Milk and what? Doesn’t sting going down. SMOOTH. I want milk in my beer HALF & HALF. Keeps you hydrated. Ever taste creamy beer? Not the same as cream ale. What kind of cream? almondmilk – ALMOND BREEZE Original unsweetened 30 calorie per 8 ounces. Could be the NEW THING. Make your beer last longerContinue reading “MILK & BREW™”

Today’s Ingredient(s) Thu. 11-15-2018

GOT THE GOODS Made from the ingredients on display by YOU KNOW WHO! And you know where to come for the best! At CHEF SHARON’S Animal-Free Kitchen! That’s where it all happens! TODAY’S INGREDIENT: FANTA Orange Soda Hey, soda isn’t just for drinking. It can enhance various recipes with its flavor an effervescence qualities. SaladContinue reading “Today’s Ingredient(s) Thu. 11-15-2018”