GOOD KARMA AND SUPER BLEU BLEND Combine as much SUPER BLEU with GOOD KARMA ONION DIP as you like. It’s that simple. Transfer to dipping dish and serve with cracker of your choice. Today it was WHEAT THINS. Not too hard on the gums, just enough crisp. Use as appetizer or perk up a sandwichContinue reading “KARMA BLEU DIP”


We Want Fresh Bread Or No Bread WE CAN DO NO BREAD. We’re just not going to do stale bread. Bakers sat on their animal-based laurels too long. They should have believed what was staring at them, that longer shelf lives were needed. They failed to do the research and development, wanting to put allContinue reading “MY PIZZA TO CRACKER EXPERIENCE”

Perfect Ritz Cracker Replacement

I’m tired of the RITZ. Stood by it through thick and thin always hoping they’d fix their over the top shortening load, that made the crackers crumble like dust. I’ve had it with them. Will they ever learn? It’s always the same old story, “it’s the shortening; they’re using too much”.

Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show 

US government scientists have detected a weedkiller linked to cancer in an array of commonly consumed foods, emails obtained through a freedom of information request show.


I’m a sucker for anything New England. Although I rarely put crackers in my soup, I do like these little dots – and the way they float, even when you try to submerge them. These crackers do not contain oysters. Traditionally they were made to put in oyster stew and clam chowder.  


Although all veggie, this little crispy cracker tastes a little like cheese – just a hint. The vegetable flavor is not overpowering as it is in some veggie crackers. A simple delight to eat as a snack or with dips, spreads and veggie cheeses. The price is right too!  


I just had these crackers a few days ago at a wine tasting. Great tasting little cracker nuggets. 10 oz. Since 1848. Enhance your enjoyment of wine and other beverages. Served by hundreds of wineries. All natural. Zero trans fats. A vintage recipe from England. Delicate and dry with a hint of lemon and vanilla.Continue reading “ORIGINAL TENTON WINE CRACKERS”