Tofurkey Ham Roast

TOFURKEY HAM ROAST Well, well, well, who would think a plant could be transformed into a replica of a ham roast? Not me years ago. Times have changed and lucky for us all, especially those whose hides are stolen to satisfy the cannibalistic palates of humans! Yea! Congratulations to the fine folks over at Tofurkey… Continue reading Tofurkey Ham Roast

DOLE · Iranian pistachios · TEST PRODUCT RECIPES


PERSIAN PEARLS Pistachios, dates, saffron, espresso coffee, fresh lemon and orange define these pearls of the desert! Tea, coffee or wine beverage completes the experience! Makes about 7 dozen 1/3 c. shelled, salted, pistachio nuts (I used Iranian pistachios) 1 c. whole dates (I used Dole brand) zest of 1 orange 1 k cup espresso… Continue reading PERSIAN PEARLS

Bertman Ballpark Mustard · CLEVELAND KRAUT · DOLE · Jif · SugarBush Maple Syrup · TEST PRODUCT RECIPES


"Hi Aunt Sharon! Hope all is well! I just made your Energizer Breakfast Burrito and it was delicious!!! I've been having cereal before work, but I'm hungry an hour later, plus it's so bland. If you come up with anything as simple as and similar to the burrito send them my way :)" Nothing I… Continue reading AFC BREAKFAST WIENER ROLL

DOLE · Gardein Meatless Meats · TEST PRODUCT RECIPES

Pineapple Barbecue Chick’n Strips – gardein

Pineapple Barbecue Chick'n Strips Wow. What a punch! Serves 4 Make barbecue sauce first: 1/3 c. ketchup 1/2 c. canned pineapple tidbits plus some liquid, I used DOLE brand 1/4 c. Balsamic vinegar 1/3 c. dark brown sugar 1 T. liquid smoke 1 t. garlic powder 1 t. smoked paprika 1 t. dry mustard a… Continue reading Pineapple Barbecue Chick’n Strips – gardein