Food Wars Are On The Horizon

Labeling Food Destined For Restaurants The Legislative branch of the USA government thinks they’re helping small businesses by not requiring ingredient labeling on packaged foods destined for restaurants, claiming that labeling will increase the cost of the foods, thus hurt small businesses, when actually they’re helping the large corporations who manufacture those products. 

Transparency In food Labeling

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Why do companies hide animal ingredients under natural flavor label on products? They don’t want other companies copying their product; they need some secret ingredients. Otherwise someone else will sell the same product. Look, cooks and chefs do something similar when sharing a recipe. They write down the ingredients without…

Why Almost Identical – Sour Cream, Cream Cheese?

TOFUTTI FUDGING THEIR LABELS? Companies will most assuredly cite pandemic reasons for putting cream cheese into their sour cream containers or vice versa. Or, maybe they altered the recipe itself, bringing the two closer together in texture, viscosity, mouth feel and flavor. Or they didn’t have enough sour cream, so decided to sell cream cheeseContinue reading “Why Almost Identical – Sour Cream, Cream Cheese?”

Alcohol-Free vs Non-Alcoholic

non-alcoholic beer vs alcohol-free beer Who decided on non-alcoholic instead of alcohol-free? Who decided what to call it, how to reference it? Those who say general consensus or the street or one unidentified person and it just caught on, is usually the source. The Brits are known for altering culture by language, then giving eitherContinue reading “Alcohol-Free vs Non-Alcoholic”

Vaccines In The Animals You Eat

Don’t you think you have the right to know what vaccines they are? Or maybe that right to know what’s in what you’re buying and eating has been wiped out by some law allowing ranchers to keep you unaware. Then, who wrote and passed those laws unbeknownst to the consumer? Demand total transparency. How manyContinue reading “Vaccines In The Animals You Eat”

Judge Rules in Favor of Miyoko’s in Vegan Butter Case 

JUDGE RULES IN FAVOR OF MIYOKO’S IN VEGAN BUTTER CASE AUGUST 25, 2020 By VEGWORLD MAGAZINE The United States District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled in favor of vegan dairy brand Miyoko’s, allowing the brand to use the terms ‘butter’, ‘cruelty-free’, and ‘lactose-free’ when labeling its products. The lawsuit stems from a letterContinue reading “Judge Rules in Favor of Miyoko’s in Vegan Butter Case “

BIRDSEYE STEAMFRESH VEGETABLES aka my frozen pea adventure

At my local grocery these are the bags usually on sale, so I usually buy them. Although they’re made for microwaving, I’ve never done that, even though I have a microwave. I bring them to boil in water to cover, drain and use. I’m a big fan of frozen vegetables. Not the ones in sauces,Continue reading “BIRDSEYE STEAMFRESH VEGETABLES aka my frozen pea adventure”

Contains No Animal Products

The word PRODUCT. There are many definitions and uses for the word ‘product’. Most manufacturers at this time are not going to put on their labels ‘contains no animals’. But that’s what I’m working toward. Right now the goal is ‘contains no animal products’. It’s straight forward in a language people understand.

Colin Connotations

Colin Kaepernick puts his name on Nike products – big time sellers of footwear Nike’s worth sourced from The Motley Fool:  Dan Caplinger (TMFGalagan) Sep 9, 2016 at 12:31PM “The simplest measure of Nike’s worth The stock market gives the most obvious indication of a simple valuation of a company. Nike currently has about 1.35 billionContinue reading “Colin Connotations”

Labels + Current Diet Categories

Hardly anyone knows what vegan is even today nearly 40 years later. They’ve become familiar with the word, but not the meaning. They don’t get why vegans won’t eat a vegetarian burger made with egg whites, or that fish and chicken are animals. And what’s wrong with cheese? That’s not an animal. Well, real vegansContinue reading “Labels + Current Diet Categories”

The Plant-Based Pitfall

The current trend in labeling a manufactured food, that CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (CNAP), is to label it PLANT-BASED rather than VEGAN, or ANIMAL-FREE. Some worry about the negativity associated with animal rights groups, so veer from the usage of the word vegan on their product even though it might be vegan.

Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show 

US government scientists have detected a weedkiller linked to cancer in an array of commonly consumed foods, emails obtained through a freedom of information request show.

Contains No Animal Products (CNAP)

CONTAINS ANIMAL PRODUCTS (CAP) CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS (CNAP) ANIMALS ARE ALLERGENS. If you’re allergic to fur, then you’re allergic to skin. If you’re allergic to skin, then you’re allergic to flesh. If you’re allergic to flesh, then you’re allergic to blood. All humans are sensitive to animal products. You have an animal sensitivity. EveryContinue reading “Contains No Animal Products (CNAP)”

Force-Feeding Labels

The reason why food companies and manufacturers won’t tell you what’s under the natural flavoring label is because it’s bad news. They want to trick you into eating animals, even if it’s a rat hair, which by the way, appears in most products along with mites and a lot of other microscopic stuff that evenContinue reading “Force-Feeding Labels”

Ingredient LABELING

You think you’re too big to fail. You think you don’t have to tell the customer what’s in the food product they’re buying with your company name on it? Because it’s made far away, you lost control of what goes in or gets left out or gets substituted? You present a long list of “Maybes”.Continue reading “Ingredient LABELING”

Honest Labeling

You think you’re too big to fail. You think you don’t have to tell the customer what’s in the food product they’re buying with your company name on it. Because it’s made far away, you lost control of what goes in or gets left out or gets substituted. You present a long list of “Maybes”.Continue reading “Honest Labeling”

The FDA Delays Deadline For New Nutrition Labels 

FFC COMMENT: Since science has proven that eating animals causes a myriad of diseases and disorders all food containers need to state CONTAINS ANIMAL PRODUCTS (what animal) or CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Remember that new nutrition label that was going to help you lose weight and eat healthier? Turns out, we may have to kissContinue reading “The FDA Delays Deadline For New Nutrition Labels “

Elmhurst Dairy Switches To Milking Nuts

Elmhurst Website: Now this is what I’m talkin’ about – milking a nut   After nearly 100 years in business, a dairy company was forced to close its doors. But rather than throw in the towel, they decided to start making plant-based milks instead. Starting over is never easy – especially if, for mostContinue reading “Elmhurst Dairy Switches To Milking Nuts”


  The company, which owns brands like Pepperidge Farm, Plum Organics, V8, and Prego, will begin disclosing the presence of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) in its products — a first for a major U.S. food manufacturer. Read More: Campbell Announces Voluntary GMO Labeling  


 ANIMAL-FREE VEGAN COMPANIES ARE STILL IN THEIR BIRTHING STAGE What this means is that for many companies to get up and running they need to use the factories that other companies use to manufacture their goods that do contain animal products. They basically rent out the facilities, thus the common labeling of possible and/or tracesContinue reading “WHAT CONSTITUTES ANIMAL-FREE TO ME”