Sharon-Style Endorsements

Transcription completed 9:27 AM 4 July 2017 and 1:34 PM Sure we like her style, so of course we copy her words. She could make torture sound stylish. Yeah, but she doesn't support torture. That's right we do. We use her wordage no matter the product. Her products never sold - never turned a profit.... Continue Reading →


Elmhurst Dairy Switches To Milking Nuts

Elmhurst Website: Now this is what I'm talkin' about - milking a nut   After nearly 100 years in business, a dairy company was forced to close its doors. But rather than throw in the towel, they decided to start making plant-based milks instead. Starting over is never easy – especially if, for most... Continue Reading →

Assault Advertisements – a partial remedy

One day I checked how my Word Press sites were looking on my Kindle tablet. Was I ever surprised to see the ads popping up for foot fungus and a bunch of other creepy stuff next to my food posts. Food, non-food, it didn't matter. Grotesque stuff. Who would even make an ad like that... Continue Reading →


Google CEO Sundar Pichai: ‘thousands of calls’ on YouTube boycott

Google was forced to make an all-out public relations push after big advertisers complained their ads ran next to objectionable YouTube videos. Google made 'thousands of calls' to prevent advertisers from boycotting YouTube Google execs were forced to make "thousands and thousands" of calls to calm nervous YouTube advertisers Effort came after some big brand... Continue Reading →


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