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Fruit And Nut Crumble

FRUIT AND NUT CRUMBLE You’ll find lots of uses for this fruit and nut crumble over the holidays and through the year. It’s a nutrient dense addition to just about any dish. Another great topper to enhance soup, salad, sandwich, hot cereal or toss with pasta, top the rice or gravy, or mix into your animal-free… Continue reading Fruit And Nut Crumble

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Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

  FRUIT AND NUT CHOCOLATE MuffCakes Before taste-testing I only had one question for Steve. Muffin or cupcake? What do you think? Upon tasting he said, "a muffcake". So, MuffCake it is! I agree. Not a pudding cake, not an air-stuffed bakery bought cake. Homemade, dry enough, moist enough, dense enough, flavorful enough, whereby you… Continue reading Fruit And Nut Chocolate MuffCakes

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Root Beer Dressing Sauce

Do you like root beer? Even if you don't, you'll love this fat-free animal-free ROOT BEER DRESSING SAUCE! Over salad, fruit or veggie chicken. Make it a trifecta dinner tonight!