Border situation threatens farmers’ livelihood WORSENING BORDER SITUATION: Texas rancher Katie Hobbs’ husband found five girls dumped by a river on the Texas-Mexico border. Ranching families on the border faced with bailouts, unfriendly visitors and high costs to rebuild. Jacqui Fatka | Jun 29, 2021 As the border situation continues to grab headlines and even aContinue reading “A CHILLING TALE”

Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers

TAFC COMMENT: Firstly, the headline should read that they’re testing cattle for coronavirus/COVID-19 if for nothing else than to ease the public’s mind about the safety of what they consume. Secondly, I’m surprised that they collect the samples themselves. There’s too much room for corruption. The manure isn’t just a sample; it’s evidence too. ThirdContinue reading “Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers”

Better management can reduce beef production emissions

TAFC COMMENT: THE GIST. To reduce beef emissions by nearly 50% all the cattle industry has to do is, according to them: ‘grow bigger cows at a faster rate – and enhance land management strategies to increase soil and plant carbon sequestration on grazed lands’ Better management can reduce beef production emissions Scientists from UC,Continue reading “Better management can reduce beef production emissions”

Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?

THE CATTLE MARKET perspective on vaccines: From BEEF MAGAZINE: PROCESSING PLANTS ESTABLISHING VACCINE PLANS What they should be doing is administering these to the cattle. 86 POSTS ON VACCINES on BEEF MAGAZINE site proves cows and other animals receive vaccines. https://www.beefmagazine.com/search/node/vaccines?f%5B0%5D=search_api_aggregation_1%3AVaccines Frozen Vaccines for cattle – they do it with other vaccines, for other cow diseases,Continue reading “Why Isn’t The Cattle Industry Vaccinating It’s Cattle Against CORONACOVID19?”

Is BVDV hiding in your herd?

TA-FC ClipBoard: BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHEA VIRUS.  Read on. Are you eating diseased cattle? How would you know? “BVDV has been around pastures and feedlots a long time, and it continues to challenge herd management. Not only does it spread easily and show very few clinical signs, this complex virus continues to evolve, presenting new strainsContinue reading “Is BVDV hiding in your herd?”

USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability

TA-FC ClipBoard: Currently there are thirty-nine million calves/cattle slaughtered yearly in the USA. Yet there are only eight million tags distributed. There’s no talk about how that is going to keep tabs on all the cattle, unless they tag every fourth or fifth calf in a population that’s regulated. It sounds like Adolph Hitler taggingContinue reading “USDA advances RFID tag program for cattle disease traceability”