SUPREME WESTERN SCRAMBLE Decades ago when I was a kid, we had Western omelets for Sunday supper, that is if we had ham for Sunday dinner. A Western omelet is made out of ham, green pepper, onion and egg. An Eastern omelet is made from ham, green pepper and egg. We always chose the WesternContinue reading “SUPREME WESTERN SCRAMBLE”


Unfortunately for me, since I love to try different flavors, out of all the flavors JUST, Inc. claims to sell I’ve only seen the original and chipotle. I tried the squeeze bottle, but recently happened upon the jar packaging and found it much more convenient. There’s a lot of waste in squeeze mayo bottles wherebyContinue reading “JUST MAYO”


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Hellman’s Sues to Protect Its Mayo-Monopoly Hellman’s says a competitor doesn’t meet FDA “mayonnaise” standards. So it sued.  Baylen Linnekin | November 22, 2014 Concerned sandwich makers everywhere can take comfort in the fact that these important questions will be answered in a lawsuit filed late last month by…

Hellman’s Vegan Goes Mainstream

The proof is in the photos. Didn’t think it would happen, in fact I began thinking that they just produced that Hellman’s Vegan to prove that they could, with plans all along to dump it, saying it didn’t sell. It seemed like it was nowhere to be found. Till a few days ago Steve andContinue reading “Hellman’s Vegan Goes Mainstream”


DELIGHT SOY CHICKEN SALAD A perfect soy chicken mixed with celery, onion, carrot and walnuts. Seasoned with sage and coriander. Mixed with fresh cilantro and JUST MAYO. Makes a delightful vegan chicken salad for salad boats or sandwich or on an open-face French baguette appetizer topped with a dill cornichon pickle slice and a spotContinue reading “DELIGHT SOY CHICKEN SALAD”


GFS SWEET POTATO FRIES I’m lucky to have a Gordon’s Food Store down the street. Wholesale/retail. Put the frozen sweet potato fries on a baking sheet – bake according to package instructions – and in no time you have a perfect small plate to enjoy while watching your favorite shows. I used a barbecue sauceContinue reading “GFS SWEET POTATO FRIES”


GREEN PEPPERCORN AND CAPER AIOLI SAUCE Just Mayo Original and Chipotle flavors mixed with fresh green peppercorn, capers, extra virgin olive oil, Amore Garlic Paste, fresh lemon squeeze and garlic! Tastes better than the egg yolk based aioli! Serve as you would any other aioli. I chose steamed veggies: green beans, spinach and asparagus! Impressive!Continue reading “GREEN PEPPERCORN AND CAPER AIOLI SAUCE”


Yes, it is just like mayonnaise, but better, and it contains no animal products. This is Just Mayo flavored with chipotle. Tastes great on veggie sandwiches or burgers. It’s hot, but not too hot. Creamy, thick, perfect! Chipotle chile peppers have crinkled brown skin and a complex smoky, nutty flavor with hints of sweetened chocolate.Continue reading “JUST MAYO CHIPOTLE”