So Delicious and CADO Meet in Chef Sharon’s Kitchen

Now I understand why Tom Brady of football fame likes avocado ice-cream. I think he’d like the OATMILK variety too made by So Delicious.

Actually I think I might try to make a recipe using both OAT MILK and AVOCADO in one ice-cream extravaganza experience! Stay tuned.

Hershey put out a thicker version of their older thinner, still good though, chocolate topping. Thicker, but just as easy to squeeze out of the bottle, which was surprising given the viscosity. Stronger chocolate flavor I thought. Hershey’s knows how to do it. So why don’t they go all the way with no animal in any of their products? They will.

And Lyons? Well I never heard of them, which doesn’t mean anything, but now that I have, they know how to get the flavor right. Perfect raspberry, not too strong, not too weak.

Many overly strong fruit flavors in foods I’ve noticed recently.



If you like peanut butter, chocolate and ice-cream, this product gives you all three!

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