Ultimate Get Off Your Can And Cook Sauce



How easy can it be. No slicing, dicing, peeling. Just empty the cans, bottles, packages and let the stove do the rest. GET OFF YOUR CAN AND COOK . It’s an idea I had decades ago for a cookbook.

To serve this hearty and inspiring antipasto bean sauce we ladle it over pasta, but not before we simmered some plant meatballs by Gardein in the sauce for a few minutes. And yes, we topped it all off with a plant parmesan by Follow Your Heart!

We ate some now and packed the rest for Steve’s lunches for the week! The can factor never came to mind while we enjoyed savoring our feast in a pot!

Serve as soup or sauce!

Makes 15 cups

Fruit And Nut Crumble


You’ll find lots of uses for this fruit and nut crumble over the holidays and through the year. It’s a nutrient dense addition to just about any dish. Another great topper to enhance soup, salad, sandwich, hot cereal or toss with pasta, top the rice or gravy, or mix into your animal-free baked beans! And yes there’s more; it makes an elegant dessert mousse, chilled or frozen!

Makes 4 cups

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Red Wine Mushroom Onion Gravy


A Complicated Gravy needs resting before serving it. The result it beautiful!

Makes a pot full

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A sweet, lemony delightful dressing for salads. The addition of lemon pie filling decreases the total fat content coating lusciously all the ingredients. Veg mayo is expensive, so it also reduces dressing costs by extending the mayo. Give it a try, you’ll like the result!

Makes enough for one pound macaroni or potato equivalent for salads or coleslaw

1/2 c. Vegenaise by FOLLOW YOUR HEART

1/2 c. Lemon Pie Filling by LUCKY LEAF

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

1/4 c. red wine vinegar

2 T. light brown sugar

salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl. Stir till velvety smooth.

Use for macaroni and potato salads plus coleslaw.

Lawsuit claims Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers are contaminated by meat

CNAP RESPONSE: Burger King’s claim that The Impossible Whopper is 100% Whopper and 0% beef is not true.

It can’t be both. A 100% beef whopper is not 100% Impossible Whopper.

A Whopper is defined as containing 100% animal product, namely beef.

In addition, nobody calls a Whopper, a Whopper Sandwich. I’ve never heard it, except when people are writing about it.

To America and the world a Whopper is a big burger on a big bun. Nobody says they’re going to have a burger sandwich – in real time. Burger King is a little late to the table in changing what they call their Whopper into a sandwich. It’s like a hot dog. Nobody calls a hot dog in a bun, a hot dog sandwich, unless it’s made on rectangular bread.

The lawyers and Madison Avenue are trying to trick people into believing they’re eating something they’re not, by the confusing, ambiguous language they use.

There’s no wonder the confusion regarding this product. There should have been none. When I say I develop animal-free recipes with the animal meat-eater in mind, it doesn’t mean I add animal meat. Burger King made a mistake by dividing people.

Why lie? Why deceive the public in what you’re selling and what they’re buying?

According to Burger King:

The WHOPPER = “Our beef patties are made with 100% beef with no fillers, no preservatives, no additives, no nonsense. We also make our flagship product, the WHOPPER® Sandwich, with 1/4 lb* of savory flame-grilled beef.”

IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER = “100% Whopper, 0% beef.

Our Impossible™ WHOPPER® Sandwich features a savory flame-grilled patty made from plants topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. 100% WHOPPER®, 0% Beef.”

The registered mark is the same on an Impossible Whopper and a Whopper description put out by Burger King advertisers. So, if an Impossible Whopper is made with a 100% WH0PPER® which is made with 100% beef, there is a conflict. It can’t be both.

The 100% WHOPPER = 100% BEEF, not 100% plant.

So, don’t call the plant version of the Whopper a Whopper that is 100% WHOPPER®. It isn’t.

  • Clear that up before you get sued for that too.

I’m not a friend of BURGER KING. But I am a friend of ANIMAL-FREE MEATS DAIRY & FOODS.

Get an animal-free mayonnaise and cheese. Something white for the cheese, so employees don’t mix up the orange dairy cheese with the plant white cheese.

It’s already available. daiya brand and Follow Your Heart brand make the best cheeses for burger purposes. They soften quickly against the heat of the burger – daiya quicker than Follow Your Heart.

daiya is round and FYH is square. I like the round version for shape on a burger; it still wraps down over the burger nicely.

Tofutti brand Inc. is a contender, but the cellophane wraps are cumbersome and it’s not as healthy – good though; it tastes good against any burger. It also melts quicker against the heat of the food than the others – sometimes too much.

The animal-free mayonnaise that holds up the best is JUST MAYO.

Vegenaise brand, although good, has a consistency problem as you approach the bottom of the jar. JUST MAYO doesn’t; it feels thicker, which is better for restaurants.




Lawsuit claims Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers are contaminated by meat

By Jonathan Stempel and Richa Naidu,

Reuters 18 November 2019

Plant-based alternatives health-craze is here to stay

By Jonathan Stempel and Richa Naidu

(Reuters) – Burger King was sued on Monday by a vegan customer who accused the fast-food chain of contaminating its meatless “Impossible” Whoppers by cooking them on the same grills as its traditional meat burgers.

In a proposed class action, Phillip Williams said he bought an Impossible Whopper, a plant-based alternative to Burger King’s regular Whopper, at an Atlanta drive-through, and would not have paid a premium price had he known the cooking would leave it “coated in meat by-products.

“The lawsuit filed in Miami federal court seeks damages for all U.S. purchasers of the Impossible Whopper, and an injunction requiring Burger King to “plainly disclose” that Impossible Whoppers and regular burgers are cooked on the same grills.

Burger King, a unit of Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International Inc, declined to comment, saying it does not discuss pending litigation.

Its website describes the Impossible Burger as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef,” and adds that “for guests looking for a meat-free option, a non-broiler method of preparation is available upon request.

“Williams’ lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the disclaimer or the available cooking options.Impossible Foods Inc, which helped create the Impossible Whopper, has said it designed the product for meat eaters who want to consume less animal protein, not for vegans or vegetarians.

“For people who are strictly vegan, there is a microwave prep procedure that they’re welcome to ask for in any store,” Dana Worth, Impossible Foods’ head of sales, said in a recent interview.

Burger King began selling the Impossible Whopper in August.

Restaurant Brands also owns the Canadian coffee and restaurant chain Tim Hortons, and is overseen by Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital.

The case is Williams v Burger King Corp, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, No. 19-24755.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York and Richa Naidu in Chicago; Editing by Tom Brown)

Source: Lawsuit claims Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers are contaminated by meat


Steve’s Antipasto Soup | Sauce – Today’s Ingredients

No slice no dice. Two hands, a can opener, a pot and a spoon is all you need to make lunches for a week plus a few at-home-meals.

Packed full of flavors, textures and exclamation points – Fly to Italy, Greece, Spain without leaving your kitchen!

Makes 23 cups

Ingredients: Steve waits till all these items are on sale. Use any brand you want, but these are good. Those grilled artichokes are super! If the recipe is too big for your pot, reduce the size (reducing by half works easiest.)

2,28 oz. cans diced tomatoes – Dei Fratelli brand

4 oz. jar chopped Roasted Garlic SPICE WORLD brand

0.42 oz. lightly dried basil by Gourmet Garden

5-3/4 oz. DELALLO MANZANILLA (green) OLIVES, including liquid

6 oz. DELALLO SMALL RIPE (pitted) BLACK OLIVES, including liquid

4.5 oz. jar sliced mushrooms including liquid – Pennsylvania Dutch brand

4.5 oz. jar sliced mushrooms including liquid – POLAR brand

12 oz. jar sweet red roasted pepper strips

2, 7 oz. jars Grilled Artichokes by Napoleon

15.5 oz. can cannellini beans by BUSH’S

16 oz. can garbanzo beans by BUSH’s

15 oz. can whole kernel corn including liquid by FULL CIRCLE

3 c. V-8 Vegetable Juice

12 oz. can tomato paste -I used HUNT’S

salt and pepper to taste

Optional: Top each serving with Follow Your Heart Vegan parmesan shreds.

For some of the meals we cooked up some Veggie Meatballs by Lightlife and served them with the antipasto.

For other meals we served it over cooked elbow macaroni with ridges – RACCONTO brand.

In extra-large soup pot, over medium heat, add all ingredients, except the parmesan and meatballs, stirring after each addition.

Bring to slow boil, then reduce heat and cook for approximately 30 minutes.

Salt and pepper to taste.

If desired, add other seasonings of choice. Steve, for this antipasto, wanted dried Greek oregano, a little brown sugar and a couple dashes of cinnamon.

Pack into microwaveable containers when cool enough.

If desired add 2 vegan meatballs per container, sliced in half and pan-fried till done.

Place the sauce on top of the meatballs. If desired, sprinkle with vegan parmesan.

Then sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.

Both vegan products (meatball and parmesan) if you decide to use them will definitely wow you. But they are not required in this dish.

Notes: Lucky’s Market on Clifton Blvd. is where Steve primarily shops for the specialty items on sale.

For the non-specialty items he waits till they’re on sale at Sapell’s, Walgreen’s, Giant Eagle, Heinens, Aldi’s, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, probably the same markets you shop at. Everybody always has something on sale.

If you haven’t been to Lucky’s take a ride out. It’s new, different and lots of fun. You can get a pint of beer and 2 slices of pizza for 5$. You can also sip your beer or wine while you shop – low price on both

SLDT, the animal-free chef, at your service



Fresh herbs, walnuts, grated carrot, vegan yeast, added to the ground tofu and meatless hot dogs make the spread more nutrient dense than others we’ve developed. This is our healthier spread! Serve on any bread or as a salad on a lettuce leaf. Tasty as always with enhanced texture from the added ingredients!

Makes 8 cups


Imperial Chicken Salad – delight soy


Not your run of the mill chicken salad! I know I said I wasn’t going to cook on Christmas day, after cooking holiday dishes for two weeks, but Steve bought Lilly Belle five pounds of vegan popcorn nuggets for Christmas and I just had to make a chicken salad out of a portion of it. Technically I didn’t cook – I assembled. Like I said, not your ordinary chicken salad. Imperial!

Makes 8 cups

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Vegan Parmesan In A Shaker

Vegan Parmesan In A Shaker. And yes, it’s made by Follow Your Heart – the same people who make vegan parmesan shreds.

When I can locate it, I carry the shaker in my purse when going to restaurants that don’t serve vegan cheese and just sprinkle it on anything I like. Nobody says a word about it. In fact, most wait staff are intrigued. So don’t be shy, take it with you.

Now, to another matter. We have a problem in Cleveland, Ohio getting these two great products, because the vendors are unreliable. The stores (at least three that I know of) carry it, and they reorder when they’re out, but it doesn’t show up on the next delivery day or week or week after.  Frankly, we’re tired of asking where it is.

Follow Your Heart needs to step up their efforts and keep a better eye on what their vendors are doing. They could be ruining your business by not delivering the product. Or maybe it’s a problem at the Follow Your Heart level. Maybe you’re not making enough, shipping enough or just lack efficiency. You need to keep the product in the store. Not every so often, but as close as possible to always. The managers are ordering it. So where is it? Heinen’s is one of those places where they’re having difficulty getting the orders filled. So get on it – so we can rely on these two great products being available when we want them.

Otherwise, we’ll stop wanting your product. It’s too much work to be your  word of mouth advertisers, then your ‘follow the product’ people to see where it’s going or why it’s not being delivered. We’re not your charity workers. Fix the problem.


Italian Barbecue Sub Sandwiches


Italian Barbecue Sub Sandwiches

Vegetarian Italian Grain Meat Sausage by Field Roast teamed with Guy Fieri Bourbon Brown Sugar barbecue sauce with excellent results! Served on a toasted sub roll with yellow mustard, ripe tomatoes and Follow Your Heart Vegan Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing.

This is a ‘how to get your husband out of bed on the Fourth of July after he worked all night’ sandwich!

Makes 5-6 small subs

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You can say it tastes like any animal you like. It’s still plant meat, and that’s the way hundreds of millions of people all over the globe prefer their meat – from a plant! Enjoy the brilliance of plants that provide what they were intended to provide – nourishment and pleasure!

Makes 2-1/4 cups

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It took awhile for me to get to this VEGANEGG by Follow Your Heart. Steve finally found it at the Westside Market, but when unpacking the bags I noticed it was outdated by over one year. I almost gave up on it, since the people who sold it gave us such a hard time over a refund, even though he admitted selling us an outdated product and even said he had one more like it.

Anyway, we finally got back to the market and even-exchanged it against my better business judgment, but in hindsight I’m glad I did. Even this one, though, didn’t have such a great code. May 28, 2017 and it’s mid-March. I think most people who sell vegan products wrongly think, that because they contain no animal products, the codes really don’t matter. They do. Codes do matter.

St. Patrick’s Day. Happy. Happy. Me alone with Lilly, not wanting to work so hard today, decided to experiment with this VEGANEGG.

I had already researched it and read some reviews, which were all a bit lack-luster. They talked about the sulphur smell, they didn’t cook up so much like scrambled eggs, think they were looking for an exact replica. Nothing special. So here we go.

I follow the instructions: 2 tablespoons of the egg powder, not packed, into bowl with 1/2 c. very cold water (better from refrigerator than faucet, which is good for me, since that’s where mine is – in the fridge).

Whisk it, or if you want fluffier eggs, then blend it, but because I was only making one portion (one egg) I thought a blender too much fuss for too little product. So I whisked it a lot.

The instructions next said to heat a little oil (I used margarine for more flavor) in skillet over medium high heat. Pour in egg mixture, watch it sizzle, then immediately start scrambling using a spatula, which I did.

It said it takes longer than scrambling a chicken egg, about 6-8 minutes to firm it up. It didn’t take that long. I then salted and peppered the egg as I continued to scramble, but not a whole lot of scramble, since I don’t like my scrambled eggs in little bits.

I tore 1 dairy-free American cheese single by Tofutti on top of eggs, then sprinkled them with a little Follow Your Heart Parmesan. Covered skillet for 1 minute, then folded the egg over onto itself till the cheese was soft and melted enough for me.

I plated the egg, squirted some ketchup on it and ate it right away.

This portion seemed like 2 large eggs to me, not 1 egg as the instructions indicated. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had an egg, so maybe they’re bigger these days – everything else is.

Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Although the person reviewing the egg on the internet was correct about the sulphur smell, it was only when I opened the bag. The cooked egg didn’t have a strong odor of anything. It was really like cooking a chicken egg, and now I’m looking forward to making an omelet, then trying some other stuff with it.

Prices vary across the internet, so shop around. I would buy these in bulk, to lower the price, if I could get a good code.

Lilly Belle loved them. I’m impressed with the VEGANEGG and am looking forward to making them for Steve.






Hey, if you’ve got the money and not the time, use Follow Your Heart Caesar Salad Dressing for your Caesar salads!





I had my doubts. Was I pleasantly surprised. Looked like parmesan, smelled like parmesan, tasted like parmesan. I didn’t even try to melt it, since it tasted so good right out of the container.

The fill is small – in the container. The product is not easily obtainable. I bought mine from Vegan Essentials online. And of course it’s expensive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the miracle of plant parmesan! And Follow Your Heart made it happen. Thank you.




Great side dish vegetable. Tastes like fatty game. Don’t ask. Just be assured there are no animal products, and enjoy!

Serves 2-4



Follow Your Heart Provolone textures unlike their other cheeses. In fact, I was surprised to find that it textured much like Field Roasts’s Chao cheeses. Beautiful!

It’s one of those singles that you can eat plain and thoroughly enjoy. The flavor is mild and pleasant. No downside in flavor and texture.

I prefer to sandwich it as is in a veggie sub or sandwich. But it also melts. If using in a sandwich melt, or to top a veg burger, then bring to room temperature first for quicker melting.





Large roasted beets, cut into 1/2 inch steaks and served on a pumpernickel bun with veggie mayo, mustard, lettuce, Creamy Original Chao Cheese by Field Roast and Manicini Fried Peppers with Onion. A great way to enjoy a burger if you don’t eat animals and can’t find veggie replacement meats where you live. Made especially for you by me!

Making 1 burger at a time, from previously roasted beets

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