Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image ‘based on a racial stereotype’

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Quaker Foods Of North America says,

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype,” Quaker Oats said, adding that the move is an effort “toward progress on racial equality.”

Daina Ramey Berry, a professor of history at the University of Texas, said,

“the decision to drop the name and the image of Aunt Jemima is significant because the brand normalized a racist depiction of Black women.

  • CNAP says: Diana doesn’t have any problem with Betty Crocker being stereotyped as women belonging in the kitchen. That’s because she’s white. I don’t know why a black woman on a bottle of syrup is a racist depiction of black women. Sexist maybe. But then male chefs put their pictures on their products and nobody complains.
  • Did black women get up and make their kids pancakes every morning? I don’t think so. My mother did once in a blue moon and only when we were preschool.
  • Frankly I think sales are down and rather than improve the content of the product they kissed up to BLT (Black Lives Terrorists) hoping if they changed the image of the black woman and the name to something else, Blacks will run to buy their products. Do young black moms and dads make their kids pancakes every morning? I don’t think so. Before school? Doubtful. If so, maybe that’s why they’re so fat.
  • On the rare occasion that my mother bought fake maple syrup it was the cheaper variety, not Aunt Jemima. Blacks should learn how to shop around. Why buy Aunt Jemima maple syrup when you can get the same ingredients on a different label cheaper?

  • INGREDIENTS LISTING for AUNT JEMIMA maple syrup – or whatever they call it these days. Important information. 
  • Corn SyrupHigh Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Cellulose GumCaramel ColorSaltNatural And Artificial FlavorSodium Benzoate And Sorbic Acid (Preservatives), Sodium Hexametaphosphate.

Aunt Jemima, she said, “kept Black woman in the space of domestic service,” associating them with serving food under a “plantation mentality.”

  • CNAP: Aunt Jemima had nothing to do with keeping women in the spaces of domestic service. You don’t see an Hispanic woman’s face on maple syrup or coconut milk and look at the numbers of Hispanic women in domestic service. If that were true, then Diana wouldn’t be a professor at the university of Texas.
  • My grandmother and mother were both in domestic service as lodgers before Betty Crocker’s face began showing up on labels. They lived in Vermont, not on a plantation. They’re European. White is what Africans call them. Not people of color, which means white isn’t a color.
  • So white people, have been conveniently wiped off the color map by Africans, just like the Jews did to the Palestinians by taking their heritage name (Palestinian) away and replacing it with Arab. Which means no Palestinians live in Palestine. That’s how terrorists work – by taking your name, your race, your history, government buildings and finally your land, and erasing you as if you never existed.
  • People of white color had a good feeling toward Aunt Jemima. But Blacks seem to be looking to turn those warm feelings of home and mom and dad or grandma and grandpa and breakfast into bad feelings. Just like the Jews do. Take your good feelings away, your hope away, your reasons for living away, then they move in and make you into their likeness, which is feeling miserable all the time.
  • All I get out of this sham of a swindle is Aunt Jemima was a fake and she sold fake maple syrup to unsuspecting white people.
  • That should be enough to cut sales.
  • Now I wonder about the pilgrim smiling on the box of QUAKER OATS. Who was he and who did he depict? Domestic service of white men? Was he even a pilgrim? I don’t know, but he’s pleasant to look at. Aunt Jemima was pleasant to look at too.
  • I am a domesticated woman. I take care of myself, my family and I don’t consider it stereotypical, abusive or traumatic. Put my picture on an animal-free food label. I am already honored.
  • QUAKER FOODS did the right thing for the wrong reason. Every time I see Aunt Jemima’s face now, I think of violent black people destroying businesses, homes, families, white lives because they’re white, burning buildings, exploding vehicles, terrorizing whole communities with violence, holding police hostage in their own workplaces, conducting flash riots for weeks on end. No thank you Aunt Jemima. You’re a fake and a terrorist. Yes, you duped me, You don’t even know how to cook according to Diana; you just serve the food somebody else cooks. Lay-y-yzy. Taking credit for what somebody else does, are you?

  • Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa with a GDP of $398 billion compared to its closest competitor; South Africa, which has a GDP of $368 billion. However, the real wealth of a nation is calculated by its GDP per capita, and Nigeria ranked 140 out of 186 in GDP per capita global ranking.’
  • DefinitionGDP is the final value of the goods and services produced within the geographic boundaries of a country during a specified period of time, normally a year. GDP growth rate is an important indicator of the economic performance of a country.’
  • Now how is it that two of the wealthiest nations in Africa have such a low gross domestic product? How do they get all that money without making anything to sell?
  • With all the natural resources and land at their disposal, rather than civilize, industrialize, and farm plants they’ve turned to cricket farming. I don’t see any reason why the world should look to Africans on matters of food. What kind of minds prefer to consume insects rather than plants? What kind of minds prefer to eat the souls of other animals than eat plants? Soul food? African minds. I surely hope QUAKER FOODS isn’t adding cricket flour to their grain products. If so, they need to be labeled, so people can decide on their own what they want to eat.
  • Don’t shove Aunt Jemima, now a terrorist symbol, or her replacement down our throats, when there’s nothing healthy in the ingredient list except water.
  • Shell fish sound familiar? In the allergen category? What about other shell insects? Shrimp could easily have been called insects if they walked on land and breathed air. Instead, because they’re water insects, botanists named them shell fish. They’re still animals though.
  • Shrimp and crickets both have faces, so they are off limits to those who want to exploit them. They are living, feeling, breathing creatures. Black people have no right to farm them like slaves, and then sell them for others to eat. Did white people ever farm black people as food? And then force them onto the American plate and in American food products?
  • Diana Ramey Berry would do better to discuss all animals’ rights, not just the black African human animal. Petty and Prejudicial are labels that fit her limited black African view of the world.
  • No one has the right to destroy others, just because they’re not the same as their species. Or race, Or color. Remember that black people dictated that white is not a color. And not a people. I have questions about religion and creed. Everybody privately does, but are too afraid to speak on it for fear of being sinisterly labeled for questioning practices and traditions.
  • I live in a black community. Blacks are big on labels. Big name-callers. So with me it just doesn’t fly all this prejudicial racist calling of all non-color people, just to see how much money they can get from them.
  • People Of Color, ever wonder why it was changed from colored people? POC = COP spelled backwords. They’ve been working on this coup of white people for a very long time. Any time you hear the words people of color, your brain registers COP. that’s what they predict will happen. They want to be forever connected to COPS, that’s how much they hate cops and that’s how masochistic they are. Feeling hatred toward someone or some group makes them feel alive. They need to ditch their pastors and see if they can make it on their own. Their pastors keep them enslaved to a past that doesn’t exist. All for money.
  • Anyone now who calls people of color, colored people is called a racist, when black Africans are the ones who demanded it after they decided they didn’t want to be called negroes, but they still call themselves niggers. Go figure. Not much logic going on there. Make up your minds as to what you want to be called. You have too many names.
  • You lose credibility when you can’t make up your minds or your name change is a strategy rather than a definition. Sister, brother, bro? Maybe that’s a strategy too – keep non-color people confused. Confusion leads to chaos. Chaos leads to war. Be careful with your multitudinous demands. When you least expect it, the tide will turn against you for behaving like the people whom you claim are continuing to oppress you.
  • Unrelated. Black people do not own macaroni and cheese. Orange cheese? Are you sure? White Vermont cheddar is how my mother made hers, never having known when she was raised in Vermont, any black people. Black people don’t know how to make real macaroni and cheese. Theirs’ tastes like it came out of a can. They don’t own collard greens either. Any more than Hispanics own corn or blacks own cotton, because they picked it. I don’t own strawberries because I get paid to pick strawberries or because I get free room and board and healthcare for picking fruit. This right to ownership issue is directly related to the egos of black people claiming to be kings and queens – dictators in other words – who don’t understand boundaries unless someone is trying to cross into their territory. Respect works both ways.
  • The English invented macaroni and cheese. Where did they get the macaroni? Italy. Yeah, so white people own it if anyone owns it, but they unlike black people never made that claim of ownership. That’s a serious issue non-black people have with black people. They want to own everybody’s stuff. Or control it – as in Aunt Jemima. So what did they do with it? They destroyed it and put a violent angry black woman’s face to it – burning businesses and homes in the minds of white lives.
  • Crickets? That’s all you got?
  • Black Africans built their cricket farms to look like prison cells. Overcrowded I’d say. Inhumane conditions I’d say. I’d say, practice what you preach.
  • MADE IN AFRICA MOVIE: Let those crickets out of prison; they did you no harm. Yeah, I can see it now, the great hands of God are coming down from heaven to scoop up a bunch of black African cricket farmers in God’s huge palms to drop them into the United States of America to be sold as food and to be ground up and put into grain products. ONLY IN AFRICA the devil deals in crickets.
  • What’s wrong with carrots? They don’t wiggle enough when you eat them? Do the crickets scream when you cook them alive?
  • The word savage comes to mind.
  • My definition of: Uncivilized people = anyone who cooks or eats any animal, including human, alive.

CNAP FINAL TAKE: BLT have turned a vegan product, Aunt Jemima pancake syrup, into a terrorist symbol. That makes Aunt Jemima a terrorist.

Berry also said it would be misguided to lament the change by Quaker as a loss of representation for Black women.

The criticism of Aunt Jemima’s image, she said, “is about the representation — the stereotypical and traumatic and abusive ways in which we are represented.”

Source: Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is ‘based on a racial stereotype’

Postscript: Diana Berry expresses black women as ‘we’ – meaning herself included with every other black woman. ‘It’s about the stereotypical, traumatic, abusive ways in which we are represented.’ Diana Berry is a professor. How did that picture of a black woman on a bottle of pancake syrup stereotype, traumatize and abuse her?

‘We’ means everyone. All women. All black women. Ms. Berry is differentiating between white and black women. The black woman face depicted on the syrup only stereotyped, traumatized and abused black women. If it’s a woman’s issue, then you need to make it apply to all women, otherwise you’re being discriminatory, acting as if you’re more important as a woman of color than the non-color women.

Ms. Berry could just as easily make the claim that if Aunt Jemima black face and name didn’t adversely affect her life, then she couldn’t include herself in the ‘we’ category of being stereotyped, traumatized and abused. Ms. Berry is not a ‘we’, unless all the ‘we’ people think and act and react the same to the same stimuli. And they don’t. So there’s a scam right there, by a professor who should know better.

Ms. Berry includes all black people in her claims of prejudice, but not all women, just black women, which is also discriminatory. It sounds like Ms. Berry left out the women’s liberation movement when she became a history professor – that movement included all women.

In addition, the name Jemima, evidently a black person’s name, was also claimed to be offensive. Offensive enough for QUAKER OATS to drop it under pressurized terror demands. White people aren’t suppose to call black people by their black name? Or white people can’t use a black person’s name, even if a real person isn’t attached to it? So how many black people name their kids white people’s names?

Any Johns, Michaels, Davids, Jims, Roberts, Marks in the black pack? That sounds like culture appropriation or gentrification of white peoples names and cultures to make themselves what? Seem more important, more accepted? Eating pancakes? White people. Pizza? White people. Fried chicken? White southerns. Should I go on and list all the stealing aka appropriation of white culture and white names that black people engage in?

So what though. We all learn from each other. Nobody owns a process. I do my hair like yours, you do yours like mine. Why let the British and Germans in to make a big fuss out of it all, calling people strange names and accusing them of things they never even heard of. For what purpose except to disrupt America?

They do the same thing with animal rights. They attach names that are so weird that nobody knows what they are or what they mean, but they appear everywhere on social media by vegans. Anybody not vegan know what sentient means? Animals are sentient beings. Why use a word in your campaign for change, that nobody understands. No, they are not going to look it up. It has no impact except to be ignored/dismissed.

Sentient means feeling – the ability to feel. Animals other than humans feel pain, fear, sorrow, happiness, sadness, excitement. If the animal has a nervous system, they are sentient beings. If you’re an animal, you have a nervous system.

So why not say all animals have nervous systems. Or all animals feel pain. All animals feel content. All animals feel fear. Something humans can identify with. Pick any one of them, but not sentient. Unless your goal is to not be clear. Or you’re so arrogant, that you place all people on earth who don’t speak in your sophisticated tongue beneath you in worthiness.

Black people evidently invented the word Jemima, must have been decades and decades ago. Like Jews invented the word Kike as a disparaging word used by German Jews against Russian Jews whom they considered inferior because they were illiterate.

from What is a Jemima? A Black woman considered by other Black people to be subservient to or to curry favor with white people.

Yeah, so any black person who was nice to or liked or worked for white people was called a disparaging name by black people. Jemima.

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Tom. Maybe the white people wanted to raise up the Jemimas of the world as an Auntie by putting her face on their label of pancake syrup. I don’t know. Nobody mentions that blacks were disparaging against other blacks who fraternized with whites, which is also discrimination, an act of segregation imposed by black people against black people.

What I’ve come to learn is that black Africans are separatists by nature. Most cultures are. It’s the white people who seem to move more easily across cultural lines and be more accepting of all cultures.

You know, the British never stopped invading America. They’re slowly but surely changing the American landscape into their image. It all starts on social media, then the big T.V. media, British all over the place, making policy changes regarding behavior. It’s not the white Americans doing it. It’s the British.

The Brits just this morning were shaming Americans for not pronouncing the H in herbs. It went on a long time, the trolls all jumping in favor of the British pronunciation. Pronounce the word herb meaning plant, like the man’s name Herb. I mean who cares? They do. It’s part of the process of recolonization. They gave back the land, now they infiltrate the culture. They colonized over a hundred countries and can’t get it out of their systems, wanting to control every detail of everybody’s lives. It’s like a contagious disease.


At the end of the day, Aunt Jemima is a racial stereotype that black people created against white people.

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