Anti-Fatigue Mats For Exercising

NoTrax T30 General Purpose Rubber Competitor Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mat, for Wet Areas, 3′ Width x 5′ Length x 1/2″ Thickness, Black

I purchased this on for the kitchen to help with back pain while standing for long periods of time preparing foods. It cushions your feet absorbing the tension from the weight of your body as you stand still or move.

It was a little much for a kitchen that small, so I moved it out to the foyer carpet. Now that it’s on carpet it’s adds even more cushion, so I decided to use it for an exercise mat when I do squats or marching or running in place. It’s noticeably effective with the running.

Since I have such a messed up spine with vertebrae practically resting on top of each other, running even with legs raised fairly low was impossible due to the jolts to the vertebrae and spine. This works and I’m enjoying that small new freedom.

I’ve had it over a year and it’s still in perfect condition.



New Animal Mask To Wear To Rallies


“ANTIFA 365 supporters/protestors wear the ghost face from SCREAM, a series about a killer who hid his identity while committing serial murders, or the Guy Fawkes mask – a stylized depiction of Guy Fawkes who plotted to blow up the House of Lords in Britain. both masks are donned for the purposes of hiding the wearer’s identity and terrifying those they encounter while masked.”

When people show up at animal rights rallies wearing these masks it gives the cause a bad name, and a further reason for those uninformed to call animal rights supporters terrorists. The optics aren’t conducive to facilitating social change regarding the rights of animals.

The current white/ghost masks cover the entire face, including the eyes and they’re not easy to look at. They make people turn away rather than embrace. It’s human nature to do that.

The Animal BALACLAVA Face Mask, however, is a conversation piece in itself. It’s a door-opener, not a door-closer. They’re cute. They don’t cover the entire face. The eyes are very visible, so nobody’s fearing you. Plus they’re comfortable in cold, windy weather, keeping out the sting of the harsh air.

Instead of wearing a Guy Fawkes or ghost mask to simply scare people without a message attached, which is a hollow free-floating goal, wear the Animal Mask as a symbol of all the animals you seek to protect through your consciousness raising activities. One is a symbol of terror, the other is a symbol of compassion. Some of the animal masks look scary, but with your eyes as part of the costume, the scary melts away the fear of animals that many humans have.

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Don’t Invest In Starbucks

Starbucks is too slow to respond to customers changing needs and wants.


Steve and I lived in the Pacific Northwest for about eleven years. We arrived in the early eighties and at some point during that time frame, while living in Portland, Oregon we became familiar with the Starbucks brand.

‘Progressive’ was the sidewalk talk when anyone referenced them – doing things no other company did and they were definitely going places and were welcomed I surmise in most locations they did eventually go.

Starbucks was kind of the place to buy your morning cup of coffee, instead of the more traditional donut joints, at least for the upscale thinking folks. And everybody in the Northwest loves coffee – and they do drink a lot of it. So, it was indeed a good and smart place to begin the formation of their company and brand.

But what happened? After all these years, and they’ve gone through a lot of changes, but compared to most other companies, not so much. It’s like they stalled somewhere near the beginning and focused mostly on opening new stores, forgetting about the progressive part.

I get it that they think they’re at the top of some kind of food chain on the topics of social consciousness, but they somehow remain stunted in an area that anyone who knew the Northwest would have to agree, if anyone was cognizant of the need for change in the food and beverage industry – from way back in 1971 – it was them.

They don’t sell a lot of food to begin with. In fact most of their food cases look more like artificial displays than actual food for sale. There’s no food genre or environment or atmosphere, yet it’s there looking all pretty and neat, kinda like in a magazine.

It’s like. What. Are. You. Waiting. On? Your employees don’t even know what vegan means or if you have anything vegan. Ask the manager, she’ll know, but she doesn’t. Even she has to go through each item calling vegetarian vegan and oh, here it is we have lots, egg and this and cheese and that. No vegan. Nothing that says on the label: CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. No baked goods. No sandwiches. No salads. What’s up? Even the salads and salad dressings contained animal products.

Social consciousness? Are you kidding me? The enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals never crossed your mind? The Animal Rights Movement that was in full swing in the early 1970’s you somehow missed? Oh, only in the milk selection. That. Took. Forever. To Happen.

I would try to move you, but you have to move yourself. Be bold – like you once were.

Contains No Animal Products. And we don’t want peanut butter and jelly. We can make that at home. Use your imagination. No kale either.

I don’t want a bag of vegan chips, I want real food. Dead animals are not real food. You can do a lot better, but it seems that you fear change. You lost your edge a long time ago and it will take you a while to fall, because you’re so big, but you will fall. You’re selling stuff from the 1950’s.

You need to wake up in 2017. Or 2018. In the meanwhile I’m going to discourage people from investing further in a company that has no vision – until such time that you make an effort beyond almond milk and sporadically placed vegan chips.







OMRON Blood Pressure Cuff – intellisense



Steve has high blood pressure and takes medication to help lower it. He takes his pressure using a cuff by Omron, that transmits it to his iphone where the OMRON APP on his iphone records and charts it. It’s a good way to track his stats and to bring to doctor the print out of the stats when he visits, so the doctor gets a total picture of his readings.

Steve’s pressure is all over the board. He always takes it in both arms when he takes it, and then takes it several times throughout the day and evening, when he’s available to do that. For instance if his doctor says to take it once a day and he always did that, then the doctor probably wouldn’t be able to see the labile nature of his blood pressure, which happens to be an inherited trait common to several family members. Also, if there’s a difference between arms, that could give additional information, so it’s always good to provide the most information.

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Women Objectifying Women


Who wears spiked high heels at 7 o’clock in the morning other than a prostitute looking for a ride?

CBS morning news anchors – around the world in 90 seconds, that’s who.

Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell. Around the world in 90 seconds in spiked high heels? Not believable.

What are you selling Gayle King? News, shoes or sex?

Stop objectifying women. We don’t want to see your legs and you squirming in your chair and rubbing your legs and pulling down your skirt all through the show. It’s not the place nor the time. You’re so preoccupied with your body that you can’t get the news straight.

Do you get paid extra for those commercials you do while doing the news?

Ninety seconds? Maybe hiking boots?

The news or the shoes? Which is it going to be?

If you like your feet to hurt, then keep that to yourself. We don’t want to hear that you like pain.

You both set bad examples for the young girls of the world. This is what you should look like at 7 o’clock in the morning? We don’t want to see you in your bathrobe either. Just set a better example.

Oh, the men producers make you do it? Women producers too? The engineers? Madison Avenue? How about you and you’re responsibility? Do I have to take a knee here to get you to wake up?

Grow a pair, and I’m not talking shoes.

Stop Investing in CBS till they stop making women objectify women.

CBS Corporation Common Stock

NYSE: CBS – Nov 1, 4:42 PM EDT

After-hours: 56.00


Bourdain Chopped By Animal-Free Chef

Anthony switches from porn humor in his earlier shows to bathroom, bowel humor in his latest to keep the audience occupied with his bodily functions as they watch Parts Unknown.

Maybe it’s his age. I don’t know and I don’t care. Until, that is, he accuses Hillary Clinton of reacting too slowly to credible reports of sexual misconduct by long time friend and campaign and foundation contributor, Hollywood Oligarch Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, she did – wait too long.

But so did Anthony Bourdain. He is after all, as a supporter of porn, woven into the fabric of sexual humiliation.

Would he want to see his daughter in that fabric?

Was it because Weinstein is Jew or democrat?

On this particular Parts Unknown show, with Chef Daniel Boulud in Lyon, France, he made reference to sex with farm animals more than once. It was offensive.

Anthony Bourdain has often referred to vegans as terrorists on his shows. Maybe some of them are. Maybe PETA is controlled by government forces. But we can all safely say, just as Muslims aren’t all terrorists, neither are vegans.

Why give back donated money? I’ll take it if the animal rights organizations say no. Why punish the animals for a human’s bad behavior?

It’s sad to say that PETA, along with most vegans operating on Facebook, historically left out the ethical treatment of humans. They often respond to those committing acts of enslavement, torture and slaughter against other species by stating a desire to commit the same acts of enslavement, torture and slaughter against the offenders.

It doesn’t matter if it’s legal to commit such barbaric acts against those who can’t vote. It’s wrong. And it’s wrong to say you support all other animals, except the human species.

It’s easy to see though how one becomes prejudiced against those who are prejudiced. To discriminate (next stop after prejudice) against those who are prejudiced is a prejudice and a discrimination in itself. Although both are understandable, neither are justified – reactionary or not.


A Game Changer


You made me listen by terrorizing me in my own home, out on the street where I live, the restaurants where I eat, and at the stores where I shop. This is my response:

You barbaric pieces of African Dung.

We want equal time.

choke choke choke

Those dead animal skins you get paid millions of dollars to publicly disrespect as entertainment for the masses are the most discriminated against and oppressed intelligent, feeling, caring beings on the planet.

choke choke choke

We want equal time.

It’s our ball. It’s our field. It’s our planet.

It’s over.

choke choke choke

Stamp Out Human Supremacy.

You eat the animal. You shit the animal. You are what you eat.


Name any nationality, race, gender, religion/anti-religion – all Dung.

Violence against any animal, including the human animal, isn’t free speech. Advertising a brand is.

Buzkashi, the name of Afghanistan’s national sport is played on horseback (like polo), with a headless, disemboweled animal.

Animals don’t have rights, so why should the human animal have rights?

Stamp Out Human Supremacy.

Stop The Slaughter.

Get off the field.

It’s our day our way.

choke choke choke


In 2006, Spalding and the NBA announced that they would create a new NBA Official Game Ball, with interlocking segments and made with a synthetic material instead of leather.

So what are you waiting for?

Animal-Free Balls. That’s the brand.

Across all sports.

That’s the beginning.

choke choke choke

You’re an animal.

Animals don’t get rights.

PETA sexually exploits women to get the attention of men who disrespect animals.

It’s over.

We demand equal time.

Super Bowl ADS plus spots before, during or after every game.

The Mass Advertising Effect is what “We The Animals” want and deserve.

It’s a beginning.

Black Lives Terrorists exploit the military for personal gain.

It’s over.


The Duke, named in honor of football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara, is the official game ball of the NFL. Wilson has been the official game ball of the NFL since 1941.

Time to try a new, different, better way.


Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage Sexist Ad


“Maria is confident in all things “mom.” From helping her daughter to unclogging the sink to getting the groceries, she’s the expert. In fact, she even shreds on the electric guitar. However, Maria is a lot less confident when it comes to mortgages. Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage service makes understanding mortgages simple, which allows Maria to get back to mom life and her rock band.”

CNAP Comment:

Just saw this the other day and wondered if I really was still in the twenty-first century. This idea that women can’t manage money or finances and are bad at math goes way back to a place I thought had disappeared from American society. Sexism is alive and flourishing in the United States of America. And the person responsible for it all is none other than Dan Gilbert, owner of Quicken Loans, Jack Casino and Lebron James/Cavaliers basketball team and Rocket Mortgage along with a bunch of other enterprises.

It’s like a woman’s place is still in the kitchen or at least in the home taking care of the kids, according to Dan Gilbert. But she can join a rock band if she wants.


IT COSMETICS – the cover up

Eleven Days After The Fall – when Big Foot (the scale) tripped me in the bathroom in the middle of the night and the bathtub sucker-punched me.


This is the first day I went out absent the face make-up. You know that “It” make-up for people with blemishes or rosebuds or scars or uneven coloring on their faces? It really does do a good job covering up stuff. I could do an Advertisement for this product, made by It Cosmetics, but I don’t have any before pictures of how the make-up actually did cover up the bruises. It didn’t cover them totally, and I did look a little like an American Geisha Girl in the face part, but it covered enough so I was comfortable – and that’s what mattered to me.

It doesn’t cover up swelling though and that was a big part for the first three days. The ‘day after’ pictures, even I couldn’t bear to look at, so I deleted them and went with ‘on the third day’ after the fall, this is what I looked like.

I keep thinking there’s going to be some benefit to me – that the knockout punch corrected something that needed to be corrected in my brain, in my neck. Okay, so I didn’t ‘come to’ speaking a foreign language. But come on…something, anything good, some benefit.

Maybe something was out-of-place from a long ago injury (pick an injury any injury) or a long ago surgery (pick a surgery any surgery) that needed to be put back the way it was originally.

If I needed down time I didn’t take it.

Even when I don’t type because of the high intensity pain, I still cook and write by hand and work around the house and do my physical and mental work-outs and walk wherever I need to shop or visit. I’m tougher than I look and act. I wonder why that is? It must have a survival advantage for me. And for those around me lol.

Maybe my brain and neck wouldn’t have been looked at via a CAT scan – and it needed to be looked at – unless there was a visible reason, instead of me just saying there’s something wrong with my neck and/or brain that needs fixing. State of the Art fixing. Not dinosaur treatment methods reserved for women of all ages and old folks. I’m due for the best there is in medical technologies and treatment options no matter what I have.

I did notice one thing. My left hip pain and left sciatica is gone. That might be temporary. It has never been GONE before. It’s lesser or greater. Never at zero. That hip injury was from the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman verdict. Payback for me not supporting Trayvon Martin’s right to try to kill George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was waiting for a drug hook-up and George Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch patrol.

We’ll see how it all shakes out.

All I know for sure is I’m on the mend for some injuries, others have yet to be addressed, and All my troops are home – circling the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

IT Cosmetics™ is certified by PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, and you will find us listed on their website. Remaining a cruelty-free brand is extremely important to us, as it is to so many of you! IT Cosmetics™ has never tested products on animals, nor do we use animal hair in our brushes—and we have absolutely no plans to change that.

My Comment: However, that being said, I still can’t determine if the two products I used contain animal products. (CC+ Color Correcting Coverage Cream and BYE BYE UNDEREYE). I’ve read about the snail slime and frankly am not bothered by it as long as the snails aren’t. In the past I read that It Cosmetics assured that they weren’t harmed. I wish somebody would find some use for geese poop in Cleveland. The geese would probably like that as well. They poop everywhere. Of course poop can contain animal products if the animal excreting the poop ate another animal, insects, worms, fish etc. It’s getting a little tricky here.

Glycerin can be either plant or animal. And the other ingredients are too numerous with chemical names, so I’m going to reach out and wait for a response. Will get back to this later.

In the meanwhile, I applied make-up to the injured side of my face, even though most of the bruising is gone. I’m not too good at it, since I don’t usually wear face make-up. Plus I can’t see that well up close. In addition, my iphone enlarges every pore, even without high definition. For their next phone they need to correct that.

BEFORE and AFTER applying “IT” MAKE UP:


Bai video


Bai bai bai T.V. Ad with Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake (that other guy) is brilliant. Perfect. Held my attention right to the end, and I actually thought about it after viewing it.

So often after viewing a commercial, I don’t know what the commercial was selling. The art of the work overpowered the product being sold.

This is the kind of commercial that holds your attention – without having to slap you awake – all the way to the end where you see the product for yourself.

Other Shoe Drop: Blind people watch T.V. They didn’t see the punch line at the end, which was visual. Fix it on the next Ad to accommodate the blind.

P.S. The commercial you see on You Tube states out loud the product being sold at the very end – the designed ending, but on the Food Network when I saw the commercial they clipped that part. They went as far as showing the bottle at the end and then there was silence after that. So, somebody manipulated the length of the commercial to accommodate time constraints. I’ve seen that done with other products – the shortening of a commercial. Actually silence was very effective, following with the format of the rest of the commercial that was short on words.

Maybe Bai made a few versions of the commercial, some short, some long. Still, accommodating the blind is a good idea short or long. They are customers also.

It’s a good product. But this isn’t a food product review. It’s a commercial review.

Update: Bai evidently got wind and cut the You Tube commercial from this post on my site. Maybe you can still see it on You Tube. I wouldn’t bother. It’s all over television now. I motivated them to spend more money on ads, then they punched me. The product is still good. I do think they’re overly sensitive about criticism. If they don’t want their videos shared they shouldn’t post them on You Tube. They said the ad was private.

Bye Bye Bai!






I don’t get this. A chew toy that is not for consumption. If your dog is chewing it, chances are they are going to be consuming at least bits of it. The company puts a disclaimer on the package saying to discard the chew toy when pieces are bitten off, which means immediately after the dog begins to chew it. That makes no sense. Label it right. Either it’s good for your dog if consumed or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then don’t sell a chew toy that breaks off when chewed.

Lilly made bark dust out of this chew toy in a matter of minutes. So I threw the thing away. Money down the drain.

It says it contains real wood, then it says it contains the smell of wood. Which is it? Both? What kind of wood? Treated wood? Wood board with formaldehyde in it? Is there poison in the wood? What does this company consider toxic?

I want to know the ingredients in this toy. We all have a right to know contents of the products that our family members are chewing or swallowing. Get with the program. How dare you not list the ingredients.

No more chew toys. Buy a white cotton sock and tie it into a ball and give your dog that. Make your own. Refuse to buy a toy that isn’t properly labeled. I don’t care what is required by law. Refuse to do it.

Materials made in the USA, like that matters.