Beyond Meat® Opens Manufacturing Facility in China

Nasdaq:BYND Beyond Meat® Opens World-Class Plant-Based Meat Manufacturing Facility in China to Accelerate Localized Production and Innovation Beyond Meat becomes the first multinational company focused solely on plant-based meat production to open its own production facility in China April 07, 2021 04:00 ET | Source: Beyond Meat, Inc. SHANGHAI, China, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BeyondContinue reading “Beyond Meat® Opens Manufacturing Facility in China”

Profit Trends – KushCo.

Marijuana legalization is spreading – not just across the U.S., but across the globe. That creates a lot of opportunities up and down the supply chain, as well as on the creative side. And there’s one company involved in legal cannabis more than any other: KushCo Holdings (OTC: KSHB). KushCo has a diverse footprint acrossContinue reading “Profit Trends – KushCo.”

Improve Your Investment Strategy With Ancient Philosophy – Stoicism

CHEF SHARON: Sounds familiar. Looks like I’m right up there with the famous philosophers. A pleasant surprise. How This Ancient Philosophy Can Help Your Investing written by Nicholas Vardy August 29, 2019 Although Stoicism dates back to 300 B.C., it still resonates with many world leaders and prominent entrepreneurs. Today, Nicholas Vardy explains how itContinue reading “Improve Your Investment Strategy With Ancient Philosophy – Stoicism”

The Man Deciding Facebook’s Fate – The New York Times

By Cecilia Kang March 8, 2019 WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission has no shortage of critics who say it cannot protect Americans from the prying eyes of Big Tech. Instead of forceful action against the likes of Facebook and Google, they say, the F.T.C. leans on a rules that make it hard to imposeContinue reading “The Man Deciding Facebook’s Fate – The New York Times”

Mars Invests in Kind, Third-Largest Maker of Snack Bars

The minority investment will help both companies grow their product portfolios and allow Kind to expand into new worldwide markets. Mars, Inc., McLean, Va., known for confectionery brands like M&M’s and Snickers, plans to announce that it will buy a minority stake in Kind, New York, the maker of wildly popular snack bars, according toContinue reading “Mars Invests in Kind, Third-Largest Maker of Snack Bars”

Stop Investing In Facebook

You can use the word “cunt” on Facebook to disparage a woman – or a man accused of acting like a woman. You can’t use the word “nigger” on Facebook to disparage a race of humans. Yet, you can set a dog on fire, and Facebook – via Mark Zuckerberg – not only allows itContinue reading “Stop Investing In Facebook”

Organic Farmland: A Short-Term Buy in a Long-Term Trend 

CNAP COMMENT: You can forget about investing in the organic cow. It is already dead. Going nowhere. They fooled ya. Wanted the world to think all they had to do was stop the antibiotics and feed the cows real food and sing to them as they cut their throats and all would be well in the slaughterhouses again. Okay, call it a field of slaughter if it makes you feel all comfy inside as their blood drips from your own pores.

Nothing can change what it is until it stops. So the sooner you stop investing, the less money you’ll lose long term.

The future is all about plants, not animals. You can take that to Wall Street.