Improve Your Investment Strategy With Ancient Philosophy – Stoicism

CHEF SHARON: Sounds familiar. Looks like I’m right up there with the famous philosophers. A pleasant surprise. How This Ancient Philosophy Can Help Your Investing written by Nicholas Vardy August 29, 2019 Although Stoicism dates back to 300 B.C., it still resonates with many world leaders and prominent entrepreneurs. Today, Nicholas Vardy explains how itContinue reading “Improve Your Investment Strategy With Ancient Philosophy – Stoicism”


Most of what I see at rallies where people protest prejudicial social conditions of every type, including those of other species, is a lot of screaming, mostly screaming in fact. Such loud, vicious, teeth-bearing, gut-ripping vitriol that it becomes worthy of the name assault. But it isn’t working. Assault never does do anything but getContinue reading “WE ARE THE NOISELESS”