NOVAMEAT discovered a way to “bio-hack” plant-based proteins so they have a meaty texture. ~ Food Navigator Making plants imitate the texture of a burger, a chicken nugget, or even a sausage can be tricky, sure; but imitating a chicken breast or fat-marbled steak is a whole other beast. ~ The Spoon NOVAMEAT has developed a synthetic, 3D-printedContinue reading “NOVA MEAT”

Beyond Fried Chicken – A Kentucky Fried Miracle

BEYOND FRIED CHICKEN – A KENTUCKY FRIED MIRACLE AUGUST 26, 2019 Kentucky Fried Chicken®, the world’s most popular chicken restaurant, has done what no other quick-service restaurant (QSR) has done before. On Tuesday, August 27th, Beyond Fried Chicken™ made its debut in a limited test, crowning KFC as the first U.S. national QSR to introduceContinue reading “Beyond Fried Chicken – A Kentucky Fried Miracle”