Turnaround of the Year: Danone | Food Dive

DIVE AWARDS Turnaround of the Year: Danone AUTHOR Lillianna Byington@lil_byington PUBLISHED Dec. 3, 2018 Most recent earnings: Q3 sales reached $7.14 billion Outlook: If Danone turns to M&A and product innovation in the better-for-you sector, it could see more financial and brand recognition in the coming year. After years of struggling with yogurt sales and anContinue reading “Turnaround of the Year: Danone | Food Dive”


Yogurt and fruit mixed. Thin, but then sometimes I like my dessert puddings thin too, so I enjoyed. I still don’t know why all yogurt makers fill the cups about one half inch from the top. Every time I open one it looks like somebody has already taken a couple spoonfuls!