffed with a smokehouse almond crumble with ginger, brown sugar and smoke. Some dusted with espresso coffee, or superfood cacoa creamer or served plain, or stuffed with pickled orange rind. A dry, chewy hors d’oeurve or dessert bite sure to please!

Makes 3 cups filling

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