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EGG-FREE NOG PRETZEL PIE - GOAT This is like no cream pie you ever experienced. Yet somehow it all seems so familiar. A rough and tumble cream pie? Is that even possible? With the animal-free chef, anything is possible! Two egg-free dairy-free nogs, banana, sesame cashews, brown sugar and vanilla, blended and cooked like a… Continue reading EGG-FREE NOG PRETZEL PIE – GOAT

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Pineapple Pecan Peanut Butter Scottish Oatmeal

PINEAPPLE PECAN PEANUT BUTTER SCOTTISH OATMEAL This is some kinda' Scottish Pie. Okay, serve it right out of the pan, hot with a dollop of full fat coconut milk solids salt and peppered. Yes, salt and pepper on this meaty, chewy, porky type oatmeal. The Scots are rolling on the floor and rising from their… Continue reading Pineapple Pecan Peanut Butter Scottish Oatmeal


Apple And Orange Thyme Cranberry Sauce

APPLE AND ORANGE THYME CRANBERRY SAUCE A versatile sweet and tangy holiday sauce. Serve hot, at room temperature or cold as a condiment or as a sauce over desserts, veggies or plant meats. Or spread on your favorite toasted breads. It's a keeper! Bring as a gift for the host of any food event. Pack… Continue reading Apple And Orange Thyme Cranberry Sauce

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Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

  FRUIT AND NUT CHOCOLATE MuffCakes Before taste-testing I only had one question for Steve. Muffin or cupcake? What do you think? Upon tasting he said, "a muffcake". So, MuffCake it is! I agree. Not a pudding cake, not an air-stuffed bakery bought cake. Homemade, dry enough, moist enough, dense enough, flavorful enough, whereby you… Continue reading Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

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Beyond Ground Beef Potato Soup

BEYOND GROUND BEEF POTATO SOUP Wow. This soup was a journey. It was worth it though! Feeds a crowd If you don't have an extra-large soup pot, then cut this recipe in half. 8 c. water 2 T. salt 1/4 t. celery seed 2-1/4 lbs. red skin potatoes, scrubbed well, eyes removed and diced into… Continue reading Beyond Ground Beef Potato Soup


SMOKY NUT PASTE – today’s ingredients

SMOKY NUT PASTE Pecans and walnuts processed with coconut, brown sugar and liquid smoke into a creamy textured paste. Liquid Aminos added for umami boost. Melt in mouth. Serve on crackers with sweet or savory toppers. Versatile! Makes 3 cups SMOKY NUT PASTE TOFU TASTE SENSATIONS

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A high quality, high protein textured vegetable protein (TVP) for soups, chili, tomato sauces, burgers, meatballs and more. The size of the TVP pieces is consistent throughout, however I would like to see this same TVP offered in a larger size, so that consumers could have a choice between large and small, since different recipes… Continue reading BOB’S RED MILL TVP