Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers

TAFC COMMENT: Firstly, the headline should read that they’re testing cattle for coronavirus/COVID-19 if for nothing else than to ease the public’s mind about the safety of what they consume. Secondly, I’m surprised that they collect the samples themselves. There’s too much room for corruption. The manure isn’t just a sample; it’s evidence too. ThirdContinue reading “Manure testing results: ‘No bull’ to ranchers”


Coronavirus/COVID no matter how new, how old, how different, is passed from species to species. Animal to animal – INTER AND INTRA. Don’t wait for the science when you know from experience that all governments corrupt the science for economic stability. Protect yourselves. Stop eating coronavirus/COVID-19, 20,21,22,23… Stop eating animals. Stop eating humans. WHERE AREContinue reading “STOP EATING ALL ANIMALS”

Coronavirus imported from Europe found in frozen food and on chopping boards

A strain of the coronavirus imported from Europe is most likely to blame for the outbreak in Beijing, WHO believes (Sophia Ankel)   June 20, 2020, 11:43 AM EDT A medical worker in a protective suit conducts a nucleic acid test for a resident, following a new outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) inContinue reading “Coronavirus imported from Europe found in frozen food and on chopping boards”

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Food Processing

In our April cover story, we look at how processors are cranking up and shifting channels to feed a country staying at home – while wondering what comes next. By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor Mar 31, 2020 How do you feed a sick nation? That’s the question facing the American food processing industry, and itsContinue reading “How the Coronavirus is Affecting Food Processing”

China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus

China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus Bloomberg News February 24, 2020, 4:52 AM EST China’s top legislature imposed a total ban on trade and consumption of wild animals, according to state-run China Central Television, a move that aims to curb activities that scientists say may have caused the deadly coronavirus toContinue reading “China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus”

Coronavirus and the future of ‘warm meat’

Walk into a North American supermarket, and there are rows upon rows of frozen meat to choose from. In China, however, there’s a preference for freshly slaughtered pig, chicken and beef. And that desire for ‘warm meat’ is at the heart of a growing concern. The recent Wuhan virus outbreak in China has been linkedContinue reading “Coronavirus and the future of ‘warm meat’”