RE: Biden 30×30 initiative advancing conservation actions

TAFC ClipBoard: In this entire article I didn’t see one specific conservation plan put forth. A statistical number, that’s it, and even that wasn’t compared to conservation efforts already in play. They act like they’re starting from square one – after all these decades? I don’t buy it. A 30% conservation plan by 2030? ThatContinue reading “RE: Biden 30×30 initiative advancing conservation actions”

Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated

TA-FC ClipBoard: RE: Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated. How would one manipulate to achieve a greater amount of guilt? Keep humanizing the animals. Flood social media with talking animals showing all the emotions. Show problem solving, tool-using, family-oriented animals of all species and breeds. If theyContinue reading “Some degree of guilt is present in animal-eaters which means it can be manipulated”

Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers

TAFC COMMENT: Firstly, the headline should read that they’re testing cattle for coronavirus/COVID-19 if for nothing else than to ease the public’s mind about the safety of what they consume. Secondly, I’m surprised that they collect the samples themselves. There’s too much room for corruption. The manure isn’t just a sample; it’s evidence too. ThirdContinue reading “Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers”


Farm state senators defend meat on government menus USDA photo by Alice Welch TASTEE Act prohibits government from mandating Meatless Mondays or limiting meat for government employees. Jacqui Fatka | Apr 16, 2021 Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst is pushing back against what she called the Left’s “War on Meat” and “Meatless Mondays” with new legislation. TheContinue reading “TASTEE ACT ANSWER TO MEATLESS MONDAY”

Better management can reduce beef production emissions

TAFC COMMENT: THE GIST. To reduce beef emissions by nearly 50% all the cattle industry has to do is, according to them: ‘grow bigger cows at a faster rate – and enhance land management strategies to increase soil and plant carbon sequestration on grazed lands’ Better management can reduce beef production emissions Scientists from UC,Continue reading “Better management can reduce beef production emissions”

Bill Gates says rich nations need to move to ‘100% synthetic beef’

Bill Gates says rich nations need to move to ‘100% synthetic beef’ The assault on the beef industry continues with fake meat proponents seeking to eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from America’s dinner table. Amanda Radke | Feb 17, 2021 Proponents of fake meats argued that their products would offer more consumer choice to feedContinue reading “Bill Gates says rich nations need to move to ‘100% synthetic beef’”

Identity of primary plant-based food consumers may surprise

Identity of primary plant-based food consumers may surprise FredFroese/iStock/Getty Images Omnivores and flexitarians make up the lion’s share of consumers who are eating plant-based products. Jan 29, 2021 Despite use of plant-based meat or dairy products being highest among those following vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian diets, it’s omnivores and flexitarians who make up the lion’sContinue reading “Identity of primary plant-based food consumers may surprise”

Fake meats made from plants, cells & humans?

Warning — blog post may contain disturbing material about fake meats grown from human cells. Amanda Radke | Dec 04, 2020 In recent years, I’ve provided updates from the meat case, where fake imitation products are inching their way into the traditional space where beef, poultry, pork and fish have been sold. I’ve always contendedContinue reading “Fake meats made from plants, cells & humans?”

Could Beyond Meat Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?

Could Beyond Meat Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock? There remains a world of opportunity for growth, but whether it can be done profitably is the question. Rich Duprey (TMFCop) Jan 5, 2021 at 8:45AM After a disappointing third-quarter earnings report from Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND), investors are questioning whether the growth story is already over. Shares ofContinue reading “Could Beyond Meat Be a Millionaire-Maker Stock?”

Trending Headlines: Policy changes on the way

      Trending Headlines: Policy changes on the way   Change is coming with new leadership, but how will it impact agriculture? Here’s what’s on the docket. Amanda Radke | Mar 15, 2021 Change is coming to rural America faster than the speed of light. Here’s a roundup of what’s new that will impact agriculturalists inContinue reading “Trending Headlines: Policy changes on the way”

Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?

THE CATTLE MARKET perspective on vaccines: From BEEF MAGAZINE: PROCESSING PLANTS ESTABLISHING VACCINE PLANS What they should be doing is administering these to the cattle. 86 POSTS ON VACCINES on BEEF MAGAZINE site proves cows and other animals receive vaccines. Frozen Vaccines for cattle – they do it with other vaccines, for other cow diseases,Continue reading “Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?”

Is climate science really real? Depends on who’s behind it

TAFC ClipBoard: The most obvious question to me when considering that fourteen percent of methane gas on the planet comes from burping cows, is what are they eating to make them burp and pass gas so much? I know they’re large animals, but the food they’re eating and the drugs they’re taking must have somethingContinue reading “Is climate science really real? Depends on who’s behind it”

Cattle slaughter dynamics show what a year it’s been

“There are many dynamics in cattle slaughter markets in the fourth quarter that will determine total slaughter for the year. Current estimates are for total annual 2020 cattle slaughter to be down roughly 2.5% year over year.”   TAFC ClipBoard: I’m looking for much higher numbers. The impact in my view has been minimal. Those numbersContinue reading “Cattle slaughter dynamics show what a year it’s been”

Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells

TAFC Clipboard: Writer Amanda Radke speaks of animal rights activists as: “these anti-animal agricultural extremists”. The first thing the world needs to do is to stop calling the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals agriculture. There is nothing agricultural about me as a human animal, and nothing agricultural about any other species of animal enslaved,Continue reading “Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells”

Faith and food: How personal beliefs shape food choices

TAFC ClipBoard: In my view, religion doesn’t have much to do with what people eat. Nowhere in the bible or teachings does it instruct people to eat animals; in fact it does the opposite: “Genesis 1:29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of allContinue reading “Faith and food: How personal beliefs shape food choices”

Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

TA-FC ClipBoard: BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHEA VIRUS.  Read on. Are you eating diseased cattle? How would you know? “BVDV has been around pastures and feedlots a long time, and it continues to challenge herd management. Not only does it spread easily and show very few clinical signs, this complex virus continues to evolve, presenting new strainsContinue reading “Is BVDV hiding in your herd?”

USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability

TA-FC ClipBoard: Currently there are thirty-nine million calves/cattle slaughtered yearly in the USA. Yet there are only eight million tags distributed. There’s no talk about how that is going to keep tabs on all the cattle, unless they tag every fourth or fifth calf in a population that’s regulated. It sounds like Adolph Hitler taggingContinue reading “USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability”

Market Reports | Beef Magazine

    Find weekly market reports on fed cattle, feeder cattle, slaughter cows and the boxed beef trade from industry experts Wes Ishmael and Ed Czerwein. Source: Market Reports | Beef Magazine   MEAT MARKET UPDATE: DID MARKET FIND ITS BOTTOM? Why is the Animal-Free Chef Advertising for Beef Magazine? Well, nothing is really forContinue reading “Market Reports | Beef Magazine”

Feeding demand for ground beef

TA-FC ClipBoard: So what does the world need now that we know about the high demand for ground cow beef? Lotza ground plant round!! Feeding the demand for ground beef Most U.S. beef imports go toward feeding the nation’s massive appetite for ground beef. Wes Ishmael | Jul 13, 2020 Ground beef is such aContinue reading “Feeding demand for ground beef”

New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans

TA-FC ClipBoard: Let’s make it clear here that the agriculture they’re talking about is the ‘raising for slaughter industry’, and making the cattle industry cool and sexy once again. “Witnessing first hand how food is grown? Well, animals aren’t food and they’re not plants, so they’re not grown like the cattle industry wants the worldContinue reading “New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans”