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Apple Cider Sauerkraut Stuffing – GOAT

APPLE CIDER SAUERKRAUT STUFFING - GOATHey, we pair sauerkraut with potato and noodle, why not bread? Don't forget the berries and nuts. Got ya covered. Brownberry provides the dried bread shreds and everything else is just about as you'd expect. Delicious Turn-About. Cider replaces the broth. And the nuts, berries and sauerkraut provide a meaty… Continue reading Apple Cider Sauerkraut Stuffing – GOAT

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Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

  FRUIT AND NUT CHOCOLATE MuffCakes Before taste-testing I only had one question for Steve. Muffin or cupcake? What do you think? Upon tasting he said, "a muffcake". So, MuffCake it is! I agree. Not a pudding cake, not an air-stuffed bakery bought cake. Homemade, dry enough, moist enough, dense enough, flavorful enough, whereby you… Continue reading Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

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Today’s Ingredients Mon. 12.24.2018

I GOT THE GOODS Made from the ingredients on display by YOU KNOW WHO! And you know where to come for the best! At CHEF SHARON'S Animal-Free Kitchen! That's where it all happens! FEATURED INGREDIENTS: 1- Berry Cherry Blend - dried fruit by Traverse bay Fruit Co. 2 - vacuumed packed whole cooked beets by… Continue reading Today’s Ingredients Mon. 12.24.2018