Steve brought these home. I never saw them before. He took them in his lunch mixed with rice and fire roasted tomatoes. I was about to throw the can when I noticed he left a few. One half cup exactly, but just enough to give them a hearty taste test with a bunch of fresh cilantro, fresh grind black pepper and nothing else. And wow, yes. So this is what Cuban tastes like?

I didn’t feel many peppers and onions, probably because they were softened to the point of absorption. The label didn’t mention turmeric, but it sure tasted like it was there. Nice touch. Oops went back to check on the photo and indeed turmeric was listed as the last ingredient. Good idea to add that particular flavor. Done expertly. It’s easy to go overboard on turmeric.

Black beans aren’t a creamy bean like the pinto bean. They’re chewy and sometimes not processed long enough. These were perfect. Steve said the grocery stores we go to most often don’t carry them. It takes a bus ride to get these.

Next time buy more!