Poo And Pee In My Drinking Water

Most of your happiest most rewarding uplifting and even sad memories even funny memories are centered around eating a slaughtered animal. On a platter usually but it doesn’t need to be. Pizzas, subs and sandwiches are platters of sorts. It’s hard to separate the two. The platter from the event. The public relations departments ofContinue reading “Poo And Pee In My Drinking Water”

Question About Our Drinking Water

How much disinfectant does it take to neutralize or kill the CC Virus in our drinking water supply? The CDC said that even if our poop (and I’m assuming also urine) contains the virus, then it wouldn’t make our drinking water unsafe, because there is already disinfectants in our water. I’m not talking bottled water.Continue reading “Question About Our Drinking Water”

STOP EATING all animal products

PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY ALERT from The Animal-Free Chef  BAN ALL ANIMAL MEAT AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS from entering your stomachs. Coronavirus is in the animal meat, in the milk, in the cheese, in the eggs. In every cell. If it’s in our stool, it’s in our stomachs, which means we ate it. Water treatment plantsContinue reading “STOP EATING all animal products”