Cattle First, says BI

“CATTLE FIRST Boehringer Ingelheim Your Partner In Cattle Health “We believe that the best way to run a beef or dairy operation is to put cattle first, and we support the veterinarians and producers who do the same. Find out how we can help you overcome your biggest herd health challenges.” “Every successful cattle operationContinue reading “Cattle First, says BI”

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SLAVERY TORTURE SLAUGHTER Would you like to have your nipples attached to a metal pumping machine that milks you till you can’t milk any more? Standing up in a cage? If that’s not torture I don’t know what is. That’s what the dairy industry does to cows. HAPPY COWS they call them. BORDEN SAYS: LIVEContinue reading “BOYCOTT BORDEN”

Poo And Pee In My Drinking Water

Most of your happiest most rewarding uplifting and even sad memories even funny memories are centered around eating a slaughtered animal. On a platter usually but it doesn’t need to be. Pizzas, subs and sandwiches are platters of sorts. It’s hard to separate the two. The platter from the event. The public relations departments ofContinue reading “Poo And Pee In My Drinking Water”

Vaccines In The Animals You Eat

Don’t you think you have the right to know what vaccines they are? Or maybe that right to know what’s in what you’re buying and eating has been wiped out by some law allowing ranchers to keep you unaware. Then, who wrote and passed those laws unbeknownst to the consumer? Demand total transparency. How manyContinue reading “Vaccines In The Animals You Eat”

Stop Making Ritualistic Slaughter Part Of Your Religions

MY GOD SAYS: STOP MAKING SLAUGHTER, RITUALISTIC OR OTHERWISE, PART OF YOUR RELIGIONS TA-FC Clipboard: The reason Jews give for not stunning an animal before slaughter is that the stun gun produces fear, and that fear releases ‘poisons’ into the animal’s bloodstream (chemicals and hormones not wanted by orthodox Muslims and Jews in the animalsContinue reading “Stop Making Ritualistic Slaughter Part Of Your Religions”

“Chopped” Chefs Cook Pig Rectums After Hours

It appears that those chefs who work for the FOOD CHANNEL like to cook rectums of pigs AFTER HOURS. Otherwise why would they do it, if they didn’t like it? Why would they demean themselves and the animals they are supposed to respect as they kill, dismember and cook, either DEAD OR ALIVE? You seeContinue reading ““Chopped” Chefs Cook Pig Rectums After Hours”