Europeans More Receptive To Plant Fast Food Than Americans

TAFC ClipBoard: Sharon’s commentary: When sales suddenly plummet, fast food giants will be bewildered. We gave the people what they wanted, now they cut and run. No, no, you didn’t give them what they wanted, you gave them what the Slaughter Industry wanted, that then used Madison Avenue to trick them into thinking they wantedContinue reading “Europeans More Receptive To Plant Fast Food Than Americans”

OKTOBERFEST. Cheers To The German In Me

Yes, it’s a fine beer, and made locally, which is extra nice! So what if it’s not October. Fond memories abound. Germany 1968. Tour of Europe. Why October? It was cheaper. Most tourists were gone. Rows of picnic tables outside the backs of restaurants with patrons wanting to eat outside. Sounds like us. Mom andContinue reading “OKTOBERFEST. Cheers To The German In Me”

German court rules that a hangover is an illness

CHEF’S COMMENT: There’s not enough written on this article, which leaves too many questions unanswered. That there is an existing ban, in Germany or Frankfurt, on attributing to food products the ability to prevent, treat or heal illnesses to me is misguided. Of course food is medicine. Without it we’d become sick and die. WithContinue reading “German court rules that a hangover is an illness”