Unfortunately for me, since I love to try different flavors, out of all the flavors JUST, Inc. claims to sell I’ve only seen the original and chipotle. I tried the squeeze bottle, but recently happened upon the jar packaging and found it much more convenient. There’s a lot of waste in squeeze mayo bottles whereby the serving size is difficult to determine when a big glob shoots out all at once – way more than needed. So how do you put it back in the bottle? You don’t.

Even so, it’s a superior tasting product. Everything about JUST MAYO was delightful. It’s thick, it’s spreads evenly; the color is like eggy mayo, the mayo doesn’t become watery once opened and the rich flavors can’t be beat by the competition. But I don’t see any reason to compete, when not all veg mayos are all available at the same markets at the same time.

Use as you would any other mayo and be pleasantly surprised.