WHITE RUSSIAN COFFEE Java Nagila chocolate & mint flavored coffee served with vodka and coffee liqueur. Topped with candy cane dust, powdered dark cocoa and fresh mint sprig. Served with a candy cane dipper. Super special! Makes as many as you want Per serving: Make 1 cup coffee using 1 k cup Java Nagila chocolate... Continue Reading →



HOLIDAY SPICE COFFEE Java Factory hazelnut & nutmeg flavored coffee with additional fresh grated nutmeg. Topped with vegan whipped cream, fresh orange zest and a cinnamon stick. Garnished with a clove studded orange wedge! Makes 1 serving 1 orange whole cloves Press whole cloves halfway around an orange into the peel from nub to nub. Using... Continue Reading →


FRESH FRUIT COCOA SMOOTHIE Strawberry, blueberry and banana blended with walnut and flax seed in almond-coconut milk with dark cocoa and ginger juice! This is about the speed of my power drinks! Makes 3 cups 1 c. Almond Breeze Almond and Coconut Milk Blend by Blue Diamond 1 c. fresh strawberries 1/2 c. fresh blueberries... Continue Reading →


Well today, this morning, I decided to juice pieces of stuff I saved and other stuff that I still had to prep. Beets, carrots, celery, basil, and the juice of 2 oranges, hand juiced (the oranges). That's what we had in the morning and we have enough to have a glass each this evening. That's... Continue Reading →


Alright, this is a tough one. Juicing ginger. First I peel, then I don't, it doesn't seem to matter. You need to start with plump ginger. Just because ginger is a root, doesn't mean that it's suppose to be dry. Ginger root, unless it's too old, is not dry; it's wet. It's juicy. However, because... Continue Reading →


Beet juice is quickly becoming one of my favorite juices, and beets my favorite veggie to juice in my juicer machine. Steve keeps reminding me to buy beets, so he's feeling good about it too. The yield is surprisingly high, given the hardness of the vegetable. It makes a lot of foam, but it's good-tasting... Continue Reading →


Every now and then I make myself a protein drink. I've had this container of pea protein from NOW SPORTS for about a year, that's how seldom I make one. And I have a back up in the pantry. This one is almost empty, however, so at least I'm using it, albeit slowly. Recently I... Continue Reading →


Okay, it's that time of week again. Our day off. I stuck with the juicing. I'm not quite organized with it, and I'm not even sure if I want to be so structured that I begin to resent it. Let me just say that I'm juicing, not every day, but close. We don't always have... Continue Reading →


Over the many years I've probably had 3-4 juicer machines. Each time after not much time, they all ended up at a garage sale. It just didn't seem worth the time nor effort to get so little juice and so much pulp that I didn't use out of the laborious process. That was back when... Continue Reading →

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