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Hellman’s Sues to Protect Its Mayo-Monopoly Hellman’s says a competitor doesn’t meet FDA “mayonnaise” standards. So it sued.  Baylen Linnekin | November 22, 2014 Concerned sandwich makers everywhere can take comfort in the fact that these important questions will be answered in a lawsuit filed late last month by…

Unilever, the Company That Once Fought Vegan Mayo, Now Supports Sustainable Plant-Based Food | update on Hellman’s

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When Unilever, the owner of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, caught wind that Hampton Creek was making a creamy, plant-based condiment and advertising it as “mayo,” they pretty much lost it. The almighty Association of Dressings and Sauces swooped in,  a lawsuit was filed, and an official mayo war began. Despite all of the bad…

Hellman’s Vegan Goes Mainstream

The proof is in the photos. Didn’t think it would happen, in fact I began thinking that they just produced that Hellman’s Vegan to prove that they could, with plans all along to dump it, saying it didn’t sell. It seemed like it was nowhere to be found. Till a few days ago Steve andContinue reading “Hellman’s Vegan Goes Mainstream”

Apple Celery Slaw

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APPLE CELERY SLAW A festive, yet simple coleslaw that can stand up to any Main Dish event! Happy Holiday! Makes approx. 9 cups 2 lg. red apples, washed, cored and cut into approx. 1/2 inch cubes 1 t. turmeric 1 c. diced celery – cut stalks from end to end…

Over-The-Top Macaroni Salad – delight soy and hellman’s – GOAT

OVER-THE-TOP MACARONI SALAD – GOAT Tired of the same old macaroni salad? Want to perk it up? Well, you came to the right person. Contains no animal products and who would know? Using products developed by Delight Soy and Hellman’s Mayonnaise who care about your animal-free experience we swung for the fences and went clearContinue reading “Over-The-Top Macaroni Salad – delight soy and hellman’s – GOAT”