RE: Biden 30×30 initiative advancing conservation actions

TAFC ClipBoard: In this entire article I didn’t see one specific conservation plan put forth. A statistical number, that’s it, and even that wasn’t compared to conservation efforts already in play. They act like they’re starting from square one – after all these decades? I don’t buy it. A 30% conservation plan by 2030? ThatContinue reading “RE: Biden 30×30 initiative advancing conservation actions”

Agriculture Plant vs Animal

AGRICULTURE PLANT VS ANIMAL I do not consider enslaving, torturing and slaughtering a cow or any other animal on the planet as agriculture. Being a human eating grass does not qualify me as an agricultural being. I am an animal every bit as much as the cow is an animal. Giving a cow water isContinue reading “Agriculture Plant vs Animal”

Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells

TAFC Clipboard: Writer Amanda Radke speaks of animal rights activists as: “these anti-animal agricultural extremists”. The first thing the world needs to do is to stop calling the enslavement, torture and slaughter of animals agriculture. There is nothing agricultural about me as a human animal, and nothing agricultural about any other species of animal enslaved,Continue reading “Cancelled rodeos & livestock shows raise alarm bells”