Queen Eli’s Penny Jam Sandwich

Chef Sharon’s Comment: The article made it sound like a bread sandwich. Her former chef is however making scones. Either way, it’s a strawberry jam sandwich with some form of butter.

Impossible Foods Seeks Approval For Leghemoglobin

RE: Impossible Foods seeks EU and UK approval for its GMO “fake meat” bleeding ingredient TAFC ClipBoard: That’s the Brits for you, always trying to stall a process, any process, until they give the okay. Supremacy at its worst. The plant is okay and the beans derived from the plant, but not the root?

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Re: ‘Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks’

‘Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks,’ Senate Banking Committee chair says TAFC ClipBoard: Nancy Pelosi recently said that she would be open to a ban on stock trading in Congress, if the federal judiciary were included in the ban. Last year 2021 she supported stock trading by members of congress. Vehemently supportedContinue reading “Re: ‘Too many members of the Senate trade in stocks’”


AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN FOR CBD OIL et al TA-FC ClipBoard: When people are happy feeling, they feel less pain, since the euphoria competes with the pain feeling, altering the perception. You can’t tell people to think happy and their pain will go away. It won’t. TheContinue reading “AN ARGUMENT FOR INCREASING THE THC IN CANNABINOID AND HEMP PRODUCTS IN CBD OIL et al”

CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced

TA-FC Clipboard: CBD OIL IS USELESS, unless taken in large amounts, and then the ratio of side effects to dosage balloons out of sight. It’s also expensive – way too expensive. The 0.3 percent THC allowable by law is way too low. Stop stealing from the customers. Real weed is what the people want andContinue reading “CHEF’S VIEW ON: Bipartisan Senate CBD bill introduced”


2.20.2021 After receiving no satisfaction from Facebook on being allowed to respond to their banning actions, except to say I disagreed, I saw a support tab where I could make a complaint to be used by Facebook to better their service – nothing to do with the ban. It was a separate location for complaints.Continue reading “FACEBOOK ATTACK ON THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF”

Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?

THE CATTLE MARKET perspective on vaccines: From BEEF MAGAZINE: PROCESSING PLANTS ESTABLISHING VACCINE PLANS What they should be doing is administering these to the cattle. 86 POSTS ON VACCINES on BEEF MAGAZINE site proves cows and other animals receive vaccines. https://www.beefmagazine.com/search/node/vaccines?f%5B0%5D=search_api_aggregation_1%3AVaccines Frozen Vaccines for cattle – they do it with other vaccines, for other cow diseases,Continue reading “Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?”

RE: NBA’s social currency is gone after national anthem decision

TAFC ClipBoard: Goodwill says himself it’s about money. Sports is a product. What happened to all the black vegans that surfaced during the riots, claiming if white people joined their camp, they’d stop eating animals? Did they? Lots of white people joined the riots and lots of black people claiming to be vegan still eatContinue reading “RE: NBA’s social currency is gone after national anthem decision”

Krispy Kreme Launches Its First Vegan Donut In The UK

Hey, you already veganized the word cream to kreme – you must have seen this day coming in your subconscious donut pleasing minds long ago!! Send me some!! ~ Chef Davies-Tight TAFC ClipBoard: I could go for a little more glaze on mine thank you, but I haven’t tried them, living in the USA. IContinue reading “Krispy Kreme Launches Its First Vegan Donut In The UK”

Ohio Goes Into Curfew Just In time for the Holidays

Mike DeWine’s Curfew In Ohio Beginning Thursday 19 November 2020 an 8 PM to 5 AM curfew will take effect and last 21 days. The purpose is to slow the spread of the corona/covid-19 virus. The decision was based on a continuing increase in virus cases per day, with the last day before it wasContinue reading “Ohio Goes Into Curfew Just In time for the Holidays”

Is climate science really real? Depends on who’s behind it

TAFC ClipBoard: The most obvious question to me when considering that fourteen percent of methane gas on the planet comes from burping cows, is what are they eating to make them burp and pass gas so much? I know they’re large animals, but the food they’re eating and the drugs they’re taking must have somethingContinue reading “Is climate science really real? Depends on who’s behind it”

Cattle slaughter dynamics show what a year it’s been

“There are many dynamics in cattle slaughter markets in the fourth quarter that will determine total slaughter for the year. Current estimates are for total annual 2020 cattle slaughter to be down roughly 2.5% year over year.”   TAFC ClipBoard: I’m looking for much higher numbers. The impact in my view has been minimal. Those numbersContinue reading “Cattle slaughter dynamics show what a year it’s been”

Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells

TAFC Clipboard: Writer Amanda Radke speaks of animal rights activists as: “these anti-animal agricultural extremists”. The first thing the world needs to do is to stop calling the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals agriculture. There is nothing agricultural about me as a human animal, and nothing agricultural about any other species of animal enslaved,Continue reading “Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells”

Faith and food: How personal beliefs shape food choices

TAFC ClipBoard: In my view, religion doesn’t have much to do with what people eat. Nowhere in the bible or teachings does it instruct people to eat animals; in fact it does the opposite: “Genesis 1:29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of allContinue reading “Faith and food: How personal beliefs shape food choices”

Berkeley becomes 1st city to ban junk food at grocery store checkouts

Berkeley becomes 1st city to ban junk food at grocery store checkouts CNAP ClipBoard: I don’t see what difference it makes whether candy is sold in the aisle at checkout or three feet away on an end cap. Personally I think the government is getting up too close in the face of store owners, tellingContinue reading “Berkeley becomes 1st city to ban junk food at grocery store checkouts”

Human-monkey hybrid grown in China for organ transplants

TA-FC ClipBoard: China said not that long ago that they wanted to lead the world. I guess the world should have known it would be in the area of exploitation of non-human animals. It looks like a human fetus doesn’t it? Monkeys have blue eyes? Oops, just checked below and it is human. It’s aContinue reading “Human-monkey hybrid grown in China for organ transplants”

Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

TA-FC ClipBoard: BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHEA VIRUS.  Read on. Are you eating diseased cattle? How would you know? “BVDV has been around pastures and feedlots a long time, and it continues to challenge herd management. Not only does it spread easily and show very few clinical signs, this complex virus continues to evolve, presenting new strainsContinue reading “Is BVDV hiding in your herd?”

USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability

TA-FC ClipBoard: Currently there are thirty-nine million calves/cattle slaughtered yearly in the USA. Yet there are only eight million tags distributed. There’s no talk about how that is going to keep tabs on all the cattle, unless they tag every fourth or fifth calf in a population that’s regulated. It sounds like Adolph Hitler taggingContinue reading “USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability”

Tyson Foods invests in plant-based shrimp company

TA-FC CLIPBOARD: This is old news, but I still haven’t seen any place in or around Cleveland claiming to serve this product. It sure looks like shrimp and if it is as promised one might think it would soar. So where’s the ‘soar’ happening? Doesn’t Tyson Foods know that vegans are suspicious of the ‘naturalContinue reading “Tyson Foods invests in plant-based shrimp company”

Spaghetti and Beyond Beef Nuggets

SPAGHETTI AND BEYOND BEEF NUGGETS An UPTICKED DELLALO TOMATO BASIL SAUCE ladled over thin spaghetti and topped with BEYOND BEEF ROUND NUGGETS cooked to perfection! DELALLOLICIOUS! Lots of veggies in this sauce! Serves 4-6

The onion salmonella outbreak grows. More recalls from Walmart, Kroger, Publix, H-E-B

TA-FC ClipBoard: This title is misleading: ONION SALMONELLA OUTBREAK WALMART, KROGER, PUBLIX, H-E-B. It makes one think onions in the produce department are being recalled, when in fact prepared foods using infected onions were recalled – all of them animal products. Usually recalls are made by the companies producing the food. Except for Taylor FarmsContinue reading “The onion salmonella outbreak grows. More recalls from Walmart, Kroger, Publix, H-E-B”

Feeding demand for ground beef

TA-FC ClipBoard: So what does the world need now that we know about the high demand for ground cow beef? Lotza ground plant round!! Feeding the demand for ground beef Most U.S. beef imports go toward feeding the nation’s massive appetite for ground beef. Wes Ishmael | Jul 13, 2020 Ground beef is such aContinue reading “Feeding demand for ground beef”

New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans

TA-FC ClipBoard: Let’s make it clear here that the agriculture they’re talking about is the ‘raising for slaughter industry’, and making the cattle industry cool and sexy once again. “Witnessing first hand how food is grown? Well, animals aren’t food and they’re not plants, so they’re not grown like the cattle industry wants the worldContinue reading “New TV show “Tough As Nails” celebrates everyday Americans”

Shoprite: Africa’s biggest supermarket considers pulling out of Nigeria 

TA-FC ClipBoard: I see Shoprite in America as having many problems, the biggest being living in the past, providing customers food items that are long outdated and passe to the point of wondering why they linger. Well, retail outlets like Shoprite are the reason, and unless they update their supermarket product lines to primarily plant-based,Continue reading “Shoprite: Africa’s biggest supermarket considers pulling out of Nigeria “

Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules

Governor Michael DeWine of Ohio recently floated the idea of requiring those who drink alcohol to also order food. TA-FC ClipBoard: When the bars and restaurants reopened after the viral shutdown, I was surprised that the regulars still came in and spent the same amount of time as before the viral shutdown – most ofContinue reading “Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules”

Business Burning Is Becoming An Industry

Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Will Leave City after Plant Burned in Riots 6.9.2020 AFC ClipBoard: Maybe that’s the plan: For black lives to drive white lives out of cities, so black lives can control the city centers. First you occupy the police department, then city council, then out of fear, people move out when the protestors weaponizeContinue reading “Business Burning Is Becoming An Industry”

The ethics of outsourcing our risks to Instacart 

TA-FC ClipBoard: I’m all for better work conditions for all people, no matter their economic status. I live in a senior residence that recently was converted to public housing to justify, in part, all the non-seniors living here. That being said, I am a senior in the lower economic group, told to shelter in place,Continue reading “The ethics of outsourcing our risks to Instacart “

SEC Charges Marijuana Stock Investors With Fraud

TA-FC ClipBoard: When the stock market can make or break a country’s economy, there needs to be an accelerated and massive effort to find and investigate companies and individuals and groups involved in the illegal and unethical manipulation of stocks. More Federal funds and more investigators allocated to securing people’s investments from fraud are necessaryContinue reading “SEC Charges Marijuana Stock Investors With Fraud”

Coronavirus: UK thinks COVID-19 may have started in Chinese laboratory 

TA-FC ClipBoard: Alright, so there are two experimental labs in Wuhan, China, a few miles from the diseased markets, that experiment with viruses, evidently the COVID-19 virus being one of them. It is assumed that because the virus wasn’t altered in these labs that it leaked by accident aka poor safety procedures into a labContinue reading “Coronavirus: UK thinks COVID-19 may have started in Chinese laboratory “

The latest Impossible ‘meat’ has pork farmers questioning the name

TA-FC ClipBoard: Nobody is making the claim that it’s made from a pig. Maybe we should take issue with the pig farmers calling their product pork, so the children who were born and bred on family farms wouldn’t think they were eating their friends. The farmers should have called their animal meat what it was,Continue reading “The latest Impossible ‘meat’ has pork farmers questioning the name”


BOLOGNAISE SAUCE WITH LIGHTLIFE PLANT-BASED GROUND Pan-fried LIGHTLIFE GROUND in extra virgin olive oil  with a sauce made from V-8 VEGETABLE JUICE and tomato paste. Combined with sauteed celery, grilled artichokes and sliced green olives! Served over thin spaghetti!  Makes 5 cups

Stop Making Ritualistic Slaughter Part Of Your Religions

MY GOD SAYS: STOP MAKING SLAUGHTER, RITUALISTIC OR OTHERWISE, PART OF YOUR RELIGIONS TA-FC Clipboard: The reason Jews give for not stunning an animal before slaughter is that the stun gun produces fear, and that fear releases ‘poisons’ into the animal’s bloodstream (chemicals and hormones not wanted by orthodox Muslims and Jews in the animalsContinue reading “Stop Making Ritualistic Slaughter Part Of Your Religions”