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Beyond Ground Beef Potato Soup

BEYOND GROUND BEEF POTATO SOUP Wow. This soup was a journey. It was worth it though! Feeds a crowd If you don't have an extra-large soup pot, then cut this recipe in half. 8 c. water 2 T. salt 1/4 t. celery seed 2-1/4 lbs. red skin potatoes, scrubbed well, eyes removed and diced into… Continue reading Beyond Ground Beef Potato Soup

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White Wine Mushroom Gardein Chick’n

Who says canned foods can't taste good? Not me, not when we're talking quality. Not all canned foods are alike. Campbell's and Pennsylvannia Dutch did it right! Oh yeah, and about that gardein animal-free chick'n? A true delight. Nobody suffered and that is always a welcome relief. These unbreaded cutlets are my favorite of all… Continue reading White Wine Mushroom Gardein Chick’n

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Steve’s Antipasto Soup | Sauce – Today’s Ingredients

No slice no dice. Two hands, a can opener, a pot and a spoon is all you need to make lunches for a week plus a few at-home-meals. Packed full of flavors, textures and exclamation points - Fly to Italy, Greece, Spain without leaving your kitchen! Makes 23 cups Ingredients: Steve waits till all these… Continue reading Steve’s Antipasto Soup | Sauce – Today’s Ingredients

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Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms

Well. I always liked canned and/or jarred mushrooms. To me, they had more mushroom flavor than fresh cooked mushrooms. Just the mushrooms canned with salt brought out the flavor of the mushroom more than oils and garlic and herbs ever did. People who have eaten escargot (snails) claim that without the butter and garlic and… Continue reading Pennsylvania Dutchman Mushrooms