“Be Prepared”

RE: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES In this entire article the writer never mentions whether they contain animal products or not.  ARTICLE: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/girl-scouts-debut-cookie-inspired-131000647.html Girl Scouts of America are still in the dark ages of abusing animals for pleasure, when they should be pioneering in all matters involving the welfare of all the animals who share the planetContinue reading ““Be Prepared””


It’s Girl Scout Cookie time – and vegans can enjoy them too! Yes, I was a Brownie and Girl Scout.   Thin Mints Lemonades Peanut Butter Patties   Cranberry Citrus Crisps   Thanks-A-Lot Girl Scouts sell 5 Animal-Free cookie varieties – 4 are made on equipment that also processes cookies containing milk, and 1 isContinue reading “Animal-Free VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIES”