Inside Vita Coco’s Bathroom Breakout

CNAP COMMENT: In fairness to those who hate the taste of coconut water, all but one that I’ve tried has a distinctive off-putting taste/flavor that’s hard to like. Lucky’s Espresso brand and flavor of coconut water is the only one I’ve tasted with that off flavor masked. I will definitely try this VITA COCO coconutContinue reading “Inside Vita Coco’s Bathroom Breakout”

Cannabis Forum: Challenges for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial journey is difficult – and entering an emerging and fast-changing market doesn’t make it easier. There is no set blueprint or clear path to victory, but a number of speed bumps and off-ramps. At Cannabis Forum Summer 2019 next month a panel of industry trailblazers will help those entrepreneurs better navigate the ambiguousContinue reading “Cannabis Forum: Challenges for Cannabis Entrepreneurs”