Beyond Meat Loses in North, Wins in South

Business Strategies / Proteins Beyond Meat Loses in North, Wins in South By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor Jan 31, 2020 Beyond Meat got hit with bad news in the Great White North, but took a big step forward in the South. The meat-analogue company had been providing plant-based breakfast sausage patties and hamburgers to Tim Horton’s, theContinue reading “Beyond Meat Loses in North, Wins in South”

US Gets Its First-Ever Vegan Fried Chicken Shop | VegNews

US GETS ITS FIRST-EVER VEGAN FRIED CHICKEN SHOP Latina-owned vegan company Eat Love will be the first in the United States to serve KFC-style buckets of vegan chicken. by ANNA STAROSTINETSKAYA OCTOBER 25 On November 22, vegan food company Eat Love will open a brick-and-mortar location in the Fountain Valley area of Orange County, CA—becomingContinue reading “US Gets Its First-Ever Vegan Fried Chicken Shop | VegNews”

Beyond Fried Chicken – A Kentucky Fried Miracle

BEYOND FRIED CHICKEN – A KENTUCKY FRIED MIRACLE AUGUST 26, 2019 Kentucky Fried Chicken®, the world’s most popular chicken restaurant, has done what no other quick-service restaurant (QSR) has done before. On Tuesday, August 27th, Beyond Fried Chicken™ made its debut in a limited test, crowning KFC as the first U.S. national QSR to introduceContinue reading “Beyond Fried Chicken – A Kentucky Fried Miracle”