Pan-fried LIGHTLIFE GROUND in extra virgin olive oil  with a sauce made from V-8 VEGETABLE JUICE and tomato paste. Combined with sauteed celery, grilled artichokes and sliced green olives! Served over thin spaghetti! 

Makes 5 cups


Why The World Needs Plant Meats and Plant Dairy


Some vegans, especially minimalists, concerned about the carbon footprint believe that the carbon footprint that most researchers agree needs to be reduced may not be accomplished by replacing all animal products with plant alternatives.

That may be so, however in order to convince the largest numbers of people to switch to a plant diet, making some plants taste and texture similar to the animal meat they no longer consume, goes a long way in keeping them satisfied long enough till they actually desire thus choose plant over animal.

I don’t believe that the consumption of plant meats and plant dairy will ever reach the astronomical levels that animal meats and dairy reached globally or even segmentally in individual countries. There will definitely be a tapering off. So keep developing those minimalist animal-free recipes minus the plant meat and dairy. The world needs them as much.

Some analysts predict that the countries with the lowest animal and dairy consumption will actually increase their consumption of animal products, based on the supposition that ‘it’s their turn to prosper in the food category’, using the rabbit or cow in every pot model of abundance.

These analysts think that one needs to go through the same processes as those before them to eventually catch up, which in effect always leaves them behind.

I support wholeheartedly skipping as many steps as possible – maybe all of them – to get all of us on the same page, more or less of course.

Those catch up theories (that take a long time to accomplish) are not proven nor even realistic. Peoples of the world really do like to try new things. They like to copy the behavior of those they hold in esteem or those who have more than they do.

When the high animal and dairy consumers of the world lower their consumption, the only motivation for countries who historically consumed less to consume more will be provided in terms of low costs by the slaughter industries that aren’t willing to jump from a sinking ship.

They will appeal to the base instincts of the human to continue the slaughter. That’s what the tobacco industry did when Americans quit smoking en masse, they opened up foreign markets to a product they knew killed humans.

The motivation for these low consumption countries to stay low and keep eating plants is to provide plant meats and plant dairy that are low cost which possess familiar taste and texture attributes similar to animal and dairy.

One thing these lower animal consuming countries can do now is to invest in plant meat and dairy technology. The problem is that many of these countries spend their time and resources fighting tribal wars, instead of planning and cultivating their future. Do they think that when they need it, some other country will just give it to them?

The field is wide open. There are no limits. No one’s holding them back except themselves.

You can’t get rich tomorrow by doing nothing today.

~ the Word chef


Net News Tofurkey

Tofurky Wants to Save the World, One Thanksgiving Roast at a Time. It’s Now Sold 5 Million

Tofurky Wants to Save the World, One Thanksgiving Roast at a Time. It’s Now Sold 5 Million

John Patrick Pullen Fri, Nov 16 6:30 AM EST

Ah, Thanksgiving: the annual holiday when Americans gather around the table with the people they’re closest to (genetically, at least) for a feast of traditional food, prayers, stories of gratefulness, and—hopefully silent— judgments about their friends and family. ‘I bet she voted for you-know-who,’ one likely muses. ‘He said what about my football team?’ wonders another. And, the more and more common refrain, ‘They’re serving a Tofurky this year!?’

But Tofurky is a lot more than simply the maker of the football-sized tofu loaf that’s helped give vegetarians and vegans a seat at the Thanksgiving table. A punchline practically since its founding, the Hood River, Ore. company has ridden out nearly four decades of good-natured ridicule to become one of the world’s leading meat-alternative makers, and perhaps the most recognized name in a space that’s been rushed by venture-backed startups like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

And as the calendar turns towards another gravy-fueled holiday, the company has announced that it will sell its 5 millionth Thanksgiving roast this year—a number that proves Tofurky is no joke. (Though its not exactly a threat to the traditional bird: Americans buy 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.) Still, the milestone is about more than just sales, the company says.

“That’s five million times somebody took a personal risk to show up to a Thanksgiving meal with something that was weird,” says Erin Ransom, Tofurky’s head of marketing. “It’s five million times that somebody put the roast on the table and said ‘Try it with me—and if you like it that’s cool. Maybe there’s more for you in this way of eating.”

“Research suggests that all those risky dishes are starting to pay off. According to NPD’s annual Eating Patterns in America report, 14% of Americans are using plant-based proteins as a substitute for meat on a regular basis. In fact, nearly one in ten are eschewing meats that come from animals, with 1% of people identifying as vegan or vegetarian, and 8% partaking in flexitarian diets, which means they’re primarily vegetarian but occasionally partake in meat or fish. And they’re not just forgoing flesh over ethical or humane concerns; health and environmental worries are also causing people to rethink how they eat.“

That’s not a fad,” says Chase Worthen, a buyer of vegetarian products for Walmart, which stocks Tofurky products in 4,000 of its stores. “It’s a trend that’s here to stay.”…

FINISH READING: Tofurky Wants to Save the World, One Thanksgiving Roast at a Time. It’s Now Sold 5 Million


Follow Your Heart Non-Dairy Lightlife Plant Meats TEST PRODUCT RECIPES TEST PRODUCTS




You can say it tastes like any animal you like. It’s still plant meat, and that’s the way hundreds of millions of people all over the globe prefer their meat – from a plant! Enjoy the brilliance of plants that provide what they were intended to provide – nourishment and pleasure!

Makes 2-1/4 cups



Vegan Chicken Nuggets Served Cold

PRODUCT REVIEW FOR: Delight Soy Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Mandarin Sauce.

Okay, Heinen’s Supermarket in Northeast Ohio buys the vegan nuggets from Delight Soy, then they add their own mandarin sauce to it and sell them in the deli.

First time Steve brought these home I was stunned at how good they were. I figured they had to be made from gluten, since there was no aftertaste of soy. They’re made from green soy beans by a company in North Carolina that grows them, then makes this wonderful product along with other products I have yet to try.

This has to be the finest plant meat product – at least the one I tried, the vegan chicken nuggets – that exists on the planet today. It is a real treat. Steve works near a Heinen’s so he can get them for me with ease. I just want everybody else to be able to taste these gems.

I usually don’t do anything with them. Don’t even cook them. Eat them right out of the container with nothing but the sauce coating that comes on them. And there’s not a lot of sauce.

They are just perfect. So now how do we get Delight Soy to expand their reach so we all can enjoy their perfect product?

They need to expand – fast. Maybe they need investors. Check them out. I never would have heard about them if Steve hadn’t gone looking for new vegan products in Heinen’s. Wow. They need some press. They have THE recipe, that will change the lives of chickens around the globe, and the way humans view plant meat. People need to get on this.

Oh, Heinen’s makes the perfect sauce to go with these nuggets. Next, I’d like to see a barbecue and maybe a maple mustard, maybe a teriyaki.

I’m already looking forward to pay day. You know what I’ll be getting as a treat from Steve. Hope he gets the large container. We all three love them. So yes, three large containers. Lilly Belle, our vegan dog, gets one all for herself.

Thank you Heinen’s for carrying this wonderful vegan product!

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Vegan Chicken Nuggets Served Hot – pan-fried in oil

Vegan Chicken Nuggets served as the main dish plant meat with carrots, asparagus and green beans. I had to extend the sauce here. Not a problem. I already had a mandarin type sauce on hand.