Border situation threatens farmers’ livelihood WORSENING BORDER SITUATION: Texas rancher Katie Hobbs’ husband found five girls dumped by a river on the Texas-Mexico border. Ranching families on the border faced with bailouts, unfriendly visitors and high costs to rebuild. Jacqui Fatka | Jun 29, 2021 As the border situation continues to grab headlines and even aContinue reading “A CHILLING TALE”

ADD-ON And UPDATE 365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping – Food Cartels?

ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON THIS SITE: https://theanimal-freechef.com/2021/05/07/365-whipped-topping-whole-foods/ ADD ON TO REVIEW: What started out as a complicated-to-use product, became even more complicated several days later when I tried to use it again. The first day I used it, each time it worked like a charm – roll the bottom third of can under warm water, shakeContinue reading “ADD-ON And UPDATE 365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping – Food Cartels?”