Fruit And Nut Crumble

FRUIT AND NUT CRUMBLE You’ll find lots of uses for this fruit and nut crumble over the holidays and through the year. It’s a nutrient dense addition to just about any dish. Another great topper to enhance soup, salad, sandwich, hot cereal or toss with pasta, top the rice or gravy, or mix into your animal-freeContinue reading “Fruit And Nut Crumble”

Nice! Pretzel Nuggets

Too much salt, not enough peanut butter. I didn’t know the peanut butter was there till Steve pointed it out. Then I had to search for it in the chew. With the crunch of the salt plus pretzel the peanut butter seemed nonexistent. I understand that the peanut butter can’t be creamy when wrapped inContinue reading “Nice! Pretzel Nuggets”


EGG-FREE NOG PRETZEL PIE – GOAT This is like no cream pie you ever experienced. Yet somehow it all seems so familiar. A rough and tumble cream pie? Is that even possible? With the animal-free chef, anything is possible! Two egg-free dairy-free nogs, banana, sesame cashews, brown sugar and vanilla, blended and cooked like aContinue reading “EGG-FREE NOG PRETZEL PIE – GOAT”


I didn’t try these right away. Thought they’d be too hard for my fragile teeth. Steve was eating them. Lilly Belle was eating them. Finally I took a little piece. Whoa. Good. Not too hard. Not break your teeth hard. Perfect crumble texture. A little sweet too – not too much. Nice! is Walgreen’s brand.Continue reading “NICE! SESAME CASHEWS”