Fast Mushroom Italian AlFredo

Fast Mushroom Italian Fredo Use KRAFT CREAMY ITALIAN DRESSING for the cream sauce. Add cannelini beans, riced cauliflower, canned sliced mushrooms, tarragon, garlic, capers, salt and pepper and cooked pasta. GET OFF YOUR CAN AND COOK Open containers that’s all. Makes approx. 13 cups or 6…

Soy Chicken Egg Salad Sandwich

Soy Chicken Egg Salad Sandwich No mayo added to the salad – it’s that fluffy naturally. If serving on bread, then spread with a couple teaspoons of veg mayo if desired. If serving as salad drizzle with extra virgin olive oil or top with a dab…

Roasted Tomato And A-F Bleu Cheese Spread GOAT

Roasted Tomato And A-F Bleu Cheese Spread – GOAT Makes a little more than 5 cups 1 qt. fresh grape tomatoes – wash, place on baking sheet, bake in preheated 375 degree oven 45 minutes – 1 hour; remove from oven, cool to room temperature on…

Bonne Maman Blueberry Preserves – Elegance

Anybody likes toast – why wouldn’t they? Well if anybody likes toast, then everybody will love Raisin Bread toasted, then spread with softened A-F margarine, then spread with RICH’S WHIP TOPPING – the plant equivalent to dairy whipped cream, then spread with Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry…

Europeans More Receptive To Plant Fast Food Than Americans

TAFC ClipBoard: Sharon’s commentary: When sales suddenly plummet, fast food giants will be bewildered. We gave the people what they wanted, now they cut and run. No, no, you didn’t give them what they wanted, you gave them what the Slaughter Industry wanted, that then used Madison Avenue to trick them into thinking they wantedContinue reading “Europeans More Receptive To Plant Fast Food Than Americans”

Transparency In food Labeling

Originally posted on ANIMAL-FREE SOUS-CHEF™ :
Why do companies hide animal ingredients under natural flavor label on products? They don’t want other companies copying their product; they need some secret ingredients. Otherwise someone else will sell the same product. Look, cooks and chefs do something similar when sharing a recipe. They write down the ingredients without…

Trader Joe’s Italian Sausage

Although the feel of the sausage raw was heavy and thick, which might lead one to cook them longer than necessary, upon eating they were tender not mushy and a bit juicy. I had mine with a dipping sauce of Thai Peanut Sauce by Two Brothers – a Heinen’s store brand mixed with a littleContinue reading “Trader Joe’s Italian Sausage”

Pate Perfection

Animal-Free Hotdog Pate low fat Who would think to use hot dogs for a pate – even if made from animal hot dogs? I’ve never been served it – at a home or a restaurant. Who needs liver when you have hot dogs – animal-free of…

Animal-Eaters Want The Impossible Taste In Their Animal Meat

Impossible Burger Meat tastes like everybody wishes animal meat tasted. My guess is that in future, animal meat companies will be adding the veg blood made from the contents of the soy root nodule (cups of nitrogen-fixed bacteria) to enhance the blood taste of their animal meats. Hot dogs too, anything that has a recipe.

Insect Goo On Your Fruits, Vegetables, Candy

Is Insect Goo An Allergen? The insect laden wax that candy, produce and other food companies use to coat thus preserve their product may be what’s making you sick, not the sugar as so many claimed in the past, specifically scientists.

Venice Maid Vegetarian Vegetable Soup – what’s wrong with it?

Venice Maid Vegetarian Vegetable Soup Note the egg in the ingredient label. Who would think that a vegetatian vegetable soup would have egg in it? Eggs are not vegetables.

CI Bartenders, Servers, Cooks, et al

– a different kind of review – Would you wonder why a tavern would habitually over pour customers, let them get so drunk they can hardly stand? That’s where all the Confidential Informants and government assets hang out.

Flavonoids And Animals

Sharon’s Opinion: After searching the internet for charts showing the multitude of foods containing flavonoids one thing that stood out startlingly clear is that animals were not on the flavonoid menu. The charts either were too small to read or they were not downloadable to Word Press.

COVID Rash Is Not What You Think4 and 5

Originally posted on WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT™:
COVID RASH IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK I can’t prove what this is, but I’ve had it for 4 months. The so-called rash has mutated several times within that time frame from circles the size of a pea or the end of a cigarette, to big red blotches, to…

It AIN’T ANIMAL-FREE if it came from the flesh and blood of animals or animal cells

RE: ANIMAL-FREE LAB CELL MEAT by Sharon Davies-Tight, the Animal-Free Chef If it comes from an animal it’s not animal-free. They (the people using the word to call their animal product animal-free) need to ditch that name before someone takes them to court over it. You still need to keep stables of animals to garnerContinue reading “It AIN’T ANIMAL-FREE if it came from the flesh and blood of animals or animal cells”

Animal Rights And The Catholic Church

Originally posted on FAMOUS LITTLE BOOKS OF SHARON™ new site:
“Did Pope Francis really say all animals go to Heaven?” It really doesn’t matter who says it – either with supposed authority or not. How would any animal (including the human animal) know anyway, unless they’ve already been there (to heaven) and they could call…

I Want An Empire Of Chains

I want a chain of Animal-Free everything. An empire filled with regrown cultures as animal-free, reconstituted cultures which exclude the exploitation of animals under the guidance of the 5 Principles To A Better Life. Check your prejudice at the door of discrimination and everybody benefits equally in the process, if not the result. Awareness ofContinue reading “I Want An Empire Of Chains”

Just Egg Pancake

JUST EGG PANCAKE A pancake made out of just egg? Why not when it’s JUST EGG doing the bidding? Wow, what a product. Easy to prepare, serve and a delight to eat. It always comes out the same. No need to pan-fry (though you could), but why bother when you can just pop it inContinue reading “Just Egg Pancake”

No-Talk Cooking Shows

Reviews No Talk Cooking Shows I’m getting hooked on Korean cooking demonstrations on YouTube. Nobody talks. Now when I turn to another cooking show with talking, it’s a turn off. Why do vaudeville slapstick when cooking? Is that a thing from the past that no one can forget so it stays in fashion? Get ridContinue reading “No-Talk Cooking Shows”

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Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

Chef Sharon’s Comment: The article made it sound like a bread sandwich. Her former chef is however making scones. Either way, it’s a strawberry jam sandwich with some form of butter.

Impossible Foods Seeks Approval For Leghemoglobin

RE: Impossible Foods seeks EU and UK approval for its GMO “fake meat” bleeding ingredient TAFC ClipBoard: That’s the Brits for you, always trying to stall a process, any process, until they give the okay. Supremacy at its worst. The plant is okay and the beans derived from the plant, but not the root?

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