House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally

Cannabis House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief Feb 01, 2020 Some members of Congress appear to be losing patience with the FDA’s reluctance to legalize cannabidiol (CBD). On Jan. 13, a bill was introduced to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) to include hemp-derived CBD as aContinue reading “House Bill Would Legalize CBD Nationally”

Profit Trends – KushCo.

Marijuana legalization is spreading – not just across the U.S., but across the globe. That creates a lot of opportunities up and down the supply chain, as well as on the creative side. And there’s one company involved in legal cannabis more than any other: KushCo Holdings (OTC: KSHB). KushCo has a diverse footprint acrossContinue reading “Profit Trends – KushCo.”