Ohio Goes Into Curfew Just In time for the Holidays

Mike DeWine’s Curfew In Ohio Beginning Thursday 19 November 2020 an 8 PM to 5 AM curfew will take effect and last 21 days. The purpose is to slow the spread of the corona/covid-19 virus. The decision was based on a continuing increase in virus cases per day, with the last day before it wasContinue reading “Ohio Goes Into Curfew Just In time for the Holidays”


If it can be spread by a dollar bill and a credit card it can be spread by food. Especially if the animal you ate had the virus. Why aren’t all slaughterhouses aka meat processing plants testing the flesh and blood of every animal slaughtered? Since when is WebMD an expert on all matters foodContinue reading “CC VIRUS SPREAD BY FOOD?”

Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules

Governor Michael DeWine of Ohio recently floated the idea of requiring those who drink alcohol to also order food. TA-FC ClipBoard: When the bars and restaurants reopened after the viral shutdown, I was surprised that the regulars still came in and spent the same amount of time as before the viral shutdown – most ofContinue reading “Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules”


 ANIMAL-FREE VEGAN COMPANIES ARE STILL IN THEIR BIRTHING STAGE What this means is that for many companies to get up and running they need to use the factories that other companies use to manufacture their goods that do contain animal products. They basically rent out the facilities, thus the common labeling of possible and/or tracesContinue reading “WHAT CONSTITUTES ANIMAL-FREE TO ME”