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CATS HAVE LITTER BOXES for inside use. DOGS DON'T. Why not? Especially for small dogs with small bladders who live in high rise apartment buildings with seniors. Carpet pee accidents happen. After many a trial and error I discovered what works for Lilly Belle. Equal parts of white vinegar and 3% peroxide eliminate odor and… Continue reading DOG PEE NEUTRALIZER

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Free Energy Saving Kits

Steve found an offer for free energy saving kits online or in his email, so he sent away for one - all free, no postage required. It took a couple of weeks to receive, but was I ever impressed when it arrived. This was some good high end stuff, again, all free. About a year… Continue reading Free Energy Saving Kits

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Neva Tech Wi-Fi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera Review (not by me)

Neva Tech Wi-Fi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera Review By iDrop News Staff March 2, 2018 Updated: March 2, 2018 12:18 PM Price: $39.99 Editor's Rating: ★★★★★ Pros: Sharp resolution, waterproof design, generous cable length, versatile attachments. Cons: Relatively short battery life if users plan to use on long outdoor projects. Bottom Line: This camera’s sharp… Continue reading Neva Tech Wi-Fi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera Review (not by me)

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Did 3 Day Renew Life Cleanse Work?



Sounds good. Steve while shopping saw this claim plus it was on sale, so decided to get me some. Give it a try, he said. Tell me what you think.

I just got off the 3 Day Cleanse. Nothing happened. At least with a placebo you think something is working when it isn’t. Steve said it was probably because I didn’t need a cleanse in the first place.
When I want a cleanse, I’ll take 5 tiny Dulcolax tablets before bed and be done before noon. I think it’s good to rinse out the intestines now and then. Replenish with lots of water and feel like you just had an internal spa bath.

 I don’t need herbs to cleanse. For decades I’ve eaten lots and lots of herbs and spices. I’m an Herb Spice Gal. Steve eats lots and lots of fresh garlic and ginger, which makes…

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Believe it or not, this is an animal-free product. Polyester. It was advertised in my yahoo mail. Don't know how my profiles would suggest to any advertiser that I would buy a RAW MEAT KANGEROO POCKET HOODIE, but that's the problem when everything is automated. Only $14.18. "Make You Stand out in the Crowd" it… Continue reading RAW MEAT KANGEROO POCKET HOODIE


Luxury Without Leather: Will Vegan Cars Gain Popularity?

  Luxury Without Leather: Will Vegan Cars Gain Popularity? Do a Google search for “vegan car” and the first result is likely to involve Tesla. The company is the first luxury automaker to offer a 100 percent animal-free vehicle. That, of course, means no leather seats, no leather steering wheel, no leather gear shifter, and… Continue reading Luxury Without Leather: Will Vegan Cars Gain Popularity?


Umbrella Jacket – Bluecrate

"It's an umbrella!" "It's a jacket!" "No, it's the Umbrella Jacket!" This Umbrella Jacket is the ultimate weather-protecting product.  Just pop it over your head and keep rain-free while remaining hands-free! Sizing: Small for young children, Medium for teens, Large for Adults S:90cm-130cm    M:130cm-155cm    L:155cm-180cm OUR GUARANTEE We truly believe we have some of… Continue reading Umbrella Jacket – Bluecrate

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Anti-Fatigue Mats For Exercising

NoTrax T30 General Purpose Rubber Competitor Safety/Anti-Fatigue Mat, for Wet Areas, 3′ Width x 5′ Length x 1/2″ Thickness, Black I purchased this on for the kitchen to help with back pain while standing for long periods of time preparing foods. It cushions your feet absorbing the tension from the weight of your body… Continue reading Anti-Fatigue Mats For Exercising

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The Skin Trade

No more fake pockets on anything I wear. Fake pockets are not a positive fashion statement for the industry or those donning them. It spells cheap. Trying to trick somebody into thinking they have more pockets than they do? What's the point here, except to delude the buyer into thinking they have something they don't?… Continue reading The Skin Trade

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FAQs | Coty

COTY INC. STATEMENT ON ANIMAL TESTING Coty Inc. is a leader in the global beauty industry. We have developed a portfolio of notable brands and offer innovative products of outstanding quality for which we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of consumer safety.  Before we place a product on the market, we assess… Continue reading FAQs | Coty

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I don't get this. A chew toy that is not for consumption. If your dog is chewing it, chances are they are going to be consuming at least bits of it. The company puts a disclaimer on the package saying to discard the chew toy when pieces are bitten off, which means immediately after the… Continue reading DOG CHEW TOYS