Pate Perfection

Animal-Free Hotdog Pate low fat Who would think to use hot dogs for a pate – even if made from animal hot dogs? I’ve never been served it – at a home or a restaurant. Who needs liver when you have hot dogs – animal-free of…


“The first Cara Cara orange was found growing on a Washington navel orange tree in 1976 at Hacienda Cara Cara in Venezuela, hence its given name. It was introduced to the United States in the early 1980s and now grows in California, Florida and Texas.” Steve brought these oranges home from a market that has unusual fruits and veggies. OrangesContinue reading “THE POWER ORANGE”

Pretzilla Burger Buns

I don’t know why more burger and sandwich joints, especially the smaller ones, don’t use pretzel buns for their burgers. I get mine from a food service store and they contain no animal products. Although they do cost a little more than the cheaper variety that most burger and sandwich joints use, the difference inContinue reading “Pretzilla Burger Buns”

How To Make: Black Rice

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FORBIDDEN BLACK RICE Directly from the instructions on the package is the best way to cook this particular brand of Chinese black rice – LOTUS FOODS!.  Makes 3 cups 1-3/4 c. water 1 t. pink Himalayan salt 1 c. black rice, rinsed and drained in wire mesh strainer Combine water,…


I can’t say enough good things about this oil. Thank you for coming into my life for starters. Check out some recipes using Thrive Algae Oil here: BAKED VEG CHEESE AND VEAL CANNELLONI We use the other white plant meat for this fine American-Italian casserole. Veg veal! I think I’ve had veal once or twiceContinue reading “THRIVE ALGAE OIL”


THE JACKFRUIT COMPANY That’s who made the Jackfruit I tried. Looks like animal meat. Looks like fall off the bone animal meat. But it isn’t. It’s jackfruit. Everybody’s talking about it being the one food that will feed thus save the world. It’s got everything going for it. Lots of nutrients. A part of itContinue reading “JACKFRUIT”


Finally, the finest saffron in the world – from Iran – is now mine. Many times over the years I’ve used saffron, always packaged in a tiny plastic box on a card, enough for 1-2 dishes. Although it was good, this is so much nicer. The fragrance alone was potent beyond pleasure – something I’veContinue reading “THE HARVEST OF SAFFRON”


I have creamer in my coffee once a week, when Steve makes it for me, on our Sunday off, which really is Tuesday. Last week he brought this creamer home and as coffee creamers go I like it. My first thought, of course, is always what else can I use it for? It’s a smallContinue reading “ORGANIC VALLEY SOY CREAMER”


I didn’t try these right away. Thought they’d be too hard for my fragile teeth. Steve was eating them. Lilly Belle was eating them. Finally I took a little piece. Whoa. Good. Not too hard. Not break your teeth hard. Perfect crumble texture. A little sweet too – not too much. Nice! is Walgreen’s brand.Continue reading “NICE! SESAME CASHEWS”


SMOKED PAPRIKA is the key ingredient added to animal-free recipes tasting of blood found on my animal-free websites. Other additives that enhance the smoked paprika thus the blood taste are garlic powder, dry mustard, turmeric and sea salt. Smoked paprika is my new favorite spice. I’ve been using it in just about everything, even dessert.Continue reading “TASTE THE BLOOD”


Steve brought this new vegan margarine home a few weeks ago. We both love it. It really does taste and texture like butter. He also brought home the Chocolate Melt, thinking it was also vegan, but it wasn’t. It contained honey. So back it went to the store. Check out their website for other products.Continue reading “MELT ORGANIC MARGARINE – VEGAN”


When I was picking apples with my family at Hamilton Orchard in Massachusetts I saw these yellow raspberries for the first time ever. Of course I had to have one. The guy selling them preferred the red variety for flavor. The red did have a stronger raspberry flavor, but the yellow seemed less seedy, whichContinue reading “YELLOW RASPBERRIES”

McCormick Grill Mates – Montreal Steak

Coarsely ground peppers, garlic and spices – those are the ingredients. Although I don’t eat steak, I discovered an equally delicious use for this great tasting seasoning. Thaw some cabbage pierogi. In a fry pan add a liberal amount of extra virgin olive oil, a moderate amount of prepared yellow mustard, a little white wine,Continue reading “McCormick Grill Mates – Montreal Steak”


When I was a kid, my mother always bought Skippy brand. Skippy was the ‘IT’ peanut butter back then. She also read Prevention Magazine and consumerism reports, which made her switch to Jif – for whatever reason. I hadn’t had Skippy peanut butter in decades till a few days ago, and it tasted more likeContinue reading “SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER”


If I were cutting back on my fat consumption, yogurt wouldn’t even come to mind. Yet, I can never eat just one of these containers at a time, so maybe the low fat isn’t a bad idea. Basically, I like all the animal-free yogurts I try. Each is a little different in flavor, texture andContinue reading “ALMOND DREAM NON-DAIRY YOGURT – LOW FAT”


Now this was a surprise to me. I bought it to make fig cookies, but instead ending up smearing it on toast, any time of day or night – with or without a nut butter. I look forward to trying it on black Russian bread – one of my favorites. I’ll get to the cookiesContinue reading “GRANDMOTHER’S FIG PASTRY FILLING”