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AFC Asian Pineapple Snowball – GOAT

AFC ASIAN PINEAPPLE SNOWBALL - GOAT A creamy Asian-Style Pineapple Mousse frosted with an Asian cream. Sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and sliced scallion rings. Served with sesame crackers. If you want to impress your Asian guests, this will do it! Lots of Asians are lactose intolerant, but they still like creamy. Again,… Continue reading AFC Asian Pineapple Snowball – GOAT

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Cream Of Asian Peas

CREAM OF ASIAN PEAS Cooked peas swimming in a umami-rich Creamy Asian Apricot Sauce! Hey, Asians eat creamy. They love creamy! This is for you! Makes  almost 1 cup sauce and 3-1/2 cups peas 3 c. froz. peas, cooked in soft-boiling water till plump, then drained well to remove excess moisture Creamy Asian Apricot Sauce:… Continue reading Cream Of Asian Peas

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TERIYAKI VEGAN DUCK SUB Wow, who would think Vegan Duck? It's for real. In this sub, teamed up with sauteed sweet onion, fresh radishes, cilantro and a mustard teriyaki sauce, the duck rises to a whole new level! Cruelty-free boys and girls! Makes 3 2 T. vegetable oil 1 lg. sweet onion, cut in half from… Continue reading TERIYAKI VEGAN DUCK SUB – May Wah Brand