It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).

Synthetic or cell cultured meat and dairy is NOT animal-free. It’s grown outside the body of the animal from cells collected from the animal. It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM). It’s made out of cells of animals, not plant cells, not chemicals. It’s not synthetic. Polyester is synthetic fabric, silk is not. Silk comes from anContinue reading “It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).”


Coronavirus/COVID no matter how new, how old, how different, is passed from species to species. Animal to animal – INTER AND INTRA. Don’t wait for the science when you know from experience that all governments corrupt the science for economic stability. Protect yourselves. Stop eating coronavirus/COVID-19, 20,21,22,23… Stop eating animals. Stop eating humans. WHERE AREContinue reading “STOP EATING ALL ANIMALS”