WildWood Barbecue Tofu Toppers

WILDWOOD BARBECUE TOFU TOPPERS Wildwood Tofu cubes cooked in sesame oil, Balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, lemon and smoke till liquid evaporates and seasonings coat the cubes evenly. No tomato in this barbecue. Next time. Mild flavors just right for soup or salad toppers or rolled in a sandwich wrap! Or how about a snack?Continue reading “WildWood Barbecue Tofu Toppers”

Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

TA-FC ClipBoard: BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHEA VIRUS.  Read on. Are you eating diseased cattle? How would you know? “BVDV has been around pastures and feedlots a long time, and it continues to challenge herd management. Not only does it spread easily and show very few clinical signs, this complex virus continues to evolve, presenting new strainsContinue reading “Is BVDV hiding in your herd?”

Judge Rules in Favor of Miyoko’s in Vegan Butter Case 

JUDGE RULES IN FAVOR OF MIYOKO’S IN VEGAN BUTTER CASE AUGUST 25, 2020 By VEGWORLD MAGAZINE The United States District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled in favor of vegan dairy brand Miyoko’s, allowing the brand to use the terms ‘butter’, ‘cruelty-free’, and ‘lactose-free’ when labeling its products. The lawsuit stems from a letterContinue reading “Judge Rules in Favor of Miyoko’s in Vegan Butter Case “

USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability

TA-FC ClipBoard: Currently there are thirty-nine million calves/cattle slaughtered yearly in the USA. Yet there are only eight million tags distributed. There’s no talk about how that is going to keep tabs on all the cattle, unless they tag every fourth or fifth calf in a population that’s regulated. It sounds like Adolph Hitler taggingContinue reading “USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability”

Fat People Are The New Slaves Of the 21st Century

Killing black people softly with their ‘fat is beautiful’ song. That’s the slaughter industries anthem. Black people are gullible and Big Business exploits it. Then when Blacks develop diseases from their addiction to eating dead animals, Big Business tells the government to give them free healthcare to treat what Big Business caused, so they canContinue reading “Fat People Are The New Slaves Of the 21st Century”

Question About Our Drinking Water

How much disinfectant does it take to neutralize or kill the CC Virus in our drinking water supply? The CDC said that even if our poop (and I’m assuming also urine) contains the virus, then it wouldn’t make our drinking water unsafe, because there is already disinfectants in our water. I’m not talking bottled water.Continue reading “Question About Our Drinking Water”

What Is Clickbait and Why Does It Work so Well?

You may have heard the term clickbait before, but if you’ve been on the internet within the past 10 years or so, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to it. For the most part, clickbait is considered only an annoyance, but it can also sometimes lead to some rather negative consequences. In fact, the world of clickbaitContinue reading “What Is Clickbait and Why Does It Work so Well?”

Tyson Foods invests in plant-based shrimp company

TA-FC CLIPBOARD: This is old news, but I still haven’t seen any place in or around Cleveland claiming to serve this product. It sure looks like shrimp and if it is as promised one might think it would soar. So where’s the ‘soar’ happening? Doesn’t Tyson Foods know that vegans are suspicious of the ‘naturalContinue reading “Tyson Foods invests in plant-based shrimp company”

Spaghetti and Beyond Beef Nuggets

SPAGHETTI AND BEYOND BEEF NUGGETS An UPTICKED DELLALO TOMATO BASIL SAUCE ladled over thin spaghetti and topped with BEYOND BEEF ROUND NUGGETS cooked to perfection! DELALLOLICIOUS! Lots of veggies in this sauce! Serves 4-6

Lilly’s Beyond Beef Skillet

LILLY’S BEYOND BEEF SKILLET BEYOND BEEF CRUMBLES sauteed in extra-virgin olive oil. Combined with tofu, peas, roasted peppers and vegan yeast. Seasoned with garlic, fennel, turmeric, smoked paprika and BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT. Lilly loves it!! Makes 6 cups

Real Resisters Wear The Mask

Your Mask Is A Tool Of Resistance CC Virus Takes The Route Of Least Resistance Wearing a protective facial mask, some will claim, doesn’t block the ability of the virus to enter the organism. That is correct. If the air current is conducive to entry, the virus can find an opening. Ever drop a screwContinue reading “Real Resisters Wear The Mask”

The onion salmonella outbreak grows. More recalls from Walmart, Kroger, Publix, H-E-B

TA-FC ClipBoard: This title is misleading: ONION SALMONELLA OUTBREAK WALMART, KROGER, PUBLIX, H-E-B. It makes one think onions in the produce department are being recalled, when in fact prepared foods using infected onions were recalled – all of them animal products. Usually recalls are made by the companies producing the food. Except for Taylor FarmsContinue reading “The onion salmonella outbreak grows. More recalls from Walmart, Kroger, Publix, H-E-B”

Market Reports | Beef Magazine

    Find weekly market reports on fed cattle, feeder cattle, slaughter cows and the boxed beef trade from industry experts Wes Ishmael and Ed Czerwein. Source: Market Reports | Beef Magazine   MEAT MARKET UPDATE: DID MARKET FIND ITS BOTTOM? Why is the Animal-Free Chef Advertising for Beef Magazine? Well, nothing is really forContinue reading “Market Reports | Beef Magazine”

Shoprite: Africa’s biggest supermarket considers pulling out of Nigeria 

TA-FC ClipBoard: I see Shoprite in America as having many problems, the biggest being living in the past, providing customers food items that are long outdated and passe to the point of wondering why they linger. Well, retail outlets like Shoprite are the reason, and unless they update their supermarket product lines to primarily plant-based,Continue reading “Shoprite: Africa’s biggest supermarket considers pulling out of Nigeria “

New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans

TA-FC ClipBoard: Let’s make it clear here that the agriculture they’re talking about is the ‘raising for slaughter industry’, and making the cattle industry cool and sexy once again. “Witnessing first hand how food is grown? Well, animals aren’t food and they’re not plants, so they’re not grown like the cattle industry wants the worldContinue reading “New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans”

Feeding demand for ground beef

TA-FC ClipBoard: So what does the world need now that we know about the high demand for ground cow beef? Lotza ground plant round!! Feeding the demand for ground beef Most U.S. beef imports go toward feeding the nation’s massive appetite for ground beef. Wes Ishmael | Jul 13, 2020 Ground beef is such aContinue reading “Feeding demand for ground beef”

The Great Invader: How COVID Attacks Every Organ

April 23, 2020 — We have underestimated and misunderstood COVID-19 since it first appeared. And as we learn more, it’s clear that COVID-19 can be more than just a respiratory disease. It’s joined the ranks of other “great imitators” — diseases that can look like almost any condition. It can be a gastrointestinal disease causingContinue reading “The Great Invader: How COVID Attacks Every Organ”

I’m A Cashewgurt Girl

That’s right. First I was a girl, then I was a woman and now that I’m old, I’m a girl again. Well, so what? That’s the way the mop flops and the cookie crumbles – at least for me in my long life. There’s a story behind my Cashewgurt experience that wants to be told.Continue reading “I’m A Cashewgurt Girl”

Questions With No Science Yet

Q. “Can the virus that causes COVID-19 be spread through drinking water? The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water. Conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in most municipal drinking water systems, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.” Evidently the disinfection of our drinkingContinue reading “Questions With No Science Yet”


Coronavirus/COVID no matter how new, how old, how different, is passed from species to species. Animal to animal – INTER AND INTRA. Don’t wait for the science when you know from experience that all governments corrupt the science for economic stability. Protect yourselves. Stop eating coronavirus/COVID-19, 20,21,22,23… Stop eating animals. Stop eating humans. WHERE AREContinue reading “STOP EATING ALL ANIMALS”


BLACK LIVES AND ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE ARE TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS WITH A BIG FOOT PRINT ON MADISON AVENUE No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives.  Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control the words peopleContinue reading “BLACK LIVES AND ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE LEAVE BIG FOOT PRINT ON MADISON AVENUE”

STOP EATING all animal products

PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY ALERT from The Animal-Free Chef  BAN ALL ANIMAL MEAT AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS from entering your stomachs. Coronavirus is in the animal meat, in the milk, in the cheese, in the eggs. In every cell. If it’s in our stool, it’s in our stomachs, which means we ate it. Water treatment plantsContinue reading “STOP EATING all animal products”

Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules

Governor Michael DeWine of Ohio recently floated the idea of requiring those who drink alcohol to also order food. TA-FC ClipBoard: When the bars and restaurants reopened after the viral shutdown, I was surprised that the regulars still came in and spent the same amount of time as before the viral shutdown – most ofContinue reading “Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules”

Coronavirus imported from Europe found in frozen food and on chopping boards

A strain of the coronavirus imported from Europe is most likely to blame for the outbreak in Beijing, WHO believes sankel@businessinsider.com (Sophia Ankel)   June 20, 2020, 11:43 AM EDT A medical worker in a protective suit conducts a nucleic acid test for a resident, following a new outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) inContinue reading “Coronavirus imported from Europe found in frozen food and on chopping boards”

Business Burning Is Becoming An Industry

Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Will Leave City after Plant Burned in Riots 6.9.2020 AFC ClipBoard: Maybe that’s the plan: For black lives to drive white lives out of cities, so black lives can control the city centers. First you occupy the police department, then city council, then out of fear, people move out when the protestors weaponizeContinue reading “Business Burning Is Becoming An Industry”

Lilly’s Cleveland Tofu Supper

LILLY’S CLEVELAND TOFU SUPPER Our dog daughter loves tofu, especially Cleveland Tofu. She also loves green beans and blackeye peas. So Mom cooked her up some this morning seasoned with a little garlic, basil, turmeric and mild curry. Did she like it? You bet! Sauteed some mushrooms in maple syrup and added some roasted redContinue reading “Lilly’s Cleveland Tofu Supper”

Who Infected Whom?

Many meat processing plants are closing due to the rapid spread of coronavirus through those factories. It’s been commonly reported that the workers at these animal processing plants infected each other. But how do we know that the animal meat itself didn’t contain the coronavirus, and through handling of the meat infected the workers? AContinue reading “Who Infected Whom?”

Spiced Tofu Cabbage Soup

SPICED TOFU CABBAGE SOUP Lots of solids. Perfect restaurant soup. Holds well and keeps longer than most. There’s something reminiscent of a gelled consume about this cabbage soup. Soothing. Wanting more! Inexpensive. Yes, lots of seasonings, but most restaurants should have these on hand. Makes 25 cups

Delight Soy Chicken Soup

DELIGHT SOY CHICKEN SOUP If you can find Delight Soy chicken nuggets, it doesn’t take much to make a plant chicken soup, that actually tastes like animal-based chicken soup. Simple, soothing and beneficial to you – the organism! Which proves you don’t need the stewed chicken or the marrow from the bones when you’re sickContinue reading “Delight Soy Chicken Soup”

What Happened? Beyond Meat Beefy Crumbles

Yes, that’s what I want to know. What happened to BEYOND MEAT beefy crumbles? Maybe it’s too old. Maybe the original recipe was changed. Maybe they’re getting rid of product that didn’t turn out so well. Whatever the reason, the last two times I tried this product – several months apart, bought at different storesContinue reading “What Happened? Beyond Meat Beefy Crumbles”


OAT MILK SAVORY LIME SAUCE  Oat milk-based creamy lime sauce with garlic, tarragon and basil! Serve over veggies or pasta! Makes 2-1/2 cups