Saffron Pesto Rotini

SAFFRON PESTO ROTINI This is just one of the uses for SAFFRON WALNUT PESTO: Sauteed celery, red pepper and onion mixed with cooked tri-color rotini pasta, then tossed with Saffron Walnut Pesto that was heated till bubbly with a can of Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans! All the more creamy with the beans! You won’t believeContinue reading “Saffron Pesto Rotini”


Finally, the finest saffron in the world – from Iran – is now mine. Many times over the years I’ve used saffron, always packaged in a tiny plastic box on a card, enough for 1-2 dishes. Although it was good, this is so much nicer. The fragrance alone was potent beyond pleasure – something I’veContinue reading “THE HARVEST OF SAFFRON”


MATCH MEAT SAFFRON CHICKEN Pan-fried Match Meat Chicken Nuggets seasoned with rosemary. Mixed with sautéed mini peppers and onion with cauliflower buds, roasted peppers and peas in a light, creamy saffron mustard sauce! Yes, you’re in heaven! Serves 6