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Steve’s Antipasto Soup | Sauce – Today’s Ingredients

No slice no dice. Two hands, a can opener, a pot and a spoon is all you need to make lunches for a week plus a few at-home-meals. Packed full of flavors, textures and exclamation points - Fly to Italy, Greece, Spain without leaving your kitchen! Makes 23 cups Ingredients: Steve waits till all these… Continue reading Steve’s Antipasto Soup | Sauce – Today’s Ingredients

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I GOT THE GOODS Made from the ingredients on display by YOU KNOW WHO! And you know where to come for the best! At CHEF SHARON'S Animal-Free Kitchen! That's where it all happens! FEATURED INGREDIENTS: 1 - TOFUTTI BETTER THAN CREAM CHEESE 2 - GOYA WHOLE KERNEL CORN 3 - GOYA DARK RED KIDNEY BEANS… Continue reading TODAY’S INGREDIENTS


Today’s Ingredients Thu. 12.20.2018

GOT THE GOODS Made from the ingredients on display by YOU KNOW WHO! And you know where to come for the best! At CHEF SHARON'S Animal-Free Kitchen! That's where it all happens! FEATURE INGREDIENTS: 1 - Dei Fratelli Diced Tomatoes 2 - Gia Russa Tomato Puree 3 - Hunt's Tomato Paste 4 - Honey Crisp… Continue reading Today’s Ingredients Thu. 12.20.2018

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Steve’s Perfect Broth Sauce

STEVE'S PERFECT BROTH SAUCE Steve likes to use ingredients I call dodads - gourmet type items he finds at the market - stuff that's fun to buy, unique stuff like garlic in a tube, herb paste in a tube etc. I'll tell ya, he had an uncanny sense of what goes with what, since this… Continue reading Steve’s Perfect Broth Sauce

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WILD TOMATO ZUCCHINI POT With spiralized zucchini used in place of the pasta! Hot, sweet, timid, lovely, exciting, smooth, bold! A vegetable main dish, soup or stew - no matter what you call it, it's still wild! Makes 8 cups 3 T. Liquid Butter Alternative 1 lg. sweet onion - peel, cut off ends, cut into… Continue reading WILD TOMATO ZUCCHINI POT

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  Recipe using DEI FRATELLI CHOPPED ITALIAN TOMATOES: Saffron Celery Soup  

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SAFFRON CELERY SOUP We use the whole bunch of celery in this soup along with red onion, Dei Fratelli Chopped Italian Tomatoes and pistachio nuts. Seasoned with saffron, caraway, coriander and star of anise! Makes 9-3/4 cups 1 bunch celery - cut off end and tops, wash well to remove all dirt, then cut stalks… Continue reading SAFFRON CELERY SOUP

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AFC VEG BLOOD BURGER© Great news! A homemade burger that tastes and textures just like a beef burger - blood and all! Easy to make. Fry them fresh, or bake and refrigerate or freeze. Taste The Sizzle! For meat-eaters and vegans! I'm lovin' it! Makes 7-8 cups burger dough (depending on how firmly packed) 1… Continue reading AFC VEG BLOOD BURGER

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Baby Mushroom Linguini Bolognaise

BABY MUSHROOM LINGUINI BOLOGNAISE Baby Portobello mushrooms and baby shitake mushrooms in a tomato sauce made from Dei Fratelli Tomatoes, seasoned with fennel, basil and garlic. Served over linguini pasta with a side of  broiled French baguette with extra virgin olive oil and garlic! Serves 6 with enough sauce leftover for another small meal 3… Continue reading Baby Mushroom Linguini Bolognaise