Poo And Pee In My Drinking Water

Most of your happiest most rewarding uplifting and even sad memories even funny memories are centered around eating a slaughtered animal. On a platter usually but it doesn’t need to be. Pizzas, subs and sandwiches are platters of sorts.

It’s hard to separate the two. The platter from the event.

The public relations departments of all slaughter industries and Madison Avenue know this and exploit it.

You are always at a momentous event when they advertise you with family friends lovers and neighbors gorging /binging on the slaughtered animal with oh so nice manners as you lift the tale of a zillion slaughters to your lips that tell the story behind the scenes always careful not to touch the mouth until the mouth door is shut and you continue to the end of the slaughter chain with the chew and swallow leaving no trace except what goes into the sewer to be processed into drinking water.

All in a meals work. Clean efficient and no suffering. Not at your end. That makes you safe. Clears you of all wrong doing. It’s the environmental conservation and reprocessing of dead animals into something life-affirming at it’s best. The animals didn’t die in vain after all.

Well, it seems to me that we could have found a better way to satisfy our appetite for energy and quench our thirst for mineral balance than pooing and peeing up the waterways that we would have had to purify and disinfect anyway.

That we found a way to turn a shit and piss hole into drinking water doesn’t excuse the barbarism against animals who resist the slaughter like any human animal would. If you can’t show your kids, then you know you’re doing wrong. Even most adults couldn’t stomach the noise and struggles to be free of the hanging people.

That we found a way to enslave torture slaughter does not mean we found a greener way. Not by a long shot.

As long as we keep animals under our command control and ownership, however we exploit them does not make the process green or greener.

To those who feign to care we can make a healthier drinking water out of poo and pee made from plants instead of animals.

Go for it.


Question About Our Drinking Water

How much disinfectant does it take to neutralize or kill the CC Virus in our drinking water supply? The CDC said that even if our poop (and I’m assuming also urine) contains the virus, then it wouldn’t make our drinking water unsafe, because there is already disinfectants in our water.

I’m not talking bottled water.

I’m not comfortable with the CDC response. I want more detail. Everybody deserves more detail.

Why should we trust government with our well-being?

How much disinfectant is in our drinking water and how do we know if it actually will kill the virus? Who did the test? I want the results.

The CDC responses are too general and focus too much on blind trust. They don’t get blind trust anymore. They violated that trust. They’re too political.

How’s Flint Michigan doing?

Give us the facts. Now. Not in a documentary five years from now.


STOP EATING all animal products

PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY ALERT from The Animal-Free Chef 

BAN ALL ANIMAL MEAT AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS from entering your stomachs.

Coronavirus is in the animal meat, in the milk, in the cheese, in the eggs. In every cell.

If it’s in our stool, it’s in our stomachs, which means we ate it.

Water treatment plants and sewerage systems are being tested.


Don’t wait for the science. All governments lie to protect their economies, which are all based on the slaughter industries.

Think for yourself. End the consumption of slaughter.