Pesticides Missed By Regulatory Safety Tests EU

Pesticides often found in EU foods cause ill health effects missed by regulatory safety tests   State-of-the-art tests show damage from mixtures of pesticides, when each is present at a level regulators claim is safe Consumption of a mixture of pesticides commonly found in foods in the EU at levels deemed safe by regulators hasContinue reading “Pesticides Missed By Regulatory Safety Tests EU”

Largest Comprehensive Study Of Nutrition Links Dairy And Disease

Largest Comprehensive Study Of Nutrition Links Dairy And Disease ‘While this extensive study found detrimental effects from all sources of animal proteins, dairy was of particular concern’ NOV 12, 2019 Dairy has been linked with a number of adverse health effects More than 30 years ago, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his team at CornellContinue reading “Largest Comprehensive Study Of Nutrition Links Dairy And Disease”

Toast Is Okay After All

Now you know the science behind the caramelization process of cooked foods. But it’s also good for you. Read On > The browning of the toast or searing of the veggies or meats, once thought to cause cancer actually helps prevent it via the Maillard Reaction.