Green Queen Alt Protein Weekly | May 27 2021 Edition | View online EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE & INSIGHTS BY GREEN QUEEN ✅ We had the opportunity to speak to Next Gen’s co-founder and COO Andre Menezes about the brand’s rapid expansion, the secret sauce behind its branding success, and what’s coming next for the food tech. Why it’s important: Next Gen is the startup behind TiNDLE,Continue reading “GREEN QUEEN ALT PROTEIN WEEKLY”

Perfect Ritz Cracker Replacement

I’m tired of the RITZ. Stood by it through thick and thin always hoping they’d fix their over the top shortening load, that made the crackers crumble like dust. I’ve had it with them. Will they ever learn? It’s always the same old story, “it’s the shortening; they’re using too much”.

Buffalo Soy Delight Chicken Nuggets

Soy Delight had a few starts and stops during the pandemic, but they always seemed to make good on their promise that more is coming, because it always did.

ADD-ON And UPDATE 365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping – Food Cartels?

ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON THIS SITE: ADD ON TO REVIEW: What started out as a complicated-to-use product, became even more complicated several days later when I tried to use it again. The first day I used it, each time it worked like a charm – roll the bottom third of can under warm water, shakeContinue reading “ADD-ON And UPDATE 365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping – Food Cartels?”

My First Made @ Home Impossible Burger

IMPOSSIBLE BURGER NOW IN GROCERY STORES Well, I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Yes, THE Impossible Burger at Whole Foods Market 14 oz. package looks like ground beef, feels much more oily. Forms well into patties. Four good sized burgers. I pan-fried in cast iron skillet with about 1 Tablespoon corn oil overContinue reading “My First Made @ Home Impossible Burger”

Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated

TA-FC ClipBoard: RE: Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated. How would one manipulate to achieve a greater amount of guilt? Keep humanizing the animals. Flood social media with talking animals showing all the emotions. Show problem solving, tool-using, family-oriented animals of all species and breeds. If theyContinue reading “Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated”


AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN FOR CBD OIL et al TA-FC ClipBoard: When people are happy feeling, they feel less pain, since the euphoria competes with the pain feeling, altering the perception. You can’t tell people to think happy and their pain will go away. It won’t. TheContinue reading “AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN CBD OIL et al”

CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced

TA-FC Clipboard: CBD OIL IS USELESS, unless taken in large amounts, and then the ratio of side effects to dosage balloons out of sight. It’s also expensive – way too expensive. The 0.3 percent THC allowable by law is way too low. Stop stealing from the customers. Real weed is what the people want andContinue reading “CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced”

Replacing Animals With Plants Is Taking Off

Green Queen Alt Protein Weekly | May 20 2021 Edition | View online FUNDING & INVESTMENT ✅ In another record-breaking turn, Eat Just, the San Francisco-based food tech company whose plant-based mung bean alternative has sold the equivalent of 100 million vegan eggs across the globe, has closed a US$170 million round for its newly separate GOOD Meat subsidiary from funds managed by UBS O’Connor,Continue reading “Replacing Animals With Plants Is Taking Off”

Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers

TAFC COMMENT: Firstly, the headline should read that they’re testing cattle for coronavirus/COVID-19 if for nothing else than to ease the public’s mind about the safety of what they consume. Secondly, I’m surprised that they collect the samples themselves. There’s too much room for corruption. The manure isn’t just a sample; it’s evidence too. ThirdContinue reading “Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers”

Brave new ‘animal-free’ world: When animal products are no longer made from animals, what do we call them? (And are they vegan?)

Brave new ‘animal-free’ world: When animal products are no longer made from animals, what do we call them? (And are they vegan?) By Elaine Watson 05-May-2021 – Last updated on 05-May-2021 at 17:26 GMT RELATED TAGS: animal-free dairy, vegan, Microbial fermentation, precision fermentation, Perfect Day, Change Foods Thanks to advances in synthetic biology, with theContinue reading “Brave new ‘animal-free’ world: When animal products are no longer made from animals, what do we call them? (And are they vegan?)”

Lab-Made Chicken Reaches Select Diners in Singapore – Scientific American

Lab-Made Chicken Reaches Select Diners in Singapore Club-goers in the island city-state take first bites of slaughter-free chicken nuggets grown in bioreactors By Emily Waltz, Nature Biotechnology on May 14, 2021 Lab-Made Chicken Reaches Select Diners in Singapore Singapore regulators in December approved in vitro cultured chicken, giving the world’s lab-developed meat industry its officialContinue reading “Lab-Made Chicken Reaches Select Diners in Singapore – Scientific American”

You Will Never Get My Blessing On That

You Will Never Get My Blessing On That The best approach is not to ask and not to expect a reversal. I will not support half animal and half plant in any kind of interim period of time that you all may have on your minds. The world already has half animal and half plant,Continue reading “You Will Never Get My Blessing On That”

Impossible Burgers are coming to US schools

TAFC COMMENT: Good move. Start indoctrinating the kids to a healthier diet. Looks like they’re using the same strategy the animal exploitation industry used. It worked for them until it didn’t. Maybe now that we know more about the effects of food/fuel on health and the degree of suffering we inflict on those animals weContinue reading “Impossible Burgers are coming to US schools”


Court rejected Bayer’s final bid to overturn the ban and undermine the EU’s precautionary principle EU Court of Justice rejects Bayer attempt to overturn ban on bee-killing pesticides The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that the European Commission was right to ban the use of three bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides – imidacloprid, clothianidin andContinue reading “BEES HAVE RIGHTS”

Weedkillers are accelerating the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

AFC TAKEAWAY: Consuming too much antibiotic fed animals and too much weed killer on the plants leads to the same place = resistance to antibiotics.  Three herbicides used on GM herbicide-tolerant crops – glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba — increase Weedkillers are accelerating the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria New research (see item 2 below) shows thatContinue reading “Weedkillers are accelerating the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria”

365 Whipped Topping – WHOLE FOODS

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? Whipped cream made out of plants with no fat. FAT-FREE! Now, you need to read the can. You can shake forever and nothing comes out. Who would think that you have to run the bottom third of the can under warm tap water for 30 seconds before shaking then squirting. YesContinue reading “365 Whipped Topping – WHOLE FOODS”

Calyxt gene-edited soybean flops in the US

 Delayed product launches and poor farmer take-up contradict company’s business model that claims “a speedy development cycle using novel gene-editing technologies” Calyxt gene-edited soybean flops in the US Gene editing has been hyped as a way to bring products with attractive traits to market much more speedily. But so far very few products have emergedContinue reading “Calyxt gene-edited soybean flops in the US”

Fried Cauliflower WHOLE FOODS

Steve was in that part of town today, so stopped in to have a look around at WHOLE FOODS. CAME HOME WITH LOTS OF GOODIES. A Mother’s Day gift early, since he’s going in for hip replacement surgery the morning after, so he’ll be doing prep work from now until then. One item was fromContinue reading “Fried Cauliflower WHOLE FOODS”


One might think that a company like GHIRARDELLI would manufacture a high end chocolate sauce. PREMIUM. PROFESSIONAL. That’s what it says on the label. If I wanted a cheap product that tasted and textured like glossy cocoa powder paste, I could have mixed some cocoa powder with sugar and water, heated then cooled it andContinue reading “GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE SAUCE”


Swedish oat milk giant Oatly has indicated it could be seeking a public listing in Hong Kong, shortly after registering its planned IPO on the Nasdaq stock exchange with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Blackstone-backed company says it will pursue a Hong Kong listing in the case of any “material adverse effect” on its relationshipContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE & INSIGHTS BY GREEN QUEEN”

OKTOBERFEST. Cheers To The German In Me

Yes, it’s a fine beer, and made locally, which is extra nice! So what if it’s not October. Fond memories abound. Germany 1968. Tour of Europe. Why October? It was cheaper. Most tourists were gone. Rows of picnic tables outside the backs of restaurants with patrons wanting to eat outside. Sounds like us. Mom andContinue reading “OKTOBERFEST. Cheers To The German In Me”


Talenti Sorbetto Sherbet contrary to popular thought usually contains milk. So does sorbetto or sorbet. If you go to a restaurant that serves either, and you request to know if either contains milk, the server probably won’t be able to enlighten you, since most foods targeted for restaurants don’t contain ingredient labels on the packaging.Continue reading “Talenti DAIRY-FREE SORBETTO”

AFC Downtowner Chicken Salad Sandwich

AFC DOWNTOWNER CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH Steve said, “good; it’s really good. It tastes like a downtown sandwich.” I knew what he meant. Upscale. Familiar. Trustworthy. A reason to go downtown. The DOWNTOWNER. The downtown vegan. AFC Downtowner. Everywhere, even in the suburbs, all the way to the country by way of rural roads leading toContinue reading “AFC Downtowner Chicken Salad Sandwich”

Nada Moo Ice Cream Sundae

NADA MOO ICE CREAM SUNDAE This is one of those ‘don’t talk while you eat’ desserts. If you start talking it might just disappear into somebody else’s mouth. Protect your plate from pillagers. Wow. I’m in love with NADA MOO. I don’t know how you ended up in my test kitchen, but I’m glad youContinue reading “Nada Moo Ice Cream Sundae”

Balsamic Smoked Almond Paste

BALSAMIC SMOKED ALMOND PASTE It’s difficult to believe that this is all nuts. The texture is much like a chunky dried fruit paste, only this has a melt in your mouth component. Guests will ask what fruit it is for sure. Fig, is it fig? No, no, it’s all nuts except of course for theContinue reading “Balsamic Smoked Almond Paste”

Beyond Meat® Opens Manufacturing Facility in China

Nasdaq:BYND Beyond Meat® Opens World-Class Plant-Based Meat Manufacturing Facility in China to Accelerate Localized Production and Innovation Beyond Meat becomes the first multinational company focused solely on plant-based meat production to open its own production facility in China April 07, 2021 04:00 ET | Source: Beyond Meat, Inc. SHANGHAI, China, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BeyondContinue reading “Beyond Meat® Opens Manufacturing Facility in China”

Beyond Meat® Announces Expansions Throughout Europe

Nasdaq:BYND Beyond Meat® Announces Major Retail Expansions Throughout Europe This spring, Beyond Meat products will be available in thousands of new retail locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and more April 12, 2021 07:45 ET | Source: Beyond Meat, Inc. EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND), a leaderContinue reading “Beyond Meat® Announces Expansions Throughout Europe”

Beyond Meat® Expands U.S. Distribution

Beyond Meat® Expands U.S. Retail Distribution Within Multiple National and Regional Grocery Chains Nasdaq:BYND Kroger, Wegmans, Sprouts, Target and other retailers add additional Beyond Meat products to store shelves to expand the brand’s existing in-store presence at 5,000 stores across the U.S. April 08, 2021 09:00 ET | Source: Beyond Meat, Inc. EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 08,Continue reading “Beyond Meat® Expands U.S. Distribution”