Bat Poop Considered A Super Food

Each Animal Lives Only Once. If your soul returns, it won’t be in the same body. Could be in the body of any one of the animals we as humans slaughtered for convenience, not necessity. Who are we, the humans, to determine how each non-human animal lives their life? Animals aren’t food, clothing, shelter orContinue reading “Bat Poop Considered A Super Food”

Cannabis Allergy

TAFC Commentary: If the only legal weed is going to be the equivalent of pharmaceutical/medical grade pot products get ready for an onslaught of allergy symptoms, not easily controlled if at all, caused by medical grade cannabis/marijuana. The ongoing dance the developers keep trying to avoid is making a hypoallergenic weed product. Until then, andContinue reading “Cannabis Allergy”


AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN FOR CBD OIL et al TA-FC ClipBoard: When people are happy feeling, they feel less pain, since the euphoria competes with the pain feeling, altering the perception. You can’t tell people to think happy and their pain will go away. It won’t. TheContinue reading “AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN CBD OIL et al”

CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced

TA-FC Clipboard: CBD OIL IS USELESS, unless taken in large amounts, and then the ratio of side effects to dosage balloons out of sight. It’s also expensive – way too expensive. The 0.3 percent THC allowable by law is way too low. Stop stealing from the customers. Real weed is what the people want andContinue reading “CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced”

SEC Charges Marijuana Stock Investors With Fraud

TA-FC ClipBoard: When the stock market can make or break a country’s economy, there needs to be an accelerated and massive effort to find and investigate companies and individuals and groups involved in the illegal and unethical manipulation of stocks. More Federal funds and more investigators allocated to securing people’s investments from fraud are necessaryContinue reading “SEC Charges Marijuana Stock Investors With Fraud”

House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally

Cannabis House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief Feb 01, 2020 Some members of Congress appear to be losing patience with the FDA’s reluctance to legalize cannabidiol (CBD). On Jan. 13, a bill was introduced to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) to include hemp-derived CBD as aContinue reading “House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally”

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. | Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp – AFS.Hemp™

AFS.Hemp™ Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract Finally, a hemp ingredient developed by a food company for a food company. AFS.Hemp™ Summary Applied Food Sciences is proud to announce the launch of their new hemp ingredient. Manufacturers can have confidence using AFS.Hemp™ thanks to the GRAS determination that allows for safe use in food and beverages. AFS.Hemp™ isContinue reading “Applied Food Sciences, Inc. | Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp – AFS.Hemp™”

Profit Trends – KushCo.

Marijuana legalization is spreading – not just across the U.S., but across the globe. That creates a lot of opportunities up and down the supply chain, as well as on the creative side. And there’s one company involved in legal cannabis more than any other: KushCo Holdings (OTC: KSHB). KushCo has a diverse footprint acrossContinue reading “Profit Trends – KushCo.”

Ohio Dispensary Prices | Medical Marijuana Prices |

Products Medical Marijuana Flower – Best Prices Ohio Tenth (2.83 grams): Pure Ohio Wellness for $22 @ Pure Ohio Wellness 5.66 grams: Ohio Clean Leaf for $58 @ Ohio Cannabis Company 8.49 grams: Firelands Scientific for $85 @ RiSE (Lorain & Toledo) Half ounce of shake: Cresco Labs for $81/$90 @ Bloom Medicinals – Painesville & Bloom Medicinals – Columbus Half ounce of “popcorn buds”: Ohio Clean Leaf for $120 @ Ohio Cannabis Company ​Medical Marijuana Tinctures – BestContinue reading “Ohio Dispensary Prices | Medical Marijuana Prices |”

Italy’s ‘cannabis light’ creates buzz even if the pot won’t

By ALESSIA MELCHIORRE and COLLEEN BARRY   6.27.2019     ROME (AP) — It’s been called the Italian “green gold rush.” Mild, barely there marijuana dubbed “cannabis light” has put Italy on the international weed map, producing hundreds of stores that sell pot by the pouch and attention from investors banking the legalization of strongerContinue reading “Italy’s ‘cannabis light’ creates buzz even if the pot won’t”

Cannabis Forum: Challenges for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial journey is difficult – and entering an emerging and fast-changing market doesn’t make it easier. There is no set blueprint or clear path to victory, but a number of speed bumps and off-ramps. At Cannabis Forum Summer 2019 next month a panel of industry trailblazers will help those entrepreneurs better navigate the ambiguousContinue reading “Cannabis Forum: Challenges for Cannabis Entrepreneurs”

Ohio Sells $75k in Successful First Day of Sales

Ohio Sells $75k in Successful First Day of Sales PUBLISHED ON JANUARY 22, 2019, BY MASSROOTS The four medical marijuana dispensaries that were open for business, on the first day of sales in Ohio, collectively sold 8.7 pounds of dried cannabis flower. According to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, that total volume generated $75,000Continue reading “Ohio Sells $75k in Successful First Day of Sales”

10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks for Your Portfolio 

  10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks for Your Portfolio By Mrinalini Krishna | Updated August 3, 2018 — 9:13 AM EDT Unlike its southern neighbor, Canada legalized medical marijuana nationwide back in 2001. That means that the industry has evolved a lot more and is not plagued with restrictions across state lines, as is the caseContinue reading “10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks for Your Portfolio “

Cannabis-Infused Beverages Emerge as Potential Beer Industry Disruptor 

  U.S. consumers looking to catch a buzz without the booze will soon be able to purchase an assortment of beer-centric products thanks to a pair of ventures aiming to disrupt the current alcohol market with cannabis-infused beverages. Petaluma, California-headquartered Lagunitas Brewing Company, which has a well-documented history with marijuana and is now wholly ownedContinue reading “Cannabis-Infused Beverages Emerge as Potential Beer Industry Disruptor “

This ‘beer’ will get you high, not drunk

This ‘beer’ will get you high, not drunk Kerry Justich,Yahoo Lifestyle Thu, Mar 29 1:33 PM EDT The brewer behind Blue Moon beer is creating a beverage with THC. The man who became a disruptor in the beer industry back in 1995 has come up with a new concept of the beverage — by integratingContinue reading “This ‘beer’ will get you high, not drunk”

WeedMD and Phivida To Enter Into Joint Venture for Cannabis-Infused Beverages

WeedMD and Phivida To Enter Into Joint Venture for Cannabis-Infused Beverages CanBev Inc. positioned to become the premiere cannabis-infused bottling plant in Canada. Toronto, Canada and Vancouver, Canada, March 8th, 2018 – WeedMD Inc. (TSX-V:WMD) (OTC:WDDMF) (FSE:4WE) (“WeedMD”), a federally licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis and Phivida Holdings Inc. (CSE:VIDA; OTC:PHVAF) (“Phivida”), a premium brand of cannabidiol (“CBD”) infused functional beveragesContinue reading “WeedMD and Phivida To Enter Into Joint Venture for Cannabis-Infused Beverages”

Jane West’s New Marijuana Product Line Might Be A Game Changer For Women

Javier Hasse, Benzinga Staff Writer  October 31, 2017 12:56pm   If we had to pinpoint one characteristic that stands out in Jane West,it would be her attention to detail. After all, being an events organizer, details are central to standing out among the crowd. Jane transitioned from a successful career in traditional events organization toContinue reading “Jane West’s New Marijuana Product Line Might Be A Game Changer For Women”

Marijuana social media company Massroots is making a big bet on software

(Compliance is a huge problem facing cannabis companies.REUTERS/Andres Stapff) Massroots, a technology platform for cannabis consumers, is acquiring CannaRegs in a stock deal for $12 million, multiple sources told Business Insider on Wednesday. The acquisition allows MassRoots to become a one-stop shop for cannabis businesses to connect with customers and ensure they’re in compliance with allContinue reading “Marijuana social media company Massroots is making a big bet on software”