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Today’s Ingredients Fri. 12.22.2018

GOT THE GOODS Made from the ingredients on display by YOU KNOW WHO! And you know where to come for the best! At CHEF SHARON'S Animal-Free Kitchen! That's where it all happens! FEATURED INGREDIENTS: 1 - Le Sueur Peas 2 - Vlasic Roasted Red Peppers 3 - Goya Pinto Beans 4 - Triscuit cracked pepper… Continue reading Today’s Ingredients Fri. 12.22.2018

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Did You know That Oreo Cookies Were Vegan?

I still don't like them. The creamy center isn't creamy at all. Maybe I'll give them a try again. I'll have to be sure to buy some nut milk for dunking. Later.  


How Do You Sell An Awful Cookie?

How do you sell an awful cookie? Show millions of images over many decades of people needing to dunk awful cookies into milk to make them edible. What a con. I never saw what anybody else saw in Oreo cookies. I ate my cookies the old fashioned way from hand to mouth - not from… Continue reading How Do You Sell An Awful Cookie?

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Two New Vegan Oreo Flavors Debut This Month

4 vegan flavors total. By Richard Bowie | June 17, 2016 New cookies take inspiration from blueberry pie and a kid’s cereal classic. As part of the monthly Wonder Vault promotion that sees new twists on classic cookies, two new limited edition vegan flavors of Oreos have become available this month. The first—a Target exclusive called Blueberry Pie—melds the… Continue reading Two New Vegan Oreo Flavors Debut This Month



JIF WHIP GELATO The best gelato in the world - right here - using ingredients we already know and like! And so easy! Makes 5-3/4 cups 6 Nutter Butter Cookies by Nabisco 15 oz. can Cream Of Coconut by Goya (available in most markets), room temperature 1/4 c. dark unsweetened cocoa powder 15.9 oz. Jif… Continue reading JIF WHIP GELATO

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MUSHROOM AND BREAD PATE A unique way of making, presenting and enjoying mushroom pate! By adding fresh Italian breadcrumbs to the mix, the glutenous nature of the bread, when left to set in the refrigerator overnight creates a pate you can slice with no detraction from the pate or its mushroom flavor accentuated by Minor's… Continue reading MUSHROOM AND BREAD PATE